Clover Leaf IV – Blaine

Clover Leaf IV – Blaine

Wednesday, July 1st – Carpentry IN PROGRESS, 1st Walkthrough Performed

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the project at Clover Leaf IV in Blaine. We are delighted to be BACK with you again this year! 

This is the route the crew will be following for pressure washing and staining.

Wednesday, July 1st: Good morning Clover Leaf. We are on the home stretch here as carpentry repairs near completion. Jesse, your job supervisor was onsite yesterday performing the first of a series of walk-throughs marking areas for touchups. The crew will return to address these, as well as prime any newly installed posts/trim before we complete the project. Thanks SO much to everybody for their incredible cooperation. It was another successful undertaking this year!

Posts and Garage Door Frames are among a few of the items being repaired at Clover Leaf.

Monday, June 29th: Carpentry repairs, as listed below, are in progress at Clover Leaf. 

Wednesday, June 24th: While we typically perform any carpenty repairs BEFORE we paint, at Clover Leaf IV this year we had to improvise a little bit as our painting crew’s availability preceded that of our carpenters! Nevertheless, we will be sending painters back out upon completion of the carpentry repairs so stay tuned right here for any and all pertinent updates. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 23rd: After getting rained out yesterday, the crew is back onsite today wrapping up the trim painting phase of the project. Jesse, our job supervisor will be onsite later this week performing a walk through at which point he will designate areas reserved for touch-ups. We want to extend a huge thank you to all the residents of Clover Leaf for their ongoing cooperation. Have a great week!

Monday, June 22nd: RAIN DELAY

Thursday, June 18th: With the deck staining complete, the crew has been solely focused on trim painting at Clover Leaf IV and as a result, all the remains is approximately 1.5 days of work. We still need to perform carpentry repairs throughout the property and upon completion, we will return to prime and paint the replaced areas. 

Tuesday, June 16th: Just as anticipated, the weather has held and the crew should wrap up the deck staining today (except for Unit #452). It should be another beautiful day for painting with nothing but sun in the forecast and temperatures in the 70’s. Sounds like great weather for sitting out on your deck! 

Monday, June 15th: And just like that, June is halfway gone! After rains on Saturday, the crew has returned to Clover Leaf IV to resume deck staining. Essentially all that remains are the decks on Buildings 28-31 (the stand-alone cul-de-sac off 99th Ave) and then the guys will resume trim painting where they left off last Friday.  We are projected completion of the decks by day’s end on Tuesday 6/16, and we’ve also added unit #452 to the included decks for this year. We again want to reiterate our thanks to all the residents of Clover Leaf for all their cooperation. Without it, the projects couldn’t go nearly as smoothly as they have. Thanks! 

Friday, June 12th: With the rain rendering the decks too wet to resume staining, the guys have shifted their focus to the trim areas throughout the association. They will continue to work their way through the buildings on the East side of Clover Leaf Parkway and we anticipate them finishing 461-579 (Building #9-14). We will assess the condition of the decks on Saturday, and we will make a game time decision as to what surfaces we will be painting on that day. Thanks everybody and have a great weekend! 

Christian applies primer liberally to the areas on the pillars where coating failure is pronounced.

Thursday June 11th: No painting at Clover Leaf today due to rainy conditions.

Wednesday, June 10th: Another pristine summer day, which is a good thing because tomorrow (Thursday) isn’t looking so good. Mr. Weather Man says we could be getting as much as 3″ of rain!!!! Thankfully, we’ve made incredibly steady progress on the decks today and as of 4:00 PM Wednesday afternoon, the crew has made it all the way around to 9884 Clover Leaf Parkway. Once the weather cooperates, we’ll be back onsite to complete the remaining 6 decks, then we’ll pick up where we left off on the trim painting.

Santiago stains the deck railings on a residence deck @ Clover Leaf IV.

Tuesday, June 9th: The crew is taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather and they are completing approximately 5-6 decks per day. At this pace, we anticipate that the crew will make it to Building #15/#16 today so we kindly ask that homeowners in 563 and 531 please have their decks cleared for staining. Thank you to all the residents that have cooperated thus far. The decks are looking great!

The crew works together to complete one of the decks at Clover Leaf.

Monday, June 8th: Now that the decks have had a chance to dry, the fellas have shifted their full focus to the decks and begun the staining phase of the project. As of 2:30 on Monday afternoon, the crew has finished nearly 3 decks and we are anticipating that they will finish approximately 5 decks per day, putting us close to completing the decks by this coming Saturday or the following Monday. You can monitor the progress right here on the blog of course so please feel free to check back in regularly to see if/when your deck is scheduled to be stained. Thanks!

Santiago applies stain to the thirrrrsty spindles at Clover Leaf!

Newly stained deck @ Clover Leaf on Monday afternoon.

Saturday, June 6th: Trim painting continues today @ Clover Leaf IV as the guys work up 98th Lane. It looks like rain is headed this way the latter part of the afternoon and if that is the case, obviously, we’ll have to shut things down. Thank you to all the homeowner that so graciously removed items from their decks for pressure washing. Please leave the blue tape on your posts to serve as a guide for the crew as we make our way around to stain your decks early next week.

Bruno paints one of the maroon sidelights at Clover Leaf.

Friday, June 5th: While the decks dry from pressure washing, trim painting is underway at Clover Leaf. The crew began this morning at Building #1 (9891, 452), and they will be following the route specified above. They will be scraping and priming the included areas with a special adhesion primer, and then they will be top coating with Sherwin Williams “Emerald” which is their top of the line exterior paint.

Thursday, June 4th: The crew put in a solid day yesterday and pressure washing continues today and will be completed by day’s end. As we wait for the decks to dry, we will direct our attention to prepping and painting the included trim areas. Thank you to all the homeowners that were so kind as to remove items from your decks. There were a couple decks that did not have items removed, so we kindly ask that homeowners please do this as you are able to ensure we can wash and then stain your deck. 

Thanks everybody! 

The Roell Painting Blimp managed to get this aerial shot of the crew pressure washing at Clover Leaf on Thursday morning!

Wednesday, June 3rd: The crew arrives onsite today at about 9 AM to begin pressure washing the decks that are included as part of this year’s project. Even though rain is in the forecast, as long as there’s no lightning, we will forge ahead as planned. We anticipate that pressure washing will take about 1.5 days to complete, then we will let the decks dry and return to begin staining on Monday. In the interim, depending on the weather, we may begin painting the trim areas as we we wait for the decks to dry.

Thank you to the handful of residents that have reached out with questions, and special thanks to Kristen for all of her efforts in helping facilitate the project. 

Tuesday, June 2nd: Greetings Clover Leaf residents. We coudn’t be more excited to be back onsite with you again for another phase of deck staining AND trim painting. After meeting with the board and having very fruitful discussion, they ultimately decided to move forward with staining 31 decks AND painting garage door frames, front door frames, and the posts in front of your gas and electric meters. When it’s all said and done, the property is going to look very, very sharp. You can stay tuned right here to monitor the project progress as we will be providing daily updates.

If your deck is marked with blue tape, it’s among the 31 being completed. We ask that you please leave these on your decks to indicate to the crew which decks will be pressure washed and stained.

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