Cedar Cliff South – Bloomington

Cedar Cliff South – Bloomington

Thursday, May 28th – Decks 99.9% Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for the painting project at Cedar Cliff South in Bloomington. 

Thursday, May 28th: The decks are essentially completed at Cedar Cliff, with the exception of a couple canopies at the tops of the decks, which should be completed right away on Thursday morning! Big thanks to Dale, Tom, and all the residents there for all of their incredible cooperation. Have a great rest of the week!

A panoramic view of the newly painted decks at Cedar Cliff.

Saturday, May 23rd: Work continues at Cedar Cliff today and no deviation from the schedule as of right now. There appears to be rain in the forecast the next couple of days so if that’s the case we’ll have to see if the decks are dry enough to be completed Tuesday. 

Friday, May 22nd: Thursday saw more steady progress at Cedar Cliff with the fellas completing 2.5 more deck stacks. At this rate, we are projecting approximately 4 more days of work until things wrap up, at which point Jesse will perform a quality inspection at which point he will mark any areas designated for touch-ups. 

Thursday, May 21st: It’s amazing what can get done with a little sunshine and a little elbow grease. The guys have reached the halfway point on the deck stacks at Cedar Cliff and if weather cooperates, we should be nearing completion by early next week, if not slightly sooner. Of course, you can continue to monitor the progress right here.

Santiago apparently drew the long straw as he comfortably paints the spindles on a ground floor deck at Cedar Cliff. 

Wednesday, May 20th: At start of business on Wednesday morning, 3 deck stacks have been completed out at Cedar Cliff, except for the very top soffit caps. We will continue to paint the deck stacks and we will be gaining roof access later this week to complete top soffit caps.

Sun = Progress on the decks @ Cedar Cliff South

Tuesday, May 19th: Painting is underway at Cedar Cliff and as you face the deck stacks, the crew will be starting on the left side and making their way to the right. Again, they will be posting notices on your patio doors indicating that they have completed your decking areas. At that time, you can return items to your deck. Thanks for all of your help! 

Monday, May 18th: The crew has arrived back onsite to begin various prep steps, primarily scraping and sanding. As the painting gets underway, upon completion of your deck, the painters will be leaving notices on your patio door indicating that your patio has been completed. Please keep your eyes peeled for those and once complete, you can enjoy your deck (if this rain ever quits! )

Wednesday, May 13th: With the probability of rain at 100% tomorrow, our return will be pushed back a day to Friday, 5/15.

Monday, May 11th: Provided the weather holds, we are forecasting our return back to Cedar Cliff to begin painting the decks on Thursday, May 14th. Any updates/changes can be monitored right here on the blog. 

Friday, May 8th: The fellas braved the elements yesterday and finished the pressure washing yesterday at Cedar Cliff. Now we just have to give the substrates adequate time to dry and we will be returning onsite to get going on staining them. We will keep you posted as to when we plan to return…likely early to mid next week, weather permitting. 

Tall deck stacks are no match for our Painters.

Wednesday, May 6th: It is the eve of yet another painting project at Cedar Cliff and this time, we’re shifting gears outside and focusing on the decking areas on the SW side of the building. This of course, begins with pressure washing and this will commence tomorrow. We anticipate this process to take 2 days and we want to thank Dale for his efforts in helping let homeowners know that we’re on our way! After the decks have adequate time to dry, we will return onsite to begin the painting process. Stay tuned right here for scheduling updates. Thanks!

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