Mitchell Village – Eden Prairie

Mitchell Village – Eden Prairie

Monday, August 17th: Final walkthrough complete.

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Mitchell Village East/West in Eden Prairie. We are so glad you found us!

Monday, August 17th: Our job supervisor, Jesse, completed his final walkthrough on remaining buildings on Saturday.  Everything on the paint side is complete.  However, we are providing the association/ property manager with a list of suggested misc wood repairs that we have found throughout the project that could be replaced. 

If the association elects to complete these areas, it will require another site visit to prime and finish the new wood.  

Otherwise, we are complete.  Thanks for having us at your beautiful association and we look forward to our next visit!

Wednesday, August 12th: Good morning Mitchell Village Residents!  As planned, the crew wrapped up with the majority of the project yesterday.    

Our plan is to have a couple crew members back today to walkthrough the completed areas and check for touch-ups.  

The project supervisor, Jesse, also plans on doing a second final walkthrough on Thursday prior to presenting the project to the association board and property manager at the end of the week!

Luis (shown above) is painting one of the last frames of the project.

Tuesday, August 11th:  A fantastic weather day on Monday led to the crew getting a lot completed at the HOA yesterday.  

We were able to complete three buildings of frames on MVE (Bldgs #12, 15 & 16) and also 3 buildings of louvers!  

With another perfect painting day ahead, the crew is starting to see the finish line!   We plan on painting the last building (#17) that needs frames painted today.  The last item that we are working on is lovuers.

Lazarao (see above) shows off his steady hand while painting a louver at Mitchell Village East!

While Lurdes & Ingrid continue to cut in the garage door frames below!

Monday, August 10th: We were bummed to lose a couple days last week due to rain but the crew is back onsite today painting trim at the HOA.  

We hope to finish all the louvers by end of day today and have only a few more buildings of trim to wrap up on Tuesday & Wednesday.

We are project the entire project to be done by Thursday (will need to perform a final quality inspection walkthrough prior to presenting the project to the board & property manager)

Thursday, August 5th: Another productive day out at the MVW & MVE!  

MITCHELL VILLAGE WEST: The crew was able to complete all the louvers on the west side of the association & is about 40% complete with touch-ups on that side as well.  The main focus for this side of the HOA today will be double checking our work and performing touch-ups prior to the rain moving in later today.  

MITCHELL VILLAGE EAST: The crew was able to finish the frames on buildings #12, 13 & 14 yesterday.  The plan for today will be to finish the frames on #11, 15, 16 & 17 that is if the weather cooperates.    We also hope to start the louvers on MVE if the dark clouds stay away.


While admiring the blooming tomato plant, Ingrid cuts in Sherwin Williams Emerald paint to the garage door frame.

Wednesday, August 4th: The crew continues to work through the painting of the louvers on Mitchell Village West.  Also, our job supervisor Jesse, did a halfway point inspection and has marked touch-ups for the crew with blue tape so we ask that you do not removed these areas.  The crew on the Mitchell Village East side completed buildings 18, 19 & 20 yesterday too.

Monday, August 3rd: The trim painting continued throughout the association today.  The crew was able to finish the doors frames in Mitchell Village West (pending final inspection from our crew supervisor).  We began painting the frames on building #18 on the East section of the HOA today as well.

Ernesto (above) tapes off the door frames in preparation for the scraping and priming. He was also heard muttering to our marketing department, “Print is dead. We need to allocate our marketing budget to Google adwords!” Hopefully he didn’t throw away that homeowner’s phonebook – eeek!

Lazaro (above) shows off his brush and ladder mastery as he paints on of the louvers on the 4th building!

We also wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You” to the watchful eye of Laurie on Raymond Lane.  We couldn’t agree more with you that when you babysat, you want to leave the house cleaner then when the parents left it!  Thus our job supervisor, Jesse, will be out tomorrow to ensure the guys are living up to that motto for you.  Thanks for the head’s up and reaching out to us.

Saturday, August 1st: Well, how did that happen?! It’s August already which means that we are entering the last quarter of exterior painting season! What an incredible stretch of weather we’ve had this year and LOTS of work is getting done. The fellas will be wrapping up the pressure washing in Mitchell Village today, and in honor of that project benchmark, we thought we’d celebrate with perhaps one of our favorite wash oriented songs…coincidentally, we think we’ve got the buildings out there looking like Rolls Rose Royces!

Thursday, July 30th: All that remains are three buildings in Mitchell Village East for pressure washing. We project that this phase of the project will be completed by midday Saturday at the latest. As for painting, only 1 building remains in Mitchell Village West (except for all the louvers) and then the guys will make their way over to East and begin painting.

The crew is on the home stretch for pressure washing at Mitchell Village East.

Monday, July 27th: The fellas have completed pressure washing in Mitchell Village West and now have made their way into Mitchell Village East to wash your buildings. We anticipate that all pressure washing of the buildings will completed by week’s end and the crew will be following the same route for painting as well. Thanks so much to everybody for their ongoing cooperation thus far-it has truly helped the project progress very smoothly!

The crew gets underway pressure washing Mitchell Village East on Monday.

Thursday, July 23rd: We’re going to let the pictures doing the talking at Mitchell Village today…what a difference a little bath makes!



Wednesday, July 22nd: The fellas continue to make their way up Raymond Lane and completed the washing of three more buildings today. Painting also got underway on 14275 and the included areas have been completed. As we really hit stride on the project, we are washing approximately 3 buildings per day and completing the painting on 1.5 – 2 buildings. Stay tuned right here for ongoing progress updates. Looks like rain in the forecast for Friday, PS.

Lito applies Simple Green to the siding areas in advance of pressure washing.

Tuesday, July 21st:  Another gorgeous Minnesota summer day and in the painting business that equals productivity. In that regard, we’ve been pretty fortunate these last several weeks in that the weather has really been an incredible ally! Now that the crew has settled into a ryhthm, we are completing about 2.5-3 buildings per day solution/pressure washing and at that rate, Mitchell Village West will probably be totally washed by early to mid next week. Stay tuned.

Santiago washes the garage door on 14325.

Monday, July 20th: The crew has arrived onsite Monday morning to get things underway at Mitchell Village, and this will begin with pressure washing your buildings. We will also be applying a cleaning solution to the siding areas (applied via backpack sprayer) before we pressure wash and we are excited to give the buildings the ol’ “once over.” There are several areas where dirt/residue has built up over the years, and this will do just the trick! We will be starting down at the corner of Mitchell Village WEST at the 14275-14263 Building and we will be making our way up Raymond Lane towards Wilson Lane. We are projecting the completion of 2-3 Buildings per day and we will keep you fully apprised of the project progress daily. 

Thank you to all the residents who obliged by moving objects away from their homes, as it certiainly helps the guys a great deal. 

Thanks for having us!

This is the route the guys will be following for pressure washing and painting at Mitchell Village West.

Sunday, July 19th: Greetings residents of Mitchell Village. Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble little blog by way of the blue notices posted throughout the property on Saturday. First and forements, we saw some of the damaged wreaked by Friday’s storm and we hope everybody is OK!

 The painting project will commence on Monday and among the tasks we will be completing are the pressure washing of your buildings, as well as painting numerous trim areas including your front door frames, kick plates, louver vents, and entry pillars (where applicable).

We look forward to working with/for you and we encourage you to monitor the project progress right here on the blog. 

Have a great night!

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