Parkway Estates – Burnsville ~ Exterior Painting 2018

Parkway Estates – Burnsville ~ Exterior Painting 2018

Exterior Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the exterior painting project at Parkway Estates in Burnsville. We are thrilled to be back onsite!

Wednesday, October 17th: Greetings and happy Wednesday! 

The crew is wrapping up the garage painting on the 1150 Building today and this is the last section of garage. It has been our pleasure to aid in the transformation and beautifying process of your Parkway Estates Community!

Taping off one of the garage doors.

The garage is just about complete- the top coat is being applied.

Tuesday, October 16th: Good afternoon! 

We are spoiled with another sunny day and it looks like the cheery weather will continue through the end of the week! 

The parking garage crew is just about done with their prep and painting. They are anticipating to be done tomorrow. Thanks!

Monday, October 15th: Hello and happy Monday!

After a chilly and shockingly snowy wake up call yesterday morning, we are thrilled to see the sun today and resume our ‘fall’ programming!

A completed section of the garage.

Priming another section of garage.

Friday, October 12th: We can’t tell you how good it is to write ‘Painting In Progress’ on our blogs today! 

After what seems like the the rainiest start of October, we are back in business at Parkway Estates! The crews are prepping and painting on the garages. They anticipate to finish mid-week next week.


Spraying primer on a section of the garages.

Spraying primer on a section of the garages.

Thanks so much for your patience as Mother Nature decided to put a stop on our progress over the last week. With what looks like clear weather for the next week, our crews are eager to get your project complete. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 11th: Good morning! 

Is it true?! There is no rain in sight for the next several days!

Though it isn’t raining today, it is still too wet to be applying paint. We are hopeful the crew will resume their regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 10th: Here we are again, deja vu with another rainy day. I suppose we can chalk this one up to Milli Vanilli and their hit ‘Blame it on the Rain.‘ We’re hopeful to resume prep and painting tomorrow. Thanks!

Monday, October 8th: Good morning! We hope you all had a great weekend! 

All of this rain has halted our crew painting the garages at Parkway Estates. They’ll resume once the weather allows. Thanks!

Friday, October 5th: TGIF and good afternoon!

Exactly our thoughts after this weeks seemingly never-ending rain.

It’s too wet on the brick and concrete to paint the garages and exterior of 1160. The crews will resume as the weather allows. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 4th: Greetings! 

The crew is prepping and applying the primer to the raised garage bases, we’re dialing in the color and will apply that once it’s finalized. Thanks!

Pretty happy about these clear and blue skies!!

Wednesday, October 3rd: Good afternoon! 

Since the weather isn’t optimal for painting, the crew is working on prep work on the garages today. We are painting the concrete and brick around the raised parking platforms. They’ll begin painting as weather allows. Thanks!

Scraping and prepping on the garages.

Making the most of the dreary day – getting prep work done at Parkway.

Monday, October 1st: Hello and just like that it’s October! There sure is a crispness to the air and we like it! ‘Tis the season for apple orchards, all things pumpkin, Halloween costumes, and Hocus Pocus. Happy Fall ya’ll! 

The 1505 Building is complete as well as 1513, aside from some touch up work. Thanks! We’ll also be painting the garages as the weather allows. Thanks!

Friday, September 28th: Hello and TGIF! 

We had ourselves some Friday fun at the Roell Painting Office this afternoon – Painter Appreciation BBQ, complete with a Dunk Tank!


Check out our Facebook Link for more of the action. 

The crews are finishing up the remaining few sections of building at 1505 and 1513. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 27th: Hello!

The crews are cruising at Parkway! The 1505 Building is just about complete and the 1513 Building has 5-7 days remaining.

I’m on top of the world!

Jaime paints one of the unit’s railings.

Painting on the accent stripe at the 1505 Building.

The plastic is removed and the accent stripe is complete.

Wednesday, September 26th: Good afternoon!

The sun is shining and though the air is crisp, the crews are happy to be back onsite after the rain to be prepping and painting. The 1505 Building will be wrapping up in the next 1-2 days and the 1513 Building will be complete in the next 7-10 days, weather permitting.

Tuesday, September 25th: Rain rain go away. We haven’t had the best luck with mother nature recently. The crews onsite are prepping and completing items as able – railings mostly.

The crew is prepping and painting the railings of a completed section of the 1513 Building.

Doing what we can with the weather circumstances.

Monday, September 24th: Good morning!

We are back on after a spotty week of painting due to rain. The crews have resumed their prep and painting on the 1505 and 1513 Buildings.

Turning the corner at the 1513 Building.

Spraying the grey brick sections on the 1513 Building.

Friday, September 21st: Hello and TGIF! 

With all of the rain and cooler temperatures, the crews are onsite today only completing prep work. They’ll then resume their painting as the weather cooperates, likely tomorrow. Thanks!

