Private Residence – Kitchen Cabinets & Trim Project, Plymouth

Private Residence – Kitchen Cabinets & Trim Project, Plymouth

Touch Ups & Cleanup IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this interior painting project. We’ll be sharing the project progress from prep to finish and we hope you enjoy following along!

Tuesday, December 17th: Good morning! 

We wanted to share the famed ‘After’ photos from this total kitchen, laundry room, and entry way transformation project! 

Black Magic really steals the show!

Pantry door is complete.

We might be slightly obsessed with this black kitchen with gold hardware!

Beautiful design choices by our client with the black and gold and new countertops/backsplash as well!

Benjamin Moore – Dark Harbor is all things moody and chic in this laundry room.

Goodbye to the oak millwork and hello to statement black handrails and posts.

A view from the top.

Thursday, December 5th: Hello and Happy December! 

Today is the crews’ final day — filled with completing paint touch ups, finalizing hardware install, and clean up. It has been our pleasure to be a part of this project and we can’t wait to see the final look. Here are a few sneak peaks of the infamous ‘Black Magic’ kitchen. Thanks for following along! 

Reassembling the kitchen doors and drawers — ready for the GOLD hardware.

Nothing spooky here — Black Magic is showing very chic!

Completing touch ups on the stairs.

Wednesday, November 27th: Good morning! 

We’ve got one more work day until we can rest and relax with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday! The crew is busy busy at this home today — they are completing some wall prep, touch ups and painting today on the main level. More pictures of the beautiful kitchen, which is ‘Back in Black‘ or more like ‘Black Magic‘ from Sherwin Williams.  

Here are a few progress photos for today:

These. Stairs. Are. Gorgeous.

Wall painting is in progress in the entry way.

The closets get a refresh with some paint.

Monday, November 25th: Good morning and happy Monday! 

It’s crazy how much can be accomplished in a weekend! The crew has prepped and sprayed the spindles for the staircase, wrapped the kitchen and laundry cabinets, and are taking down the paper and plastic in the kitchen. They’ll be taping off to paint select walls – laundry room and then select areas for touch ups. The crew will also reassemble the kitchen – rehang doors and put the drawers back in as well. 

Taking off some of the plastic and paper.

The kitchen is all coming back together.

Prepping to spray the spindles.

The stairs sure are shaping up quite nicely!

Ready to reassemble the doors and drawers.

Friday, November 22nd: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is keeping pace with spraying enamel in the kitchen, laundry room, and on the staircase. They have another coat of enamel on the Dark Harbor laundry room cabinets and also the cabinet doors/drawers.  They’ll then begin reassembling the kitchen doors and cabinets and then also completing the wall painting. 

Have a great weekend and we suspect the space will look differently on Monday!

Black Magic on the handrails, posts, and treads are sprayed.

We can’t wait to see the final look of the stairs!

The cabinet bases have been sprayed with the 2nd coat.

Dark Harbor is holding down the fort.

Thursday, November 21st: Greetings! 

The has sprayed the first coat of the black enamel and the next step is to continue to fill in the wood grains and sand before we spray another coat of the black enamel. 

The stairs are also making progress with the black handrail being sprayed. Stay tuned for more updates and photos – thanks!

Black is going onto the handrails.

Ch-ch-ch- changes! Things are happening in the kitchen!

Here are a few more photos from prep work between spraying the enamel coats. The crew will use Bondo to continue to fill in the grains of the cabinets and then sand them down. 

The bondo is applied to fill in the wood grains.

Shining in ‘Black Magic.’

Prep work between enamel coats.

Wednesday, November 20th: Good morning! 

Here are a few photos from late yesterday afternoon from the crew — we are underway in the kitchen! They are filling the wood grains of the doors, drawers, and cabinet boxes and then sanding it down. Once this step is complete, they’ll spray the first coat of enamel. 

Sanding the cabinet doors.

