Pointe at Cedar Grove- Eagan

Pointe at Cedar Grove- Eagan

Project Complete

Greetings residents of the Pointe at Cedar Grove in Eagan. We are thrilled to be back onsite and painting the interiors of your buildings!

Tuesday, December 6th: Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you’re staying warm with this shock cold weather we’re having. We’ll be having our walk through on the property in the next few days. So hang tight until then and we want to thank you agin for granting us the privilege of not only painting the exterior of your buildings, but also the interiors. Thanks again and have a great rest of the year! We love how all of the colors turned out!

Wednesday, November 30th: Well, here we are on the last day of November. I can’t quite believe how fast time flies and the new year will be here before you know it. Do you have your holiday gift lists ready to go? Tomorrow, Nike releases the self-lacing ‘Nike HyperAdapt 1.0’ a la Marty McFly in “Back to the Future II.” Check out Today Show anchors as they give the sneakers a try. 

Roughly 27 years to the date later- we have a self-lacing Nike sneaker release.

In painting news, we’re set to finish up with resident doors today and complete various touch-ups throughout. Thank you for having us to spruce up your hallways, walls, and doors. We think it looks pretty great! We hope you all have a great rest of the year!

Lasaro paints the updated color on the residence door.

Monday, November 28th: We’re back and we hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed the long weekend!

This is what the Monday after Thanksgiving looks like. 

It was all worth it though, right? As we dive back into reality, the crew is working on painting front doors in the 1919 Building.

Hermes paints the residential door.

It’s all business as Saul paints the door.

Wednesday, November 23rd: Happy Thanksgiving Eve! With the arrival of some snow it seems the holiday festivities have now begun! We want to take a moment to wish you all a great Thanksgiving holiday. Travel safe and cherish time spent with loved ones. 

Maybe you’re a ‘Friends’ fan and maybe you’re not, but either way here’s a compilation of some pretty hilarious, if you ask me, Thanksgiving moments from the show. 

Just don’t get a turkey stuck on your head.

In painting news, the crew in the 1919 Building is continuing to paint door frames and hallway walls. The Roell Painting crew is taking tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday to be with family and friends. We’ll see you back here on Monday!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from Lito, Saul, and Santiago!

Hermes paints the ‘Jalepeno’ on the emergency exit door.

Tuesday, November 22nd: Good afternoon residents of the Pointe at Cedar Grove. We hope you’re staying warm and dry amidst this confusing mix of rain and snow we’re having. Today is famed to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. If you’re traveling check out this quick read of 13 Travel Hacks for a Smooth Thanksgiving Holiday. #6 might be my favorite suggestion. Also, if you’re wondering if a turkey qaulifies as a ‘carry on’ item, it sure does! 

In the 1919 Building the crews are continuing to prep doors, paint frames, and paint the laundry rooms.


Nothing says clean laundry like a fresh coat of white paint.

Monday, November 21st: Here we are at the start of a new week and hooray it’s a short one! Hopefully yours’ is off to a better start than this sound engineer for the Vikings…

Mondays got me like…

Our crew is dialed in and ready to crank it out before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! In the 1919 Building the crew is making their way around to doors and door frames.

Hermes adds some spice to the doors with some ‘Jalepeno.’

Friday, November 18th: Happy Friday! It’s the middle of November and it’s currently thunderstorming outside. It’s crazy! As the day goes on the temperature will drop and the rain will turn to slush and then if it’s cold enough we’ll have snow. I’m still in a little bit of denial, but it was bound to happen, right? If you need a little extra oomph, here’s some inspiration from a 3rd grade teacher to “push through!” 

The good news for all of you is that regardless of the weather, we’ll continue painting. In the 1939 Building the crew finished the 3rd and 2nd floor doors and the 2nd floor walls yesterday. Today, they’ll work on the 1st floor doors and walls and should finish the building on Saturday.

Camera 1 – Camera 2

Thursday, November 17th:

We hate to be the bearer of bad news…

But I don’t think this snow is a joke.

Dig out those hats, gloves, and boots from storage because it looks like our extended fall is coming to an end.Now the decorations will seem a bit more fitting with cooler temperatures and even some snow. The crew in the 1965 Building is working on ceilings throughout and also spraying the brick in the stairwells.

Hermes already has his “winter” facemask in use.

Wednesday, November 16th: It’s a new day, it’s the middle of the week, and the Vikings have let go and signed a new kicker. The possibilities are endless and maybe this will be a new beginning for the Vikings as they give Kai Forbath a shot at field goal execution, extra point gains, and stellar kickoff placement. It can’t get any worse right??

Here’s the kicker.

We are crossing more and more off of the list at the Pointe at Cedar Grove; in the 1939 Building all of the ceilings and the third floor walls are complete and tomorrow we’ll be painting doors on the 3rd and 2nd floors. The crews in the 1919 and 1965 Buildings are continuing their painting throughout the buildings. More pictures to follow…

The crew in the 1965 Building is making their way around and painting doors on the first floor.

Santiago rolls on the “Jalepeno” color.

