Kensington Park Condos HOA – Richfield

Kensington Park Condos HOA – Richfield

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for this year’s painting project at Kensington Park Condos in Richfield. We are thrilled to be onsite with you!

Thursday, January 13th: Good evening! 

Just wanted to share a quick update that the crew will return tomorrow to complete touch ups to all of the “blue tape” areas in the halls in both buildings.

Please leave the blue tape in place as it indicates to the crew areas needing touch ups, repairs, etc. Thank you!

Tuesday, November 30th: Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving!

The crew is working in the lobby of the 7601 building and has begun painting in the 7600 building.

In the 7600 building the crew is currently painting ceilings throughout and begun wall painting with the primary color on the 4th floor.

Thank you for residents continued cooperation throughout the project as we work our way through!

Tuesday, November 23rd: Good Morning!

The crew is working on painting ceilings on the 1st floor and performing wall repairs.

We are working with the board to finalize color locations in a few areas.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone!

7601 Hallways Prepped & Ready to paint!

Carpet Samples Next to the New Wall Colors!

7601 Hallway Walls are Looking Sharp!

7601 Stairwell Walls Looking Good!

Thursday, November 18th: Good Afternoon!

We are working in multiple hallways and stairwells simultaneously this week in the 7601 building. The ceiling painting is almost completed throughout the building and wall painting is in progress.

The accent color has been approved and we will begin working on incorporating this throughout the building.

We will likely begin painting in the 7600 building starting next week, stay tuned for additional updates regarding a start day!

Thank you residents for your cooperation during this project as things are really starting to take shape!

Stairwell Wall Painting is Looking Great!

Ceilings have been sprayed and hallway wall patching is underway!

Stairwell wall painting is coming along!

Monday, November 15th: Happy Monday Everyone!

The crew is underway in the 7601 building starting on the 4th floor with ceilings and walls. We will be working our way down by floor and move on to the 3rd floor after completion of the 4th. 

Stairwells will be completed last after floors 1-4 and common areas.

The start date for the 7600 building is still to be determined.

Follow along to receive updates on the areas we are working in as the project progresses!

Ceilings sprayed and laying down plastic for wall painting

Ceilings being painted and hallways covered!

Thursday, November 11th: Good afternoon! 

Welcome to your project blog for the upcoming interior painting project at Kensington Park Condos.

We are thrilled to be onsite and working to refresh select areas of your Buildings.

There are several areas that we will be prepping and painting including the entry vestibule, front entry and lobby, elevatory lobbies, garage elevator lobbies, restroom, community room, exercise room. 

In the 7600 Building, we will prep and paint the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd floor hallway walls. And in the 7601 Building, we will prep and paint the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st floor hallway walls. 

Additionally, we’ll prep and paint stairways #1 -#4 between the garage level and 4th level. 

We will be breaking up the project into sections and likely isolating the lobby, hallways, and then stairwell. 

Please stay tuned for further details as to where the crew will begin. It will be important to be cautious in the stairwells, common areas, and hallways for wet paint and our prep work – tape, paper, and plastic coverings. We would advise using the elevators while we are working in the stairwells. Thank you!

Thank you again for entrusting us with your major interior painting project. We’re looking forward to working with and for you! 

Roell Painting

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296

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