Pineview Meadows – 2nd Addition

Pineview Meadows – 2nd Addition

Wednesday, May 20th – Decks completed TODAY

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for the deck staining project at Pineview Meadows. We are thrilled to be onsite with you!

Wednesday, May 20th:  Barring any unforeseen setbacks, the crew will be wrapping up the deck staining at Pine View Meadows today. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the residents who have been so darn cooperative. It has been a pleasure working with you!

Tuesday, May 19th: After strong winds helped to expedite the drying process on the wood, the crew is, at long last, back onsite to resume staining the decks @ Pineview Meadows. Depending on how the day goes, we will get awfully close to finishing today. Of course, upon completion, your job supervisor Jesse will perform a walk-through at which time we will designate any areas for touch-ups. As we always say, we don’t deem any project complete until our clients say so, and that certainly will hold true for PV Meadows as well. Many thanks to all the residents, and especially Pat @ Advantage for all of her help in communicating weather delays, etc…We are incredibly grateful for your understanding and patience as we have been wrestling with Mother Nature!

Balta applies stain to one of the top handrails at PV Meadows.

Monday, May 18th: Once again, rain has prevented work from resuming at Pineview Meadows. Hopefully, the winds and the promise of sun tomorrow will allow us to resume on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 13th: We were starting to think that the sun was never going to shine, but the fellas managed to squeak in a productive day at Pineview by completing 5 decks. With the probability of rain at 100% tomorrow we’ve elected not to send the crew back, and we will monitor the forecast to determin when we will return. The bottom line is, with cool temperatures and moisture, it simply takes longer for wood to adequately dry before staining and sealing. We will keep you posted.

The sun stuck around for a day for the guys to tackle 5 decks at Pineview starting at 13815.

Tuesday, May 12th:  Different day, same story. Drizzly conditions are preventing our return to Pineview Meadows to begin staining but the plan right now (weather permitting, of course) is to come back onsite tomorrow to begin staining. Again, given the unpredictable weather as of late, that’s not set in stone, so please check the blog tomorrow to see if we are a go! As always, thanks for your cooperation and patience!

A simple googling of “Mother Nature” and before you know it, we can put a face to the name of who to blame for the delays in deck staining!

Monday, May 11th: First of all, happy belated Mother’s Day to all the moms out at Pineview Meadows! Hopefully you got a chance to get spoiled on your special day! With steady rain over the weekend, right now we are projecting a Wednesday, 5/13 return to begin staining the decks. Any changes to that schedule will be updated right here on the blog. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 6th: With rain in the forecast tomorrow, we will NOT be returning to begin staining your decks. Depending on how much rain we get, it’s highly likely that we will not be returning until next week to begin staining (we don’t want to seal in moisture!!!). In light of that, you are more than welcome to return items to your deck until that time. We will keep you posted as weather develops. Thanks for your understanding!

Cinco de Mayo: Good morning residents of Pineview Meadows and Happy Cinco de Mayo. The guys put in a solid day on Monday and the decks have been pressure washed. Thank you to all the residents for their cooperation, both in terms of clearing off their decks, as well as granting water access. Though seemingly minor considerations, these details go a long way in helping us do our job well, so thank you many times over. With rain seemingly in the forecast, our return onsite to begin staining will be dictated by what happens with the weather. The earliest we would be back (should the rains hold off) would be Thursday, May 7th. Please check the blog periodically for scheduling updates. In the meantime, if you’d like to move items back onto your deck until we return, you are welcome to do so. You will have at least 24 hours notice, via the blog, to be notified of our return. Have a great day everybody!

The decks are pressure washed and now we wait for the substrates to dry before pressure washing. Rain will likely halt scheduling.

Monday, May 4th: Chances are you’ve found your way to the blog via the blue notices that were posted onsite last week. Welcome residents of Pineview Meadows. Perhaps you’ve noticed that some miscellaneous carpentry repairs have been performed and now phase 2 (pressure washing) gets underway today. We will be starting at 13815 and making our way south through the association, with staining following the same route. Thanks in advance to all the homeowners that have removed items from their decks to ensure the crew can work in all the areas designted for finishing. Stay tuned right here for project updates. With rain in the forecast for much of the week, it looks like their might be some project delays. We will keep you posted.

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