Tuesday, November 15th: And the beat goes on…the crews are continuing their painting in 2 of the Buildings.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Monday, November 14th: Hello residents of the Pointe at Cedar Grove. It feels like deja vu with more of this gorgeous weather! We hope you were able to get out and enjoy it. 

One down and three to go. We’re finished at the 1959 Building and we will start the last Building (1919) Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The crew is continuing their painting throughout the 1939 and 1965 Buildings.

Official painting “mask” in action.

Not sure if this “Mask” transforms you into a manic superhero like Jim Carrey’s did?

Friday, November 11th: Is it weird for anyone else to see Christmas lights and holiday decorations going up outside?! This weather has me all turned around, but yes it is mid-November. So I suppose in fact it is time for decorations. We’ve just been pretty spoiled lately and our luck hasn’t quite run out yet…

We have one Building complete: 1959. In the 1965 Building, the crew is working on door frames throughout. In the 1939 Building, the crew is working on ceilings.

It looks as though sunshine is beaming from the door!

Jose reaches to paint the door frame.

Thursday, November 10th: Happy Thursday everyone! We’ll be wrapping up in the 1959 Building today with just doors to paint on the first floor and touchups left to complete. Painting continues in the 1939 and 1965 Buildings. 

You might say that we jumped on the bandwagon for the latest craze or that we’re wanting to relive the 80’s classic in all it’s glory. Regardless, here is our version of the “Mannequin Challenge.” Enjoy!

Making sure those corners are crisply taped.

Loving the pop of color.

Wednesday, November 9th: Good afternoon Pointe at Cedar Grove. We were out in the field today having a little fun taking drone videos and participating in the Mannequin Challenge, but more on that later. The crew is painting doors on the 2nd floor of the 1959 Building. In the 1965 Building, we are working on painting the trim of the doors throughout.

Tuesday, November 8th: Election Day is finally here and I think if we can agree on one thing it would be that the election is nearing completion. Don’t worry we’re not going to get all political except to say get out there and vote.

We started door painting in the 1959 Building and we’ll continue on the 2nd floor tomorrow and finally the 1st floor on Thursday. Prep work and painting is just starting for the 1939 Building and then hallway painting continues in the 1965 Building.

Monday, November 7th: Good morning Pointe at Cedar Grove residents. I keep pinching myself with this gorgeous weather we’re having. Albeit the Viking’s loss yesterday, I’d say that we’re winning the weather game and it’s here to stay…for another week at least. 

In both buildings the crews are continuing to prep and paint throughout the building. We’ll start the 3rd building tomorrow, which will be the 1939 Building. 

NOTE* We’ll be painting your private extrance doors in the 1950 Building on the 3rd floor tomorrow 11/8. We’ll need to paint the doors in the open position, so your management has provided us with a key. We will close your door after the paint has had time to dry and we ensure thorough supervision throughout the entire process. We ask that if you have pets, to please have them in a closed room to ensure everyone is safe and that there are no escapees. On Wednesday we’ll paint doors on the 2nd floor and on Thursday will finish up on the 1st floor.

Jose efficiently preps one of the laundry room.

It’s not Hermes’ first rodeo as he skillfully sprays the ceiling.

Friday, November 4th: Is it really November? This weather we’re having says otherwise, but we’ll definitely take it. 

The crews are continuing to paint the ceilings and walls of the 1965 and 1959 Buildings.

Fresh paint going up on the walls.

David preps the hallways.

Thursday, November 3rd: Is anyone else on their third cup of coffee? It was a late night victory for the Cubs to win the World Series! 

We’ve started working on the second building, 1965 and completing prep work for the ceilings. In the 1959 Building, the ceilings are complete and they’ve moved on to paint the walls.

No overspray here. David expertly tapes the lights.

Wednesday, November 2nd: What an exciting night for baseball last night! The Cubs won tgame 6 and are bringing all they’ve got to game 7 tonight in Cleveland! We might be biased with our Office Manager hailing from Chicago…but Go Cubs Go!! 

The crews are continuing their work on the ceilings of the hallways and stairwells as well as the door frames of the 1959 Building.

The doorframes get a fresh coat of ‘Brittlebrush.’

The stairwell is taped up and ready to fight overspray.

Jaime’s protective getup is to fight off overspray and slightly similar to these troopers whose getup protects the Empire.

Tuesday, November 1st: And just like that it’s November and you’re interior project is off and running!

While some have started the gift lists, decorating, and planning our crew is making their way from the 4th floor down to the 1st floor and painting the ceilings. 

Friday, October 28th: Hello again residents at the Pointe at Cedar Grove. We have the privilege of continuing our painting services and painting the interior of your buildings. We’ll be getting started next Tuesday and we will start in the 1959 Building. We anticipate the project to span over the next 5-6 weeks. During this time, we’ll be painting the walls of the hallways and stairwells, the laundry rooms walls, as well as your doors and doorframes. 

Just like we did for the exterior project, we’ll update the blog 2-3 times a weeks with progress made, any changes to the schedule, and pictures. So stay tuned right here and we’re looking forward to getting underway.

See you next week!

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