Parkview of Huset Park – Columbia Heights

Parkview of Huset Park – Columbia Heights

Projected completion date of Tuesday, June 21st

Welcome to the official blog for the painting project @ Park View of Huset Park. We are thrilled to be onsite with you!

Tuesday, June 21st: Two straight days of sunshine to start the week! Unprecedented! Hopefully that is a sign of things to come for exterior painting season. Hermes, Freddy, and the boys have taken full advantage of the weather and should wrap things up by the end of the day today. 

On any project of this size, inevitably there will be some touch-up work and as alluded to below, our review process will get underway shortly thereafter. We can’t thank all the residents enough for all of their cooperation and feedback! It’s been a privilege working for you!

Wednesday, June 15th: Same story, different day. We’ve been dodging rain and the fellas are back it @ Huset Park. If the weather cooperates for the remainder of the week, there’s a strong probability that work will wrap up by Saturday. We may be working some longer days to take advantage of the sunshine, but the more productive we can be while onsite, the sooner we are out of your hair! 

As is customary, after the crew has completed the work, our team of supervisors will be performing a series of walk-throughs to ensure everything looks pristine. 

The objective as we head into the homestretch at PV Huset Park is to have everything wrapped in a perfect bow!

Thursday, June 9th: While rain prevented us from getting started right away this morning in Columbia Heights, the clouds have dispersed and the mercury is rising which can only mean one thing…the boys in white are doin’ work! They are completing approximately 3-4 buildings per day and at that rate, we should complete the project in about another week and a half…weather permitting of course.

Freddy prefers to flip the white hat sideways as he surveys one of the door frames. By tomorrow, with temps getting up to the 90’s, we won’t be needing those sweatshirts!

Tuesday, June 7th: While rain stopped us dead in our tracks yesterday, absolutely pristine conditions enabled us to get things underway today at PV of Huset Park. The fellas are working diligently on shutters and we think you’ll notice the difference immediately! Hopefully the weather holds for the remainder of the week.

We “shutter” to think how phenomenal PV of Huset Park will look after we weave our brush magic out here!

Friday, June 3rd: Greeting residents of Park View of Huset Park! Perhaps you’ve found your way to our humble little blog by way of blue notices posted throughout your property, notifying you of our pending arrival to begin painting. If that is the case, welcome! 

Among the areas designated for completion are your front entry doorframes (including kickplates), 1074 shutters (that’s a lot of shutters!), and your common area pergolas.

While most of the project will be minimally disruptive to your daily routine, painting your front door frames will require some cooperation on your end. We kindly ask that if you have a storm door, please leave it unlocked so the crew can access your front door frame for painting. Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Special thanks to Margaret at First Service and your association board for all of their efforts in facilating the bid process, and now the start of the project!!!! 

We look forward to getting started on Monday if the weather holds! 

Job Supervisor Jesse Maki will leave no stone unturned in his quality control measures as the project gets underway next week!

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