Somerset 19 – Mendota Heights – Railing Project

Somerset 19 – Mendota Heights – Railing Project

Project Complete

Greetings residents of Somerset 19 in Mendota Heights! We are excited to be back onsite this fall to replace your deck railings!

Wednesday, December 13th: Good afternoon Somerset 19! We hope you’ve stayed warm the last few weeks. The gates were delivered and the install was completed yesterday. We are closing out this project for the year, but will be back in the spring to fill a few areas with putty and complete minor touch ups. 

Thank you again for having us onsite; it has been our pleasure painting onsite as well as installing your new railings and gates. We wish you a merry holiday season and a happy new year!

Monday, November 27th: Good morning and Happy Monday! 

We hope you all had a joyful and relaxing Thanksgiving and also enjoyed the long weekend. We sure enjoyed the time with family and are back in full swing this Monday. 

The crew at Somerset is replacing a few gates today and are waiting on the delivery of the remaining pieces. Once those come in, that will be the last portion of the project.

Wednesday, November 22nd: Greetings residents of Somerset 19!

The crew is onsite today continuing on railing replacements and also installing one of the new gates. They’ll work to get as much done as possible today and then they’ll be back on Monday to finish up with gate installation. 

All of us at Roell Painting would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are very grateful for all of our painters, property managers, onsite managers, contractors, and residents. It has been a wonderful year and we couldn’t do it without our tireless crews and supporters. 

Wishing you full hearts this Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!

Tuesday, November 21st: Hello and Happy Tuesday! 

The carpentry duo at Somerset is finishing up their work with the onsite lift today. They’re utilizing the lift to reach the upper decks to replace the railings. They’ll also be replacing gates once those have been delivered onsite. Thanks!

Going up, on a Tuesday.

We’ve brought the ‘big guns’ to Somerset to get the job done.

Friday, November 17th: TGIF! We’ve made it to the weekend and we are now into the season of Holiday Markets, Santa visits, Ice Skating, and various holiday celebrations. Here are a few free activities around the Twin Cities this weekend: Skating in Loring Park is now open, on Saturday Rice Park will have an opening celebration for their skating- which will include music, Santa, and skating performances, the Bachman’s on Lyndale will have an open house on Saturday with Santa, reindeer, crafts, and music, on Sunday there is a NE Winter Market, and also on Sunday Linden Hills will host a Holiday Market. ‘Tis the Season! 

Your carpentry duo is back at it today with railing installation. They’ll be utilizing a lift on Monday and once the gates get it, they’ll begin those installs as well. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 16th: Good afternoon! 

We have ordered some gate pieces to accompany the new railings. These should be arriving early next week and then we’ll be back onsite to install them. On Monday we’ll also be utilizing a lift to get at the higher up decks/railings. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 15th: Good afternoon residents of Somerset 19! As we are just over a week out from Thanksgiving, maybe you need a break from the menu planning, guest lists, and cleaning – check out this compilation from the show Friends as it highlights their funniest Thanksgiving moments. 

Another day, another railing to install- the crew is holding steady with railing replacement and we are still hoping to be done by week’s end.

Measure twice and cut once.

Prepping the posts and then installing the railings.

Chris hauls down the old railing. And now on with the new!

Tuesday, November 14th: Good morning! Though it’s a bit dreary outside, we have to admit we like the warmer temperature!

Would you recognize a professional athlete or team if they were sitting next to you on the subway? Yesterday, there was a run-in with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers riding the subway in NY post shoot around. They were in town to play the Knicks. Here’s a link with more of the details and an innocent rider who got some serious flack for not gushing over the celebrities. 

Our crew is just as delighted at the warmer weather! They’re on the 2nd Building and making their way through more railing installs. Thanks!

Monday, November 13th: Good afternoon and Happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend. We’re especially looking forward to the warmer temps this week!

Happy Heat Wave Minnesota!

The crew at Somerset is continuing railing replacement on the 2nd Building. And with this clear weather, they should be done by week’s end! We’ll have some pictures tomorrow. Thanks!

Friday, November 10th: Good morning and Happy Friday! 

