Private Residence – Bearpath, Eden Prairie – Winter 2019

Private Residence – Bearpath, Eden Prairie – Winter 2019

Project Complete

Sneak peak and Day 1 in Eden Prairie with Nick.

Wednesday, March 6th: Greetings and good afternoon! 

We are thrilled to be a part of this collaborative project with Sara Blake Home who so mindfully and thoughtfully styled and staged this beautiful home. It has been our pleasure to provide the owners with freshly painted walls and cabinetry utilizing a fresh and on-trend color palette. It’s vibrancy is on;y rivaled by the natural beauty of this home!

Here are a few of the prized ‘After’ photos – Enjoy!

Friday, February 1st: Hello and TGIF! 

Somehow knowing that we’re into Febrauary makes us feel less ‘blah’ about the rest of our MN winter. Just us? Anyway, there is light at the end of the (frozen) tunnel as Mother Nature is taking a sharp turn and warming up for the weekend! 

The crew is contiuing to prep and paint – today in the mudroom, upstairs hallway and entry staircase. We’re wrapping up the kitchen cabinets doors that are being finished and sprayed at our shop to be completed and then we’ll reinstall them and we’ll be on our way!

Completing the final areas with wall painting.

Kitchen Island is complete in an accent color as well as the oven hood. 

Wall prep and tape in the upstairs hallway. 

More tape and paper to prep the mudroom bench. 

Wednesday, January 30th: Well folks, we’re in the thick of it and the light at the end of the cold and frosty tunnel is the warmer weather this weekend with highs of 35+ degress!

The crew is working hard at our shop today. They’ve set up the cabinet faces and frames to be sprayed, flipped over, and then sprayed again. 

Line ’em up!

We’ve set up our own spray booth at the RPC shop.

The cabinet frames take their turn.

Tuesday, January 29th: Hello! We hope you’re all staying warm and occupied, if you have kids at home as most school in the Metro-area have cancelled for today and tomorrow. 

The crew is finishing up some remaining prep work between coats on enamel and then they’re also spraying that 2nd coat in the kitchen and mudroom. 

The kitchen island will be painting in an accent color. They’ll first paint the cabinets, cover the areas (once dry), and then spray the island. 

The 2nd coat goes on- brightening up that fireplace mantle.

Vacuuming up any remnants from sanding prior to spraying the 2nd coat.

Game on – the crew sprays the 2nd coat of enamel on the kitchen cabinets. 

Monday, January 28th: Good afternoon! 

The weather has delivered with a big hit of snow and the deep freeze is up to bat. The next few days are going to be at just-about record lows!! Be safe everyone! 

Meanwhile, our crew is busy using bondo on the wood work to fill areas and smooth the surface before they spray a 2nd coat of the enamel. 

Carefully surveying the mantle to sand and fill gaps between coats of enamel.

‘In Progress’ worksite: paper, plastic, tape, bondo and of course, coffee.

Thursday, January 24th: Good morning! 

Another day, more frigid temps, and continued prep and painting in Eden Prairie.

Yesterday the crew sprayed the first coat of enamel on the living room fireplace mantel, built ins, kitchen cabinets and mudroom shelves/cubbies. 

Today, now that the first coat of enamel is sprayed, the crew will begin to paint the walls in areas we are not enameling. Then this afternoon, the crew will spray the 2nd coat of enamel.

You’ll notice that cabinet doors and drawers are removed. We are spraying these items in our shop – we will spray each side, top and bottom as pertaining to the cabinet or drawer. Utilizing our shop to spray, cuts down on the materials used to prep and cover in the home and it allows us the space to lay them out to spray and dry.

First coat of enamel: Check.

Spraying the cabinets frames in the kitchen.

The mudroom cabinets are lighter and brighter with the primer and first coat of enamel. 

Taking care of brightening up the office with some fresh wall paint.

Shop finishing: spraying the cabinet doors, side one.

Doors, drawers, and casings Oh My!

Tuesday, January 22nd: Hello followers of Roell Painting!

The crew onsite in Eden Prairie is continuing to sand and prep the cabinets prior to spraying the 1st coat of enamel tomorrow.

Bondo in- action on the mudroom cabinets and door frames.

Utilizing a spot light to see any areas needing to be filled.

Monday, January 21st: Good morning and happy Monday! 

We hope you stayed warm over the weekend and didn’t pack your hats, scarves, and mittens away just yet! 

Over the weekend the crew was hard at work; they continued to prep and cover the surfaces and also sprayed the primer coat in the included surfaces for enameling. These include mudroom cubbies and cabinets, kitchen cabinets and island, kitchen pantry shelves, and the living room mantle and built in.

This was thankfully done when the homeowner was out of town as the primer is usually the most noticable to the nose. We usually advise our clients to stay in a separate area of the home or with a friend/family member as it’s usually a 8/10 on the smell scale.

Now that the primer has been sprayed, the crew is working to achieve a smoother surface for the top coat to adhere to, once applied. We utilize a Bondo product as filler and putty to smooth out the wood grains to yield a seamless and full-coverage result. The Bondo is applied and then we are also sanding it down to fill the areas completely and make the surface uniform. Once this is done, we’ll apply the enamel/top coat.

This cabinet had glass fronts so we will spray the entire cabinet — inside and outside.

Paper and pastic are in place and the crew is spraying the primer. 

The primer is sprayed on the mantle and built ins.

The crew utilizes a bright light to see clearly the uneven surfaces on the cabinets. 

Bondo is applied to achieve the smooth surface.

Friday, January 18th: TGIF! 

The crews are in full prep-mode at the home in Eden Prairie. Our gift this Friday, is taping and covering floors, edges, cabinets, light fixtures, you name it with paper, plastic, and tape. This ensures that paint ends up where its supposed to!

When prepping kitchen cabinets – The cabinet doors are removed and homeowners can leave contents in the cabinets with doors, as seen below, then we will tape and plastic over the cabinet fronts. As for the drawers, the homeowner will remove the contents and then the drawers will be removed to spray separately. 

Paper, tape, and plastic oh my!

Taping plastic to the fronts of cabinets.

Thursday, January 17th: As we enter the doldrums of winter, and anxiously await the arrival of spring, one way to beat the doldrums is to create something new and bright and we are doing just that at a private residence in Eden Prairie. 

Perhaps the best part about the project, which is slated to begin the week of 1/17, is that we’ve got a great canvas or “great bones” as they say, with which to work. 

Today the crew is starting with prep work. What does this mean? Lots and lots of paper, tape, and plastic to cover the newly refinished floors, tape off edges, and cover surfaces we are not painting with plastic. With the size of this project, we anticipate the crew to designate a solid 2 days to prep before they begin priming. 

We are excited to highlight the transformation and you can view the ongoing progress right here on the blog! 

Stay tuned! 

Emer goes to great lengths to make sure ALL of the flooring is covered.

Floors covered, check.

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