Wolfe Lake Condominiums – St. Louis Park

Wolfe Lake Condominiums – St. Louis Park

Project Complete


Here is the finishing schedule for Wolfe Lake Condominiums

Wednesday, September 21st: Greetings residents of Wolfe Lake. We’ve wrapped up our projects here and still need to complete a walk through. They’ll mark touch ups as needed and take care of any loose ends. It’s been a pleasure working with and for you all. Enjoy your painting!

Tuesday, September 13th: We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. So call it karma, good luck, or the persistent work of our painters- we are ahead of schedule. The crew is finishing up Unit 141 and moving along the pool side of the building to 139 and 137. We appreciate your cooperation as we’re ahead of schedule. Not to jinx it or anything, but we should wrap up at the end of this week!

The crew is working hard on the units around the pool.

Friday, September 9th: So maybe we spoke too soon…there’s rain in the forecast for today as well. With 3 out of 4 painting days being rain days, we haven’t accomplished a ton this week, but the good news is the weekend and next week’s forecast is perfect!!

Thursday, September 8th: It’s Thursday, the sun is shining, and we’re back at it! Albeit some rain, the crew is sticking to the schedule and is working on the areas designated in ‘aqua blue’ above. This will be the eastern side of the parking lot.

Wednesday, September 7th: Rain Delay

Tuesday, September 6th: Rain Delay

We hope you have a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 1st: And just like that it’s September…here’s to fall football, pumpkin spice everything, back to school, and cooler temps! 

We are moving right on schedule according to the map. Painters are slightly behind the progress, but this will be made up quickly. We’re also waiting on some siding panels that were special ordered on Monday to get those repairs done. 

I spy 1 siding taped off, 2 tall ladders, and 3 Roell Painters.

Tuesday, August 30th:  And just like that another week is up and going! We hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that your week is off to a great start! Check out our video for progress updates today. 

Friday, August 26th: It’s Friday and we are ready for the weekend! Things are moving ahead as scheduled and we’re on the SW coner moving around to the West; this will be this yellow and green colors above. 

The Minnesota Fair is underway and there are lots of new foods to try. If you’re a foodie or a fair fan, Andrew Zimmern has put together his list of top foods at the fair. Check it out to see if your favs match up with his. 

A bit of trivia before you go- Q: How many pounds of cheese do Mouth Trap Cheese Curds go through each year? A: 55,000 pounds!!

Have a great weekend! 

We’ve brought out the big guns to reach the 3rd level for painting.

Panneled surfaces are taped and freshly painted.

Thursday, August 25th: Happy Thursday Wolfe Lake! We hope your week is going well so far and the good news is the Minnesota Fair started today, and if that doesn’t do it, tomorrow is Friday! I can almost smell the fried goodness now…cheese curds, pronto pups, Martha’s cookies, oh my! 

Our crew is continuing on schedule and working to finish the SW outer and inner stacks- shown in yellow above. We’ll then continue on the inner portion along the parking lot.

Monday, August 22nd: Good afternoon residents of Wolfe Lake. We hope you all enjoyed your weekend! We’re back to hotter weather after cooler temps this weekend. The crew is finishing up on the last stack of units on the west side of the property. They’ve also started to caulk and paint units on the southwest corner. The finishing schedule above stands correct, so refer to this when your building will be worked on. The courtyard fence is just about complete. Have a great week and stay tuned for further updates!

Thursday, August 18th: As is often the case with any construction project, the learning curve is steepest on the front end! We’ve deviated from our original plan slightly for two primary reasons. The first is that carpentry is moving along more quickly than anticipated so in the interest of keeping the momentum, we’ve completed repairs on approximately 6 deck stacks. Secondly, it’s taking slightly longer to procure the paint from BASF as they needed a different tint base than what was in stock to match the existing color. 

Consequently, if you live in the 123/223/323 stack – 113/213/31 stack, you’ve probably noticed that carpenty repairs have been performed, but no painting as of yet. We apologize for the delay in painting, and we anticipate that painting will begin on your units next week (8/22). Thank you for your understanding. We will let you know immediately when ALL work is completed on your patio. 

Going forward, you can see the projected project plan above and for those of you w/o laser vision, the tentative plan is as follows: 

Stacks 101/201/301-103/203/303, 105/205/305, 107/207/307, 109/209/309, and 111/211/311- Carpentry and painting completed from 8/22 – 8/26. 

Stacks 104/204/304, 106/206/306, 108/208/308, 110/210/310, 112/212/312, 116/216/316, 118/218/318, and 120/220/320 – Carpentry and painting completed from 8/29 – 9/2.

Stacks 122/222/322, 124/224/324, 126/226/326, 128/228/328, 130/230/330 and 132/232/323 – Carpentry and painting completed from 9/6 – 9/9.

Stacks 131/231/331, 133/233/333, 135/235/335-136/236/336, 138/238/338, 140/240/340-141/241/341 – Carpentry and painting completed from 9/12 – 9/16.

Stacks 125/225/325, 127/227/327, 129/229/329, 134/234/334, 137/237/337, and 139/239/339 – Carpentry and painting completed from 9/19 – 9/23.

Tuesday, August 16th: And the carpentry repairs continue…Domingo and his crew are completing carpentry repairs on all the wood fence areas. They have also started painting the fence. The crew will continue to install trim on the south side balconies as well.

Jesus is taking precise measurement to make sure trim is properly installed.

Monday, August 15th: Hello Wolfe Lake residents! We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the fabulous weather we had! 

Shown above is a site map for Wolfe Lake; pardon the lower quality image. Currently, our crew is working on the 114 building (which is at the top left of the map). They are working on carpentry repairs and using the Aztec decking materials. Our crew will be making their way clockwise around the property as the repairs are finished. 

Our crew is working hard to replace the fencing. 

They must have forgotten to smile, regardless Jesus and Domingo are doing top notch work to complete repairs.

Tuesday, August 9th: Welcome to the offical blog for the project at Wolfe Lake Condominiums-St. Louis Park. This project will consist of painting most previously painted substrates- including siding, support posts, decking fascia, divider walls, and previously painted brick/block walls. We will also be removing and replacing some damaged decking areas. Fencing repairs and replacement of handrail on courtyard fencing area will also be completed. 

While many aspects of the project will be minimally disruptive to your day to day schedules (i.e. fence repairs/painting, siding painting, etc…) there will be aspects of the project that will require more coordination with you as homeowners. 

On your residence patio areas we will be removing damaged siding/trim and installing PVC composite trim. This will likely begin the week of 8/15 and we will be posting an online schedule, broken out by units notifying homeowners of when we anticipate work being performed on your deck. Again, this will require some cooperation/participation from you, so please follow this blog for notifications and/or instructions. 

We will also be posting notices/schedules onsite in common areas and these notices will also contain scheduling info and a link to this here blog! 

It will take us a while to accurately set the finishing schedule, so stay tuned right here for ongoing project updates as they will be provided 2-3 times per week. Thank you so much for having us and we’re looking forward to getting things underway!

Also, special thanks to Ben @ Compass Management and the HOA Board for having us back onsite to do more work! We look forward to working with/for you! 

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