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Hillcrest Place – Little Canada

Hillcrest Place – Little Canada

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Hillcrest Place in Little Canada! We are looking forward to being onsite with you!

Thursday, May 16th: Good morning! 

The crew will return on Thursday, may 23rd to paint the remaining doors. We’ll be posting physical notices on these doors with the details. You may schedule a time if you’d like otherwise, we are coordinating with your management to paint the doors in the open position. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 15th: Good afternoon! 

There are a handful of doors that remain to be painted at Hillcrest. We are in the process of finalizing the day(s) we’ll be back to paint. Stay tuned for further details and physical notices posted with further instructions. 


Monday, May 6th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great weekend! The crew has wrapped their prep and painting in your hallways, common areas, and trash and storage rooms. We’ll be tackling the 1st floor doors at the end of this week as well as any remaining doors on the 3rd and 2nd floors. Please leave a comment below with a date/time and your unit # or call our office to schedule- 763-559-5296. 


Thursday, May 2nd: Good afternoon! 

The crew is prepping and painting their last section of the 1st floor hallway today as well as tackling door painting on the 2nd floor. Thank you to everyone that has already signed up! 

You can continue to sign up, 2nd floors only at the time, here on the blog or by calling our office 763-559-5296. Thanks! 

As far as remaining areas, once the 1st floor hallway is complete- 1st floor doors, remaining doors on 3rd and 2nd floors after this weekend’s painting, and the 1st floor trash and storage rooms. 

Prepping and painting the door frames.

Wednesday, May 1st: Hello and Happy May Day!

Sending you all a virtual bouquet of flowers this first day of May!

The crew is continuing down the 1st floor hallway — painting the walls and trim. We’ll be back onsite to begin painting doors on the 2nd floor. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Monday, April 29th: Good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend and we wanted to thank those residents that kindly opened their doors for painting or made an appointment. Our crew really appreicates it as that allows them to work most efficiently. 

We’ll be moving down to the 2nd floor for door painting this week and the schedule will be the same as the 3rd floors. Thursday 5/2, Friday, 5/3, and Saturday 5/4 from 9am until 4pm. Please comment below with your unit # and date/time requested, email, or call our office at 763-559-5296. 

Thanks so much! 

Friday, April 26th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crews is continuing to remove wallpaper, glue and prep the walls for painting. They’ve also made great progress on the door painting on the 3rd floor so thank you for your participation in scheduling the doors as well as opening them for the crew to take care of and paint. 

We’ll be posting notices regarding door painting for 2nd floor residents soon, and just as the 3rd floor you’ll be able to schedule directly here on the blog, by calling our office 763-559-5296, or emailing Dana 

Have a great weekend! 

Wall patch and prep.

Scraping and patching.

One of the completed doors.

Wednesday, April 24th: Good afternoon! 

The crew are wrapping up on the 2nd floor today and will then move down to the 1st floor. They’ll start with the wallpaper removal as they did on the other floors. 

Reminder! We’ll be painting 3rd floor residence doors starting tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. If you’d like to schedule a specific time, please contact us by leaving a comment below or calling our office at 763-559-5296. Thanks!

Touching up the 2nd floor door frames.

Prepping and painting the storage cabinets.

Tuesday, April 23rd: Hello residents of Hillcrest! 

The crew is continuing to make their way down the 2nd floor hallway and will also begin their prep and painting on the 1st floor tomorrow. 

We’ll post a few photos from the crew once we get them. Thanks!

Monday, April 22nd: Good afternoon and Happy Earth Day!

The modern environmental movement started in 1970, funneling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns on the front page. Here’s a list of 50 Ways to Help the Planet — it seems most are as easy as just remembering to do it, like using a reusable coffee mug and turning off the water while brushing teeth. #doyourpart

The crews are prepping and painting in stairwell C as well as prepping and painting the accent color on the residence alcoves. 

As a reminder, please get in touch with us to make an appointment for door painting— ‘Leave a Comment’ below on the blog or call our office: 763-559-5296. Thanks!

Working to get crisp and straight cut lines in the hallway.

Painting the 2nd coat on one of the accent alcoves.

Friday, April 19th: Good morning! 

