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Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for your project @ The Burlington in St. Paul! We are excited to be onsite with you!

Garage Painting Route Map.

Projected garage finishing schedule.

Friday, April 28th: Good morning residents of The Burlington. We have great news, not only are there blue sky and sunshine we are finishing up with your garage project today! The final leg of Phase 3 is underway and will be complete by noon. The sweepers and stripers are working in the last grouping of garages this morning and then the garages are all yours! 

Thank you all so much for your patience and cooperation as we occupied your garages for the last few weeks. We hope you’re enjoying your brightly painted walls, columns, posts & clean floors. 

And there cherry on top is that it’s Friday and the weekend is here! We hope you all have a great weekend and spring!

“Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai to start off the weekend right!

Wednesday, April 26th: No delays here… the crews are glad to be inside on this rainy, spring day!

Here we are on another rainy, spring day. I suppose the upside is everything looking green! It’s that time of year again, Time Magazine has put out it’s 100 Most Influential People list. The best of the best are categorized by Pioneers, Artists, Leaders, Titans, and Icons. The other interesting bit is that the “blurb” on each person is written by someone who is an enthusiast of that individual. Check out the list here.

The last two garages are being finished up with spraying the top coat onto the brick and also painting the pillars and service doors.

Hermes sprays the top coat onto the brick walls.

Nestor gets to work on the pillar painting.

The transformation is real.

Tuesday, April 25th: Good afternoon! Despite the looming forcasted rain for this afternoon and tomorrow, the crews are cruising along with your garage painting project. The last wave of painting is underway and both crews in their respective garages are starting to apply the top coat to the brick walls. As with the other garages, they’ll paint the pillars and the service doors.

Hermes spays the primer in 1170 North.

Wilmer sprays the top coat in 1170 South.

Monday, April 24th: Greetings residents of The Burlington! We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had. I wish we could report there’s more where that came from…unfortunately it looks like this week is going to be a cool and rainy week. Don’t let the weather get you down though, the City Pages has put together their 2017 list of “Bests” for Food & Drink. The list is long and includes everything from the Best Bloody Mary to the Best Farmer’s Market. Surely you can find something to appease your tastes and maybe venture out to try something new. Check it out

We are in the home stretch of your garage painting project at The Burlington. The crews are working in the last section of garage in 1170 North and 1170 South. Today they’re getting all the brick wall prepped and primed.

Roberto is careful to tape crisp corners.

Santiago and Nestor prep and cover the ceilings.

Now that the corners are prepped, Alvaro sprays on the primer.

Friday, April 21st: Happy Friday everyone! We are so glad to see the sun is back! Today we are reminded of our beloved Prince and his creativity, success, and the mark he left on the world and also Minneapolis. Today is the one year anniversary of his death and there are many celebrations to honor his life and legacy happening around the Twin Cities this weekend. Paisley Park has numerous events to celebrate our purple star. Also, First Avenue is hosting a late-night dance party from 10pm-4am tonight if that’s your jam!

If you can’t make any of the celebrations, here’s a clip of Prince’s 2007 Superbowl Halftime performance. Turn it up and Let’s Go Crazy!

The sweeping and striping of the garages in Wave 2 are complete and the crews are working to pressure wash the garages in Wave 3- 1170 North and 1170 South.

Again, thank you for moving your cars and finding alternate parking while we pressure wash

your garages today. Feel free to use the garages over the weekend and then we’ll be back on Monday to start painting.

Spray it, don’t say it.

Santiago utilizes a back pack sprayer…not to be confused with a Ghostbusters Electronic Proton Pack.

Thursday, April 20th: Good morning residents at The Burlington! I’m going to keep this brief because our office team is headed to the CAI- MN Expo today. We’ll be meeting with property managers, vendors, and all of the hard working people that keep associations like yours running smoothly! Check out our Project Blog “CAI-MN Expo” to follow us throughout the day. It is 80s themed so don’t mind the Michael Jackson, Blondie, Madonna, or Prince narrating our experience! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

Garage painting update: The crews are finishing up in Wave 2 today and tomorrow, Friday 4/21 pressure washing for Wave 3 will be completed. Again, as a reminder please find alternate parking for tomorrow as well as next week while we freshen up your Wave 3 garages. 

Have a totally tubular and radical Thursday!!

Tuesday, April 18th: Rain is no obstacle for our crews at The Burlington today.  They are continuing to spray the top coat into the walls and also paint the pillars in Wave 2. While we’re on the topic of surpassing obstacles, the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon 50 years ago in 1967 crossed the finish line yesterday wearing the same bib number. She is now 70 years old and has run 39 marathons. Yesterday her marathon time was 4:44:31 with an average mile of 10:51. Read more of her story and triumph to be the first woman to officially enter the Boston Marathon.

Alvaro reaches to spray the top of the brick wall.

Up next, the pillars get painted with the top coat.

Monday, April 17th: Back to the grind we go, The crews have started in Wave 2 of this spring’s project in the 1150 North, 1160 East, and 1160 West garages. We’ll follow the same flow as the first wave with priming, painting, and stenciling with the striping and sweeping company finishing out the week. 

Here are a few pictures from last Friday when Wave 1 garages were swept and striped. Looking good!

Wave 1 garages are looking fresh and bright!

Stripers and sweepers hard at work!