Thursday, September 20th: Good morning! We’ve got ourselves another rain day folks. With rain forecasted for the majortity of today, we anticipate the earliest we would return would be Saturday. Thanks for your patience as we can’t predict or control what Mother Nature throws at us.

Wednesday, September 19th: Rain Delay

Tuesday, September 18th: Rain Delay

Monday, September 17th: Good afternoon!

The border battle was a game for the books, but not where either is excited over a win or defeated with a loss. Instead, the green and purple teams ended their first show down of this season in a tie. Missed kicks, defense misses, and penalties piloted the game in a flip flop of emotions. The teams will face each other again on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, in which I’m sure both teams will be all-in to get a W!

The crews are holding steady at the 1505 and 1513.

A section of the 1513 Building is primed.

The lift is in action and the crew is painting your balconies and railings.

Thursday, September 13th: Hello!

It’s a big weekend ahead for the Purple People Eaters — the Border Battle vs. Green Bay is on Sunday! The guys in purple are headed to Lambeau to take on the cheese heads of WI. 

The crews are holding strong on the remaining two buildings.

Top coat is going up on the 1513 Building.

Spraying primer on a section of the 1513 Building.

Wednesday, September 12th: Hello and good afternoon! 

The crew on the 1505 Building has started their prep work on the 2nd half of the building. The 1513 Buildings is in progress as well.

The 1505 crew is prepping the 2nd half of the building.

Tuesday, September 11th: Good afternoon residents of Parkway Estates! 

The crew are prepping and painting on the 1505 and 1513 Buildings.

Completing the railings on the west side of 1505.

The crew has completed one of the ends of 1505 Building.

Monday, September 10th: Good afternoon! We hope you all had a great weekend. 

The 1505 and 1513 Buildings are underway- prepping and painting their way around the buildings.

Prepping on one of your residence decks.

Spraying a brick section on the 1513 Building.

Taping off the accent band on the 1505 Building.

Friday, September 7th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crews are relieved to see continued clear and blue skies after a few rain days earlier this week. As we mentioned the Vikings home-opener is on Sunday and aside from the game itself, food and drinks are the next priority! Linked is a list of the new foods at U.S. Bank this season- our picks to try are the crab fries and cheesesteaks from Chickie and Pete’s! 

The crews are holding steady on the 1505 and 1513 Buildings.

The crew sprays their way down a section of brick.

Buildings 1505- In Progress.

Prepping the lower section of the 1505 Building.

Thursday, September 6th: And we’re back! 

The crews have resumed their prep and painting on the 1505 Building with spraying the top coat of the brick. The 1501 Building is almost complete and they are finishing up the railings. We have a crew that started on the 1513 Building today as well.

The crew utilizes the lift to spray the top coat onto a brick section of 1505.

The lift makes their way across the brick section.

Lifts up to prep and paint the railings.

Prep in progress on the 1513 Building.

The accent band is complete.

Prepping and painting on one of the deck stacks.

Wednesday, September 5th: Good morning! It’s still too wet for the crew to paint today. We’ll resume prep and painting tomorrow. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 4th: Rain Delay

Friday, August 31st: Hello and happy Friday!

THh crew on the 1505 building is continuing with prep and spraying and your 1501 crew will resume shortly, they’ve pulled off to wrap up another project. 

We wish you all a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Wednesday, August 29th: Good afternoon! We can hardly believe it’s the end of August and September is right around the corner – these cooler mornings have us hoping for a long fall as we’re wrapping up our outdoor painting projects.

We have a smaller crew tackling the 1501 Building today and the 1505 crew is makingt their way across the stacks of patios near the leasing office- painting the railings and patios.

2 by 2 the crew is painting the patio railings.

Prepping one of the patios to paint the undersides and railings.

Tuesday, August 28th: Rain Delay

Monday, August 27th: Good afternoon residents of Parkway Estates. We hope you all had a great weekend! 

The crews are prepping and painting on the 1501 and 1505 Buildings as well as pressure washing the 1513 Building. We anticipate the pressure washing to take a few days then we’ll begin prep and painting on that building as well.

Stack by stack the crew traverses across the 1505 Building.

All smiles and back to the grind this Monday!

Spraying the top coat on a section of the brick.

Friday, August 24th: Hello and TGIF! 

We’ve got ourselves a rain day folks. The crew will return once the weather permits. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 23rd: Good afternoon and happy start of the MN State Fair! The twelve days of fried goodness has begun and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day to kick it all off! Be sure to check out the list of new foods, band lineups, and other attractions before heading over to St. Paul! 

Stretchy pants, empty stomachs, can’t lose! 

The crews are continuing at Parkwasy- 1501 and 1505 Buildings.

The view from across the building- getting a staack of railings complete.

The 1505 crew is prepping on another section of the building.

Wednesday, August 22nd: Good afternoon! 

