Bailey’s Arbor – Woodbury

Bailey’s Arbor – Woodbury

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the 2019 Painting Project at Bailey’s Arbor in Woodbury! We are looking forward to being back onsite with you this year!

Route Map – Bailey’s Arbor

Wednesday, June 5th: Hello and good afternoon!

Project Check In with Isaac.

Tuesday, June 4th: Greetings residents of Bailey’s Arbor! 

The crew got started at Building #16 today and that’s about half way through the buildings.

Tackling another door frame at Bailey’s Arbor.

Monday, June 3rd: Hello and good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend- the weather was absolutely beautiful and the sunshine is sticking around for the week! 

The crew has resumed their prepping and painting and began at Building 13 today.

Tackling the door frame on Building #13.

Moving onto the next frame and transom window.

Friday, May 31st: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crew is starting at Building #11 today. We’ll post some pictures shortly- thanks!

Prepping one of the door frames.

Thursday, May 30th: Hello! 

The weekend is in sight and we couldn’t have asked for better weather yesterday and today- perfect for painting at your association! 

The crew started on the 9th Building today and will keep continuing around the route.

Prepping and caulking one of the door frames.

Scraping a section of the door frame.

Wednesday, May 29th: Good morning residents of Bailey’s Arbor! 

The crew is wrapping up on Building #6 and will then continue along the route.

Another day and another door frame.

Door frames and transom lights are getting a fresh coat of paint.

Tuesday, May 28th: Good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a meaningful Memorial Day and enjoyed the long weekend. We were happy to be spending cherished time with family and friends. 

Today the crew is diving back in — they are prepping and painting at Buildings #1- #6 and will start at #7 tomorrow.

Laying down paper and taping around the edges at this entry.

An eye for precision while painting the entry door frame.

Taping off one of the door frames.

Thursday, May 23rd: Hello and welcome to your project blog! 

The crew is off and running at  Bailey’s Arbor this morning. Once they get a good pace going with their prep and painting, we’ll post the number building they are starting at and then finishing at each day. We’ll also be able to better gauge how many buildings they’re completing at a time. Thanks!

Thanks again for having us and we’re thrilled to be working for you this year!

Tuesday, May 21st: Good morning residents of Bailey’s Arbor and welcome to your project blog! Thank you for having us back onsite; we are thrilled to be painting for you this year!

The project is slated to begin on Thursday, 5/23 — however, this is weather pending. The forecast looks variable at this point, but we will keep you apprised of weather delays, schedule updates, and project progress here on the blog!

For this year’s project we will be prepping and painting the front door frames, including sidelight and transom light windows, service doors/frames, and the decorative garage headers/keystones. 

Above, you’ll see the route map. We’ll post on the blog the progress of the crews in regards to the building numbers seen on the map.

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