Lafayette Park- Inver Grove Heights

Lafayette Park – Inver Grove Heights

Door painting : Complete


Monday, October 3rd: Good afternoon Lafayette Park! And that’s a wrap…we want to take a moment to thank all of you for your participation and cooperation while getting your doors painted. We hope you enjoy your newly painted doors and have a great rest of the year! 

Tuesday, September 27th: Hello residents of Lafayette Park. We hope you had a great weekend. Thank you to those of you that signed up for painting and also opened your doors for our crew to come in and paint your door. There were a few hiccups with timing and we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused. If you were unable to make a time for last week or were not home, we have our last call for door painting this Saturday 10/1. Please comment below on the blog if you’d like a specfic time. We’ll be onsite from 9am-2pm and will again take appointments on the hour. You can check availability in the table below. Thanks so much!

Saturday, October 1st
9am 4707 Blaine Ave, 4718 Blaylock Ave , 4667 Blaylock Ave; Booked.
10am 4717 Blaine Ave, 4553 Blaylock Way, 4759 Blaine Ave; Booked
11am 4667 Blaine Ave, 4605 Blaine Ave, 4729 Blaylock Ave; Booked
12pm 4590 Blaylock Way; 2 spots open
1pm 4793 Blaine Ave; 2 spots open
2pm 3 spots open

UPDATE: 4pm and 5pm times for Friday cancelled due to rain. Our sincerest apologies for the late notice and any inconvenience. Please comment or email to reschedule for Saturday 9/24. The make up day will be Saturday 10/1 from 9-2 if you’d like to schedule for that day instead. Thanks! 

Friday, September 23rd: Happy Friday everyone! And they’re off…the cerw is out at Lafayette Park for some door painting. There’s still time to sign up for later today and tomorrow. Thanks again to all of you who have signed up! Much appreciated. 

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 22nd: Good morning residents of Lafayette Park. Thank you to those that have reached out to sign up for a door painting time! We really appreciate your participation in this project. Please continue to comment on the blog or email Dana as you’re able. Thanks so much and have a great day!

Friday, September 23rd
9am Booked
10am Booked
11am 1 spots open
12pm 3 spots open
1pm 3 spots open
2pm 1 spots open
3pm 3 spots open
4pm Cancelled due to rain.
5pm Cancelled due to rain.


Saturday, September 24th
9am Booked
10am Booked
11am 3 spots open
12pm 3 spots open
1pm Booked
2pm 1 spots open
3pm 3 spots open
4pm 3 spots open
5pm 3 spots open

Thursday, September 15th: Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble blog by way of blue notices taped to your door, welcome! We are excited to get underway next weekend. We’ll be onsite Friday 9/23 and Saturday 9/24 to get your doors painted. As the notice states, you have the option to sign up for a specific time. There will be 3 spots available on the hour, each hour and it’s first come, first serve. Please email or comment below on the blog with your address and time and we’ll be happy to sign you up. 

Stay tuned for further updates as the project nears!

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