We have our crews holding down the fort in Burnsville on the 1501 and 1505 Buildings.

Traversinga cross the 1505 Building with the lift.

A view from the top!

Manuevering the lift to complete the railings and then divider walls.

Monday, August 20th: Hello and good afternoon!

We have one of our crews onsite at the 1501 Building completing prep and painting. We’ll post some pictures shortly.

Priming and spraying the top coat at Parkway.

The crew is tackling another section of Parkway.

Friday, August 17th: Hello and TGIF! 

Can you believe we’re less than a week out from the start of the Minnesota State Fair?! And we all know what that means… sadly summer in near a close and the kiddos are soon headed back to school. 

The crews are holding down the fort of the 1501 and 1505 Buildings. They’re making their way around the buildings and working ‘section’ by ‘section’ – prep, prime, paint- repeat. 

Spraying on the block wall.

Prep is underway on another section at Parkway 1501.

Helmet- check, harness- check. Going up!

Jaime sprays the divider walls.

Thursday, August 16th: Good afternoon! 

The crews are holding steady on the 1501 and 1505 Buildings. In 1501 they are completing the divider walls and railing on the back side of the building and also moving to the front for prep and painting. In the 1505 Building they are prepping areas – tape and plastic covering windows, etc and also starting to prime some brick areas.

Prep and Priming is underway for the front side of the 1501 Building.

We’ve mobilized a lift for the 1505 Building as well!

Working our way from top to bottom, covering and prepping the building.

The crew is taking care of the divider walls and railings on the 1501 Building.

Wednesday, August 15th: Hello!

Both crew are in full force at Parkway Estates. Prep and painting continues for both the 1505 and 1501 Buildings.

Prep and priming is underway on the 1501 Building.

No surface is too far out of reach — Jaime paints on your rooftop.

Tuesday, August 14th: Good afternoon! 

We have one of our crews continuing to pressure wash the 1505 Building and another crew painting on the 1501 Building- they’ve started to paint the accent bands.

Go-go gadget arms to reach the tip top at Parkway Estates.

Pressure washing the siding on your patios.

One of the completed areas with the sample of the deck accent boards.

Painting the accent band.

Such a great feeling when the plastic comes off!

Monday, August 13th: Hello and good afternoon residents of Parkway Estates! We hope you all had a great weekend and are staying cool today – it’s a hot one! 

We’ve brought another crew onsite and they are pressure washing the 1505 Building today. The crew on the 1170 Building is continuing to prep and paint on the 1501 Building.

Ladders up to complete the pressure washing.

We’ve brought out the big guns to reach those top soffits.

Friday, August 10th: Good afternoon and TGIF! 

Brief update: the crew is continuing on the backside of the 1501 Building and they plan to move to the front side on Monday, 8/13. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 9th: Hello!

The crew is about halfway through the backside of the 1501 Building.

Spraying the brick at Parkway Estates.

Spraying on that fresh paint.

The lighter color paint is brightening up your building!

Tuesday, August 7th: Good afternoon residents of Parkway Estates!

The crew is prepping and painting on the 1501 Building- they are starting in the back of the building.

Taping and prepping around your windows.

Traversing your building to leave no window uncovered.

Spraying primer on the brick.

Painting our way across the brick.

Monday, August 6th: Good morning and happy Monday. We hope you all had a great weekend! 

The crew is starting their prep today as well as beginning to prime. They are starting at the back of the 1501 Building.

Prep is underway at Parkway Estates!

Ladders up and away we go.

Tape and plastic… and a whole lot of it!

Friday, August 3rd: TGIF! 

The crew has wrapped up the pressure washing of the 1501 Building at Parkway Estates and will begin their prep and painting on Monday. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 2nd: Good afternoon! 

The crew is continuing to pressure wash the 1501 Building at Parkway Estates. Once they’ve completed the washing, the substrates will need some time to dry out completely and then they’ll return to begin prepping and painting.

Washing the exterior surfaces of the 1501 Building.

Washing the siding in preparation for painting.

Spraying your deck railings to allow for a clean surface to paint.

Tuesday, July 31st: Greetings residents of Parkway Estates in Burnsville! Welcome to your project blog for the exterior painting project. We are eager to be back onsite and refreshing your buildings. 

We’ll be painting the exterior of all three of your buildings, of which is an accent band on the brick as well as an accent color on your divider walls. We can’t wait to see hows the rebranding from the interior painting intergrates into the exterior painting! 

Tomorrow we’ll be onsite to pressure wash the 1501 Building, which faces Burnsville Pkwy. Once the building substrates have had time to dry the crew will resume onsite and begin their prep work and painting. 

We are anticipating the entire painting project to take about 2 to 2 1/2 months to complete with weather playing the biggest factor in our schedule. You can stay fully apprised of project progress, updates, and any delays here on the blog. 

Thanks so much and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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