Oak Grove Terrace – Bloomington 2017

Oak Grove Terrace – Bloomington 2017

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for your 2017 painting project at Oak Grove Terrace in Bloomington! We are looking forward to being back onsite!

Route Map @ Oak Grove Terrace

Tuesday, July 25th: Good afternoon! We’re only a month away from the ‘Big MN Get-Together!’ Which foods are you excited for? We’re looking forward to the Bowl O-Dough – a bowl of safe-to-eat cookie dough that comes in 4 flavors. It’s also been announced that Vanessa Carlton will open for the one and only Stevie Nicks on August 25th.

While you’re busy dreaming of all the foods on a stick, the crew is finishing up the last building and completing touch ups on the building.

Dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s.

Tip toes to reach the upper soffit.

Touch ups happening on Building #11.

Monday, July 24th: Good afternoon Oak Grove Terrace. We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather!

The crew is prepping and painting on the last building, #11 and hopes to wrap up early this week. Thanks!

Friday, July 21st: Good afternoon and happy Friday!! Lots of things happening around the Twin Cities as usual this weekend: The Aquatennial continues with events today through Saturday, Anoka is hosting a food truck festival on Saturday, and Stillwater’s Lumberjack Days is tomorrow and Sunday. Hopfully the rain holds out for any adventures/activities you have planned! 

The crew is has completed building 9 and is about half way through with 11. They’re going to call it a day because of the forecasted rain. They’ll be back onsite on Monday to resume and should also finish with building 11. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 18th: 

Rain Delay @ Oak Grove Terrace

Monday, July 17th: Good morning and happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool!

The crew is prepping and painting on the last 2 buildings – #9 and #11. We anticipate finishing up at week’s end, but will let you know if that changes if there are any weather delays. Thanks!

Friday, July 14th: Good morning and TGIF! It’s going to be hot, hot, hot tomorrow so make sure to drink lots of water and try and stay out of the heat. If you’re looking for some fun and free stuff to do this weekend, the City Pages puts out Freeloader Friday– a summary of various happenings around the Twin Cities. Movies in the Park- Zootopia at Lake Harriet is playing tonight, the Ramset County Fair is all weekend, and then a Bastille Day block party at Barbette in Uptown on Sunday are a few that stand out.

The crew is finished on #7 and moving onto #9 today and into next week. Thanks and have a great weekend!

More prep- never enough tape, paper, or plastic.

We’ve got this down: prep and then paint, repeat.

Thursday, July 13th: Good afternoon. It’s an exciting weekend for Minneapolis. The X- Games are being held at U.S. Bank Stadium. This is the first time the games are being held in the Midwest and we are excited that Minneapolis was the chosen venue. It’s reported that close to 100,000 people will be attending and in the area for the games. The best skateboarders, BMX racers, and motocross drivers will be entertaining audiences from today through Sunday. Linked is the X-Games website if you’re interested in attending any of the events or want to check out what all the hype is about. 

The crew is prepping and finishing Building #7. They anticipate to finish #9 and #11 next week.

Mauricio rolls it on.

Taping off the soffits for the next section of brick to get painted.

More prep work for the windows.

Wednesday, July 12th: Good afternoon and happy Wednesday! 

One of the original pop- star and diva, Diana Ross performed at Northrop Auditiorium last night. She brought her smile, sparkles, hit songs, and enthusiasm to a full house of eager fans. Maybe we can take her hit, “I Will Survive” to get through this heat and the rest of the week! 

The crew has finished up building #10 and is starting on #5. We have another crew finshing up building #4 as well.

Tuesday, July 11th: Hello- it’s another hot one, folks! 

The crews are working on #2, #4, and #10 with prep and painting.

First spraying the brick, then painting the siding color, repeat.

The brick is sprayed and now we are taping off the edges to paint the siding.

Thorough prep delivers a clean and crisp finish!

Monday, July 10th: Good afternoon Oak Grove Terrace. We hope you had a great weekend! It’s going to be a hot week- hopefully you can beat the heat. 

The crews are working on several buildings today. They’ll be finishing up #8 and then beginning on #10. They’re continuing to prep and paint on #2 and #4 as well.

 Ladders up to cover the windows.

Did we mention how important throrough prep is?

Taping off the brick to paint the siding.

Friday, July 7th: Good morning and happy Friday! With the short week, we have no complaints of it already being Friday. It looks like a pretty good weather weekend with Saturday being the most promising. There a lot of free activities happening around the Twin Cities- here’s a link to various activities from City Pages. Also the Basilica Block Party is happening tonight and tomorrow. All info, including available tickets can be found here if that strikes your fancy. 

We have one crew finishing up building 3 and then starting prep work and painting on building 6. The second crew is prepping and painting on buildings 2 & 4. The last 2 buildings are also being pressure washed today (#10-11).

The brick is sprayed and rolled.

Prep step: Remove gutters.

Thursday, July 6th: Hello! It’s going to be a hot one folks! make sure to stay hydrated and out of the sun, if you can. It looks like we’ll get some relief tomorrow, this weekend, and next week with some cooler weather.

The crew is continuing to prep and paint on Buildings 1 and 3.

Mariano preps and puts up paper before spraying the brick.

Nolberto sprays the brick siding.

Prep work is key in all of our project.

Wednesday, July 5th: Good morning Oak Grove Terrace! We hope you all had a great weekend and a happy 4th of July!

The crew is back onsite and they are prepping and painting the first areas for painting.

Your Oak Grove Terrace crew!

Prepping on the rear elevation.

Thursday, June 29th: And they’re off! The crews have started pressyre washing the first few buildings designated for painting. It looks as though there may be some scattered rain tomorrow, but the crew should be able to finish washing the 1st four buildings. 

Just so you know our schedule, the crew will then be back after the 4th to begin prepping and painting. They’ll also wash the remainder of the buildings (5-10) on Thursday, 7/6 and Friday, 7/7. For the pressure washing we ask that you please close your windows. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 21st: Greetings and welcome to the project blog for your upcoming painting project @ Oak Grove Terrace. We are looking forwad to being back onsite with you! It’s always nice to be invited back to complete more work. This year we’ll be painting the exteriors of your buildings. 

We’ll begin on Thursday, 6/29 with pressure washing buildings 1 & 2. Then on Friday, 6/30 we’ll pressure wash buildings 3 &4. After the holiday we’ll be back onsite to begin the prep and painting of those first few buildings and will procede in the order they were pressure washed. Similarly we’ll then wash another set of buildings, prep and paint those buildings, and finally, repeat the process until all buildings are complete. See the above route map as we’ll be making our way from the north end of the association to the south end of the association.

Stay tuned right here on the blog for further updates, schedule of painting and further pressure washing, and any changes/weather delays if they happen to come up.

For pressure washing, we ask that you remove all small belongings from the exterior of your home that you don’t want to get wet. Thanks so much for your cooperation and participation!

We’ll see you in about a week!

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