All hands on deck in the kitchen.

The crew is continuing to sand the cabinets and also the entry stairs so they can begin applying a top coat of enamel. 

Where’s Waldo? We’ve got a crew member behind the fridge completing some sanding.

Sanding the bondo on the stair risers.

Tuesday, November 19th: Greetings followers! 

The crew is working on the entry stairs today and after sharing the kitchen space with the counter top installers, they have resumed their prep on the cabinets. 

Using bondo to putty into the wood graining. Once sanded down, it allows for a smoother finish of the enamel.

Bondo on the stair risers.

Monday, November 18th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great weekend! The Vikings took a crucial win over the LA Rams in the final seconds of the game; however our Golden Gophers couldn’t stop the Hawkeyes and are now 9-1. 

The crew has moved to the kitchen, laundry room, and entry stairs for enamel. They’ve applied the primer and will work today to fill in the showing wood graining and then sand and smooth it before they’ll apply the top color – Black Magic for the kitchen, Dark Harbor for the laundry room, and Black Magic on the stairway posts. 

It’s happening – we’re starting on the kitchen.

The primer has been applied in the kitchen.

Lots of paper, tape, and plastic to section off neighboring rooms.

Primer is on the laundry room cabinets.

Saturday, November 16th: Good morning and happy Saturday! 

Big day for the Gophers as they take on their rivals the Hawkeyes at Kinnick Stadium this afternoon. The Gophers are 9-0 and the Hawkeyes 6-3. Gophers need this win to prove they are among top in the Big 10 West!

The crew has just about completed the trim painting on the upper level and has most areas on the main level prepped- taped off with paper and ready to roll! 

They’ll soon begin their prep work in the kitchen as well. Thanks!

Have a great weekend and Go Gophers!!

White Dove on the trim is shining bright!

A completed section of baseboards and frames.

Ready to brush and roll!

Paper, tape, plastic and drop cloths—- prep is underway!

Prepping and taping off trim in the kitchen.

The baseboards are taped off and ready for enamel.

Thursday, November 14th: Good morning! 

The crew is continuing to prep and paint the millwork – baseboards and frames as well as begin to prep for their painting on the stairway – handrail, treads, and risers. They’re completing the upper level millwork first and now are moving to the mail level to continue prepping and brush and rolling the baseboards and frames. 

The prep evidence— paper, tape, plastic, caulk – oh my!

Covered carpets -check and taped off risers and treads -check.

Taping off the door frames.

The staircase is prepped and ready to go all-white white ‘Black Magic’ posts!

Wednesday, November 13th: Greetings! 

The crew has prepped and covered the working areas on the upper level. They’ve  covered the carpets and taped off the baseboards and frames to brush and roll the newly installed mill work. 

We’re also using a HEPA Air Scrubber to provide air filtration to improve the air quality.

The crew will be applying two coats of a product called Benjamin Moore Advance.

Down the hallway — plastic covers the carpet and the trim is taped and papered off.

A section of the trim in progress.

Tuesday, November 12th: Good afternoon! 

Thanks for following along. We’ve started another residential painting project in Plymouth and would love to share the project progress here on the blog! 

The crew will be brush and rolling the newly replaced baseboard and frames throughout the main and upper levels and enameling the kitchen cabinets as well as the laundry room cabinets. 

This is going to be a fun one!! They say white is all the rage, but these homeowners are going with the sleek and chic, Black Magic by Sherwin Williams which will be accented with gold hardware… can we say kitchen envy!?

The kitchen ‘before.’

Can’t wait to see the transformation to Black Magic!

They’ll also be painting the laundry room cabinets this bold hue of blue – Dark Harbor by Benjamin Moore. 

Stay tuned here for progress update and project photos! We’re looking forward to sharing the process and eventually the sharing the famed ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos! 

The newly installed trim will be getting refreshed with White Dove.

We’ll be doing something fun with the handrail as well!


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