Friday, April 14th: TGIF! The last leg of Wave 1 is in progress with the sweeping & striping, while the first leg is in progress for Wave 2 with pressure washing being completed today. 

We’ve got a busy day at The Burlington and are excited to have Wave 1 complete and get you back to parking in your freshly painted garages! 

We hope you all have a great weekend and a Happy Easter! And GO Wild! Game 2 of the playoffs against the St. Louis Blues is tonight at the Excel.

Regardless of what Dwight from The Office says, we’re happy it’s the weekend!

Thursday, April 13th: With Easter around the corner, we thought we’d share an article with a few pointers to get the “perfect” Deviled Eggs. We’ve learned the bigger the egg the better and putting the filling into a ziplock bag and cutting the corner will yield a perfectly piped egg. The avocado version seems like an interesting twist, too!

The crews are wrapping up the garages in ‘Wave 1’ with painting the service doors and stenciling the numbers. We’ll have the sweeping and striping company onsite tomorrow, Friday. They’re planning to finish by noon and then the gargaes are all yours!

‘Wave 2’ will begin tomorrow as well. We’ll start with pressure washing the garages as designated above. Similarly to ‘Wave 1’ this should take most of the day. Parking in these garages will be available over the weekend and the “no parking” will start up on Monday, 4/17. 

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding in finding alternate parking while we spruce up your garages!

Cesar and Migel put the finishing touches on the gargage stalls.

Wednesday, April 12th: Hello residents of the Burlington and happy Hump Day! We’ve made it mid-week and the crews are cruising in ‘Wave 1’ of the project. The garage walls are getting sprayed with the top coat, the pillars are getting the yellow striping, and the service doors are getting painted. 

As an early reminder, ‘Wave 2’ Pressure Washing will take place on Friday 4/14, so please find an alternate spot to park your car. Thanks in advance!

The service doors of the 1180 East garage get prepped for paint.

The pillars are glowing yellow!

Tuesday, April 11th: The snow will not stop us! We should have known better… in Minnesota, there’s always a chance of snow. We are glad that it stopped snowing and also that all traces are practically gone! 

The crews are continuing spraying in the ‘Wave 1’ garages and they look great! First step is taping the ceilings and floors, then applying a primer and finally spraying the top coat.

With a steady hand, Alvaro sprays the top coat onto the brick.

The crew in 1150 South prep the 2nd half of the garage for primer.

Monday, April 10th: Happy Monday everyone! Though this weather is nothing compared to the gorgeous-ness we had over the weekend, the rain is no obstacle for your crew at the Burlington. Wave 1 is up and running! The crew in the 1180 East & West and the 1150 South garages are priming the block walls today.

Alvaro rolls on the primer.

Marvin is careful to paint around the taped areas.

Kenny tapes off the ceilings.


Friday, April 7th: And they’re off!! The crews are onsite and beginning ‘Wave 1’ of your project. They’ll be pressure washing in the areas designated as ‘Wave 1’ throughout the course of the day. Thank you so much for your cooperation in moving your cars out of the garages. We’re truly appreciate it!

The Burlington Crew: Elmer, Cesar, Marvin, Polo, Edgar, Kenny, Alvaro, Santiago, Hermes, and Wilmer.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” The Burlington’s very own Steve Roth, Executive Manager is the driving force on your project!

While your garages are getting a cleaning, use those extra steps to get outside and enjoy the weather. It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend folks! Minnehaha Falls, Afton, and Taylor’s Falls all have great hiking for all abilities and ages. We’ll need to soak up the sun before the April Showers are in effect.

Spring has Sprung!

Thursday, April 6th: Hello! Tomorrow is the day we’ll be starting your garage painting project. Just a reminder that we’ll be starting with Wave 1- see above, this encompasses the 1180 West, 1180 East, and 1150 South garages. Please find alternate parking during washing. Our crews will be onsite at 8am. Thank you in advance!

Tuesday, April 4th: Good morning residents of the Burlington. We hope your week is off to a great start. We’ve posted a Route Map & Projected Finishing Schedule for your garage painting project. 

Pressure washing for ‘Wave 1’ will begin this Friday 4/7 and then painting will start on Monday 4/10. We’re anticipating each wave of painting will take about a week. ‘Wave 2’ will then begin on Friday 4/15 with pressure washing and then painting on Monday 4/17. Lastly, ‘Wave 3’ will begin pressure washing on Friday 4/21 with painting beginning the following Monday 4/24. 

We’ve designated Fridays as pressure washing days, with the corresponding painting to commence the Monday following pressure washing. 

We kindly ask that when we are pressure washing and painting your Wave/Garage that you find alternate parking. Thank you so much in advance for your coordination! 


Stay tuned, right here on the blog for any updates to the schedule. If we finish ahead of schedule, we’ll post notices informing you that you can resume parking in your garage.

Friday, March 31st: Hello residents of The Burlington! We’re glad that you found your way to our project blog, welcome! 

This spring we’ll be painting in your underground garages as well as the exterior siding of your buildings. The garage painting will encompass painting the block walls, support columns, stenciling stall numbers, sweeping and re-striping parking lines, speed bumps, rash enclosures, and fire extinguisher boxes. Before we begin, we’ll alert residents with ample notice so we can have full access to the garages to maximize efficiency without any obstacles (cars!). Stay tuned here on the blog for updates and a finishing schedule.

Garage ‘Before’

Sample painting of column and block wall with stenciled numbers.


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