To all our veterans – thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our country. You’re among the best our nation has to offer. God bless you and your families and happy Veterans Day.

The crew at Somerset 19 is all bundled up and continuing to replace railings on your buildings. 

We hope you all have a great weekend and we’re looking forward to the heat wave (40 degrees!!) next week!

Thursday, November 9th: Good afternoon Somerset 19!

Last night the Country Music Awards put on their 51st Award Show. Hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisely were up to their usual antics, but refrained from any polical jokes and instead, conveyed the message of family and banding together. There were numerous great performances and also a major blip from the Entertainer of the Year, Garth Brooks… let’s just say our lips are sealed. 

We’ve moved onto the 2nd Building at Somerset and continuing with railing installation. It looks like we’ll have a lift onsite next week to get those hard-to-reach railings.

Anibar checks another railing off the list.

Wednesday, November 8th: Greetings and Happy Hump Day! We’ve made it to mid-week!

Is anyone watching the Netflix craze ‘Stranger Things?’ Recently one of the young characters was sporting a Science Museum of Minnesota sweatshirt with a Brontosaurus featured on the front. It didn’t take long for the museum’s online shop to crash and for their in-store stock to be sold out. The Museum is excited to have TV characters that are interested in science and to put the Minnesota Science Museum on the map and they’re assuring that plenty of purple sweatshirts are being printed. 

Another day and the crews are continuing to replace sections of your railings. Little by little, we’re making our way across the 1st Building and soon we’ll be onto the 2nd Building. We’ll have some pictures shortly!

Monday, November 6th: Good afternoon and Happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend! 

The crew is continuing on the 1st building with railing replacement. If the weather can hold up, they’ll likely begin on the 2nd building mid-week. Also, if it seems they’ve left railings undone, don’t worry. We are waiting to complete the tallest railings on one day when we have a lift onsite. Thanks!

2 rows of railings are complete.

Friday, November 3rd: Greetings and TGIF! It looks like we’ll have a snowy and rainy mix this weekend, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Next week looks like it’ll warm up a bit and we’ll also get some love from the sun!

Sunshine ahead. 

Here are a few ideas to get out and about this weekend and your MN sports cast: NE Minneapolis is hosting Open Studios this weekend. Four art hubs in the NE area are opening their doors and have varying displays, sales, demonstrations, and also activities for the kids! Also, starting this Sunday, Linden Hill will host their weekly Holiday Markets- they’re kicking off the festivities with numerous craftspeople, artisan foods, and ready-made foods to try. And in sports, the Vikings have a Bye this week, the Timberwolves face the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday and then the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday, and the Wild will face their rivals the Blackhawks on Saturday. 

Another day and the crew is continuing on railing replacement at Somerset 19. Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, November 2nd: The Houston Astros have finally done it! They’ve won their first World Series having joined the Major League in 1962. Last night they won Game 7 against the LA Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. The Astros will continue their celebrations with a parade to City Hall in Houston on Friday. 

It looks like the crew will have a clear working day today and into tomorow morning as well. The weather is showing a rain/snow mix for Friday afternoon and into tomorrow night so we’ll keep you posted on if the weather will affect our working hours at Somerset 19. Until then, the crew continues to remove and replace deck railings.

Wednesday, November 1st: Good morning and Happy November! We can’t believe how the time flies! 

The crew is continuing on railing installation today.

Alvaro installs the posts.

Anibar makes his way from right to left on the bottom railing.

Installation of the last section in progress.

Tuesday, October 31st: Happy Halloween Somerset 19! 

Your favorite men in Roell Painting’s Carpentry Blue are back onsite and replacing your deck railings. For this fall’s project, we’ll be installing Trex Railings on your exterior decks. We have two crews onsite and we anticipate that your project with take about 2 weeks to complete with weather playing the largest factor. They’re beginning on the Building that faces Dodd Rd. first and then they’ll move across to the Building on Wentworth. 

Stay tuned here on the Project Page for further progress updates and pictures and if there are any changes to the schedule. Thanks!

Out with the old and in with the new!

The crews measures up to get the right height.

The previous railing has been removed and now we’re installing the posts.


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