Midtown Terrace – Apple Valley

Midtown Terrace – Apple Valley

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for the painting project @ Midtown Terrace in Apple Valley. We are excited to be onsite with you!

Monday, March 13th: Who would have thought snow in March? Though, this is Minnesota and we’ve had crazier things happen. The good news is that there isn’t any snow in sight and we’ll up in the high 40s by week’s end. The snow was no obstacle for the Minnesota United FC, who played their inaugural game at TCF Bank Stadium yesterday in the 20 degree weather. It was a snowy affair that 35,000 daring soccer fans braved the elements to be a part of history. Though the team lost 6-1, we’re hopeful the best is yet to come. 

We’ve completed your door painting project and want to thank you for your active participation. This was one of the smoothest door painting projects thus far and it is directly correlated to the residents’ blog posts, emails, and calls to schedule a time. So thank you all very much. We hope you’re enjoying your fresh paint! 

Here’s to hoping this is the last of the snow and that spring is right around the corner!

Friday, March 10th: Happy Friday everyone!! There are a few appointments today and then several for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be last call to have your door painted in the open position, so if you’ll be around let us know so we can put you down for a time. 

Lots happening this weekend that is sports-related: hockey, basketball, and soccer- oh my! The boy’s state hockey tournament is this weekend with games being played at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul. Here’s a link for all things tournament related if you’re wanting to catch a game or two and cheers on your favorite High School team. 

The Golden State Warriors are in town at the Target Center tonight. Should be a good game! Also the Wild and Blackhawks will face off in their last regular season game. The teams are neck and neck for first in their division. Tune in Sunday at 11:30- they’ll be playing in Chicago. 

It’s an exciting weekend for our professional soccer team, MN United as they play their first home game at TCF Bank on Sunday. They’ll play Atlanta United for a chilly match in the first of many to be played with games going into the fall. The team’s official stadium is currently being build and joining the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul. They plan to finish constuction in 2018.

History in the making- MN’s first MLS team, MN United.

Friday Flashback to Full House- Happy Friday!!

Thursday, March 9th: Hello Midtown Terrace! It seems as though most residents have scheduled appointments for door painting or were conveniently home when we’ve been knocking, so there are just few that remain. Thank you so much for being proactive and scheduling a time to be home. It really makes a world of difference to the crews when they have a schedule to follow and can be most efficient with your time and theirs.

If your door is not painted and you’d like an appointment, check below and give us a shout!

No fire needed, Omar is as efficient as they come!

Wednesday, March 8th: Our apologies if anyone tried to call our office this morning. This wind left us powerless for a few hours. We’re back on and can be reached for door painting appointments. Thanks! 

Your residence door painting is officially underway and we are off to a great start! The crews are following the sign-up schedule and also knocking on doors throughout.

Doors, doors, and more doors.

We’re loving this Sherwin Williams ‘Mindful Gray’ door color.

Manuel is a seasoned door painter.

Tuesday, March 7th: Start your engines! And they’re off…the crew at Midtown Terrace is out of the gate and ready to paint. Don’t worry, “slippery conditions” won’t slow us down unlike the Timberwolves who had to cancel their game against the Trail Blazers due to wet conditions on the court. A combination of unseasonably warm temperatures in the Twin Cities and ice laid under the court for Disney On Ice and an upcoming college hockey tournament resulted in condensation developing on the court. We’ve got the all clear at Midtown Terrace and your project is underway!

The crew will be starting in the 14567 Building with the common area doors today and then tomorrow they’ll start residence doors. They’ll follow the schedule listed in the tables below if you’ve signed up for a specific day/time. They’ll also be knocking on doors to paint them in the open position. If you’re home and have the “dry time” (about 2 hours) please open your door to let our crew paint your door. 

There is still time to schedule a specific day and time. Either comment with your address, unit number, date, and time on the blog or call our office 763-559-5296.

Meet your crew: Manuel, Jose, Jesse, Omar, and Marvin.

Thursday, March 2nd: Happy March Midtown Terrace! Your project is right around the corner and we’d like to say thank you to those who have reached out to make an appoint for door painting. We like to be as accommodating as possible and hope one of the dates/times available will work for you. Don’t worry if you haven’t signed up; there is still time. Use the blog to comment below or call our main office: 763-559-5296.

Thanks and see you next week!

Tuesday, February 22nd: Greetings residents of Midtown Terrace and welcome to the official blog for your door painting project. The buzzword for your project is ‘Doors,’ lots and lots of them!

We’ll be onsite beginning Tuesday, March 7th and we’ll start with all of the common area doors. Then, on Wednesday 3/8 through Saturday 3/10 we’ll be knocking on your residence doors to paint them in the open position. We will do this from 9am – 3pm on those days. If you’re home, we kindly ask that you’d “open” your door and have it painted. We suggest a minimum of 2 hours to leave your door open to ensure it dries properly and will not stick to the frame. 

Homeowners can also schedule a specific date and time to have their door painted. Please leave a comment on the blog below with your address, date, and time you’d like your door painted or call our main office at: 763-559-5296. We will schedule three appointments on the hour between 9-3 for Wednesday- Saturday. If by Saturday, you haven’t scheduled a time or have not been home, we’ll make our way around to your door and paint it in the closed position. 

Please reach out if you have any questions. The tables below will be updated frequently to show availability.

Wednesday, 3/8
9am    14567 Florissant #208, 14567 Florissant #105; 14567 Florissant #102; FULL          
10am   14567 Florissant #308, 14567 Florissant #103; 1 spot open  
11am   14587 Florissant #327; 2 spots open  
12pm   3 spots open  
1pm   14587 Florissant #121; 14567 Florissant #203; 1 spot open  
2pm   14567 Florissant #204; 2 spots open  
3pm   14587 Florissant #228; 14567 Florissant #101; 14587 Florissant #321; FULL
Thursday, 3/9
9am   14587 Florissant #126; 14567 Florissant #302; 1 spots open                                  
10am   14567 Florissant #106; 2 spots open  
11am   14567 Florissant #301; 2 spots open  
12pm   14587 Florissant #125; 2 spots open  
1pm   14587 Florissant #328; 2 spots open  
2pm   14587 Florissant #323; 2 spots open  
3pm   3 spots open  
Friday, 3/10
9am   14567 Florissant #305; 2 spots open                                        
10am  14587 Florissant #325; 2 spots open  
11am   3 spots open  
12pm   14587 Florissant #123; 2 spots open  
1pm   3 spots open  
2pm   3 spots open  
3pm   3 spots open  
Saturday, 3/11
9am    14587 Florissant #127, 14587 Florissant #324; 14587 Florissant #128; FULL
10am   14587 Florissant #226, 14587 Florissant #227; 1 spot open  
11am   14567 Florissant #206; 14567 Florissant #107; 14587 Florissant #222; FULL
12pm   14567 Florissant #303; 14587 Florissant #326; 1 spot open  
1pm   3 spots open  
2pm   3 spots open  
3pm   3 spots open  

We hope you have a great few weeks and we’ll see you in March. Cheers!!


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