Powers Place – Chanhassen

Powers Place – Chanhassen

Project Completed – Pending Walkthrough

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting/staining project @ Power’s Place. It’s so good to be back with you!

Tuesday, June 7th: It’s amazing what a little sunshine will do! With two straight days of uninterrupted work, we are thrilled to report that staining is completed at Powers Place (finally!). 

We can’t adequately express our gratitude for your patience as we fought Mother Nature over and over, but we are happy to be putting the final touches on the project at Power’s Place. 

But, like we always say here at Roell Painting, no project is complete until YOU SAY SO, so we will be performing a final walk-through to make sure everything is done to complete satisfaction. 

We will keep you posted as to the status of the walk through but by tomorrow, everybody should be safe to return all your items to your deck. 

Thanks everybody!

Ysidro evenly applies the stain to one of the floors @ Powers Place.

Friday, June 3rd: Well, believe us when we say we are every bit as frustrated as we suspect you are with all this rain! Unfortunately, we have yet to figure out a way to get Mother Nature on the payroll, which means that when rain is forecasted, or when it actually rains, it’s not advisable to stain decks! We promise you we haven’t forgotten about you and we will finish your decks just as soon as the weather cooperates! 

Hopefully, we can wrap things up by next Tuesday. The fellas have completed 19/31 decks, so with good weather, it’s conceivable that we can wrap things up by day’s end on Tuesday. We really appreciate your patience.

Tuesday, May 31st: Sometimes the best laid plans…

Well, rain has yet again halted progress out at Powers Place. We are hopeful that storms are moving out and that the promising forecast holds so that we can get staining back on track tomorrow. Hopefully, you’ve been able to stay updated of the changes to the project right here on the blog. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, staining will commence tomorrow, June 1st!

Tuesday, May 24th: As we waited for the decks to sufficiently dry, Mother Nature decided to throw a wrench in our plans and rains prevented us from starting the deck staining yesterday at Powers Place. With rain predominantly in the forecast for the remainder of the week, homeowners are welcome to return their patio furniture to their decks, as it is highly unlikely that Mother Nature will cooperate and allow us to begin staining before the holiday weekend. Right now, the plan is to return AFTER THE HOLIDAY, to begin staining…weather permitting of course!

Tuesday, May 17th: After a very productive day on Monday, the fellas have completed the pressure washing of the decks and have transitioned to trim painting while the decks dry. The sun appears to be hanging around all week so that bodes well for the deck staining to commence on either Saturday or next Monday. Stay tuned right here for real time updates. Thanks!

Marvin diligently pressure washes one of the decks @ Power’s Place. Selecting the correct tip is critical and for decks, the green tip is very well suited.

Monday, May 16th: With the rains in our rearview mirror, we are thrilled to be onsite at Powers Place to get the project rolling. Thank you to all the residents who have removed items from their decks in advance of our arrival. For those residents that were unable to do so, we will exercise caution as we pressure wash. 

The crew began this morning @ 8535 and will be making their way clockwise around the association. We anticipate that the pressure washing will take approximately two days. In the interim between pressure washing and staining (scheduled to begin next Monday), we will be painting the wooden substrates throughout select units.

Ysidro, Marvin, and Brian give the “clear for takeoff” signal at Powers Place on Monday morning!

Friday, May 13th: While so many people are flocking to one P.P. in Chanhassen amidst a sea of purple, perhaps you’ve found your way to another P.P. in Chanhassen amidst a sea of Roell Painting blue! 

We are so excited to be returning to Power’s Place to pick up where we left off in 2013. We want to extend a special thank you to Linnea for all of her efforts in faciliting the bid process and for being instrumental in helping devise a great project plan to make sure you are well informed of the  details and  that the project goes off without a hitch! Kudos Linnea-great work! 

As indicated on the notices, we will be staining a total of 31 decks and this will begin with pressure washing on 5/16 and 5/17. The decks will need time to dry, and as they dry we will be tackling other painting tasks that comprise the overall project scope. 

Among the additional items designated for completion are: select roadway sign posts, the metal irrigation equipment box between 8447 and 8469, and fire hydrants. We will also be completing misc. wood trim on the following units:

8535-8537, 8509-8511, 8499-8501, 8498-, 8500, 8445-8447, and 8448-8450

As far as the painting portion of the project goes, this will be minimally disruptive to your day-to-day routines and won’t require any special considerations from homeowners. Conversely, as you may recall, the deck staining aspect of the project will require your cooperation. We kindly as that when we pressure wash next Monday/Tuesday that you have your decks cleared to allow the crew room to work. Upon completion of the pressure washing, you are more than welcome to return items to your deck until the following Monday when we return to begin staining your decks. The crew will be following the same route for staining as pressure washing and we will keep you fully notified of the route/progress right here on the blog. 

Thanks so much for having us! We look forward to getting things underway on Monday! 

Have a great weekend!!!

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