We’ll be posting notices this afternoon regarding residence door painting on the 3rd floor. The crews will be knocking on doors starting on Thursday, 4/25th — if you are home and have the time, please open your door to be painted.

If you prefer to schedule a specific time to be home and have your door painted, please scroll to the bottom for the ‘Leave a Comment’ section and leave your unit and date/time requested – please schedule on the hour, i.e. #356, Thursday at 10am.

You can also call Dana at our office to schedule a time: 763-559-5296. Thanks! 

Also to note, we’ll be painting the 2nd and 1st floors at a later date, with notice provided to those residence as well. 

Today the stair well crew is applying the 2nd coat of paint to the walls and should be set to start the last stairwell on Monday. The hallway crew is applying the 2nd coat of paint to walls and select accent areas in the 2nd section of the hallway.

Brushing on the 2nd coat in the stairwell.

Brush and Ro(e)ll!

Rolling on the 2nd coat of this section of the 2nd floor.

Thursday, April 18th: Good afternoon!

This warmer weather has us thinking outdoor activities— and what better than Music In the Zoo. They’ve ‘unleashed’ lineup for this summer’s concert series and tickets go onsale on April 20th. If you’ve never been, the zoo is a smaller and intimate setting with bench, stadium style seating. Check out the lineup here!Thursday, April 18th: Good morning! 

The hallway crew is continuing to make their way through the 2nd floor hallway, completing it in sections. The board has finalized colors for the trash, storage, and laundry rooms so they crew will be back up to the 3rd floor to complete these areas. We have a 2nd crew that is starting the prep and painting in the stairwells. They are starting in both the A and B stairwells- prep and painting of the ceilings and walls is underway. 

Brushing up around the edges.

Applying the 2nd coat to a section of the 2nd floor hallway walls.

Prep is underway in the stairwell.

Roll out the Red… (plastic) carpet.

Wednesday, April 17th: Good afternoon! 

Brief update today- the crew is finishing up their spraying of the ceiling on a section of the 2nd floor. They are also finishing up their wall prep and beginning the painting of the walls.

Ceiling spraying in action.

Smoothing out the walls prior to painting.

Prep and more prep before we can apply the paint.

Monday, April 15th: Greetings and happy Monday!

We hope you had a great weekend! It certainly was an exciting final day of the Master’s as Tiger made a comeback like none before and won his 5th Green Jacket. After overcoming a spinal fusion surgery, at 43 years old and trailing for the first 54 holes, he tapped in for a bogey on the 18th and victory was his! This is Tiger’s 5th Master’s win and is only surpassed by Jack Nicklaus with 6 wins. Congratulations to Tiger Woods! 

The crew is tackling prep work and priming the walls and also covering the floors in advance of painting. Thanks!

Prep and covering surfaces are in progress on the 2nd floor.

The wallpaper is removed and the crew is working on wall prep and priming.

Friday, April 12th: Hello and TGIF! 

Well, we survived another April snow storm! I think parts of the state saw, snow, rain, sleet, hail, massive wind gusts, and even dust blown all the way from Texas- imagine that! At least this snow won’t stick around for too long as the weather seems to be warming through the weekend and into next week. 

Golf fans rejoice! It’s Master’s Weekend (check the leader board here) and round two off and rolling with major champions bunched at the top. Time will tell who will make it to the 3rd and 4th rounds and finally awarded the famed Green Jacket.  

The crew is finishing up on the 3rd floor and will be moving down to the 2nd floor to begin their wallpaper removal and prep work. The laundry, trash, and storage rooms on the 3rd floor will be completed as colors are selected. We’ll also be completing the residence doors as we move a little further into the project and will provide ample notice and details regarding that portion of the project. Thanks!

A section of the completed 3rd floor lobby area.

A section of the 2nd floor hallway— removing wallpaper and glue.

The wallpaper is coming down on the 2nd floor.

Thursday, April 11th: Hello and well to Minnesota’s finest spring weather! We kid…but we do hope that you’re staying safe if you need to be out and about driving!

Wouldn’t be Minnesota without one last hurrah!

The crew is onsite and they are prepping and painting in the second section of the 3rd floor hallway — they are applying the first coat and also sanding areas that already have been painted with one coat.

