Primrose @ Bailey’s Arbor – Woodbury 2018 Painting Project

Primrose @ Bailey’s Arbor – Woodbury 2018 Painting Project

Project Complete

Welcome to the project blog for the 2018 painting project at Bailey’s Arbor in Woodbury! We are excited to be back onsite!

Bailey’s Arbor – Route Map

Friday, July 20th: Good morning and TGIF! With the continued rain, it’s too wet for our crew to resume their painting today.

The crew will resume tomorrow to likely finish the rest of the buildings, they’ve started on 10535, 10571, 10591, and 10599. If needed they’ll wrap up on Monday. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19th: Good morning on this rainy Thursday. The crew should resume tomorrow, pending the surfaces have dried enough. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 18th: Hello residents of Primrose at Bailey’s Arbor! 

We’ve had a minor error in our route planning and started a crew on the 10519 Building while also painting from the ‘Start’ on our map. The crew will finish painting on the 10832 and 10826 Hawthorne Trail tomorrow and then move down along the route to 10527 Hawthorn Trail. They’ve also finished on 10519 and 10523 Hawthorn.

Eye spy with my little eye…

Taping and prepping around the garage doors.

Tuesday, July 17th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is off and running at Primrose of Bailey’s Arbor! They’re beginning their prep and painting on the front elevations of the first buildings. Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, July 11th: Hello residents of Bailey’s Arbor and thank you for having us back! It’s always nice to return to a familiar neighborhood. Similarly to previous year’s painting, we’ll be completing work on the front elevations of your buildings, specifically the siding, fascia, window trim, front door frames, garage doors/frames, entry pillars, and shutters. 

We’ll begin by pressure washing the included areas, which we ask you to please close your windows for. After the surfaces have been washed and have had time to dry, we’ll return onsite to begin our prep and painting. We’ve posted a route map above to show the order in which the buildings will be completed. 

Stay tuned here on the blog for progress updates and any weather delays if they come up. Thanks and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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