The crew will be starting the wallpaper removal and prep on the 2nd floor tomorrow, 4/12. They’ll come back to finish up the laundry, storage, and trash rooms. Thanks!

Stay safe out there!

Sanding the walls between coats to achieve that smooth finish!

Painting the first coat — around the door frames and up to the ceiling.

Wednesday, April 10th: Hello residents of Hillcrest Place! 

It’s happening! The wintery mix has already started in some areas and only time will tell the severity or accumulation levels. Stay safe out there! 

The crew are moving down the 3rd floor hallway and are working on sanding the walls and applying the first coat to the area near the elevator lobby.

Rolling it on in the 3rd floor.

Applying the first coat of paint.

Tuesday, April 9th: Good afternoon! 

Congratulations to Virgina as the NCAA 2019 Champion. They beat Texas tech in overtime and redeemed themselves after last year’s (first record) loss to a 16 seed. We sure enjoyed all of the activity and raving of Minneapolis as the host of this year’s Final Four! 

It only seems fitting that you can get a free ice cream cone today at Ben and Jerry’s for ‘Free Cone Day‘ on the eve of a Minnesota snow storm in April! We’ll gladly take our spot in line for a tasty treat!

The crew is prepping areas for painting the alcoe wall accents as well as the main hallway color. 

Wall prep and alcove painting on the 3rd floor.

Prepping the alcoves.

Taping around the door frames.

Monday, April 8th: Good morning and Happy Monday!

We hope you all had a great weekend! It seems like we’ll be getting a small parting gift from Mother Nature and winter. 

The crew is prepping and painting on the 3rd floor with the painting of the trim and millwork as well as the walls. They’ll be starting near unit #336 and then making their way across the floor. 

April (snow) Showers Ahead!

The 3rd floor hallway is ready for paint.

Wall prep to ensure smooth surfaces for application.

Prepping the door trim for painting.

Friday, April 5th:  Happy Friday Hillcrest! We hope you are all gearing up for a great weekend! Perhaps your weekend plans entail what our week has involved. Surely we jest, but anytime you remove wallpaper, it can get to be a little bit of a thrill ride!  The fellas are skim coating the areas where wallpaper has been removed, and ceiling painting should be getting underway midday. After the mud has had time to dry, be forewarned, sanding will commence, and their will be lots of dust. We will do our very best to contain it, but it is the inevitable outcome of the nature of this work! Thanks for everybody’s cooperation as we kick things off…have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 3rd: Hello and Happy Project Kick-off!

The crew is onsite and ‘off and running!”

We’ll begin on the 3rd floor with prep- this entails covering all surfaces not being painted; floors, light fixtures, etc. What does this look like? Lot’s of plastic, tape, and paper. As colors are still beging finalized, the crew will begin with wallpaper removal and wall prep. Thanks!

Paper, plastic, and tape Oh My!

Wallpaper remove is in progress— looking forward to the ‘after!’

Using a solution to aid in the glue removal.

Monday, April 1st: Hello and Happy April 1st! 

We hope you’ve all had a great spring so far and we’re hopeful that April will bring us warmer weather! 

The project at Hillcrest Place includes the prep and painting of most interior surfaces. We’ll be painting your common area, residence, and elevator doors/frames//1st, 2nd, and 3rd, floor hallway walls and ceilings//storage room, laundry room, and trash room walls and ceilings.We’ll also be removing the wallpaper on the residence alcoves and elevator lobbies.

Your residence doors, as we prefer to paint them while open and this will require some participation from homeowners, will be painted towards the end of the project. We’ll provide further details as we near that portion of the project. 

We are working out all of the fine print details and will post them shortly. We do know we’ll be starting with the hallways on the 3rd floor and working our way down to the 1st floor. Each floor with entail the removal of wallpaper, wall repair and prep, prep and painting of the ceiling, walls, and millwork. 

We’re anticipating each floor to take the crew about 14-18 working days to complete; we’ll get a better idea of the crew’s pace once the 3rd floor is underway. 

Stay tuned here on the blog for frequent project updates, schedules, and progress photos. We’ll also be communicating door painting information on the blog as well! 

Thank you so much for having us and we’re looking forward to getting underway mid week!

Dana Clark

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296
Questions? Ask the Blue Tape Guy

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