Beachside 2 – 2nd Addition – Minnetonka

Beachside 2 – 2nd Addition – Minnetonka

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official projecet blog for your painting project at Beachside 2 – 2nd Addition! We are looking forward to being onsite with you! 

Beachside 2 2 – Color Map

Wednesday, September 27th: Good morning! Clear and sunny skies and our painters couldn’t be happier for a full day’s work @ Beachside.  

The crew has a few decks to finish up as well as clean up and touch ups. Thank you to everyone for their patience and grace as we worked through some rain this week to wrap up your project. It has been our pleasure working with an for you this summer and we hope you have a great rest of the fall and year!

Tuesday, September 26th: Good afternoon! The crew was hoping they could work a half day today, however, the on/off misting has kept us away. The crew will return tomorrow to complete the remaining 2 decks, finish touch ups, as well as clean up. Thanks!

Monday, September 25th: Good afternoon and Happy Monday! We hope you all enjoyed the hot and sunny weekend weather! With all the rain today, the crew will not be onsite and will return when the substrates have had ample time to dry out- we’ll keep you posted as to when this will be! 

Cooler ‘Fall-Like’ weather for the week. 

Friday, September 22nd: TGIF and Happy First Day of Fall, although with the 90 degree heat wave, Minnesota clearly did not get the memo. Regardless, we can all enjoy the warmer weather today and this weekend! ‘Tis the season of The Renaissance Festival, Sever’s Corn Maze and various apple orchards and pumpkin patches throughout the metro area if you’re searching for weekend activities.

The Beachside crew is painting the khaki colored buildings and they only have a few left. They should wrap up with the painting today and will then finish touch ups and clean up in the early part of next week. 

Tyrese and Francisco prep the deck undersides for painting.

Wednesday, September 20th: Good afternoon and Happy Hump Day!

The crew has completed the buildings with khaki coloring and are now working on the cream buildings. This is the last grouping of buildings that they need to finish and if rain can hold off for rest of the week, they’ll be done on Friday. 

Monday, September 18th: Good morning residents of Beachside. We hope you all had a great weekend! 

With the forecasted rain for today, the crews will not be onsite today. With the rest of the week’s weather being variable with the potential for more rain, we’ll keep you posted as to when they’ll be back onsite. Thanks! 

Friday, September 15th: TGIF! It’s been a beautiful week of warm and clean weather and also a productive week of painting at Beachside. 

The crew has completed the grey buildings and are now working on the khaki colored buildings. They’ll continue to paint on these buildings today and into early next week. 

We hope you have a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 14th: It’s quite the heat wave Minnesota! Though we can’t really complain about the gorgeous weather while it’s still here and before Mother Nature throws fall and…winter at us.

The crew is continuing to paint on homes with the grey color scheme. 

Team works makes the dream work.

Wednesday, September 13th: From one team to the next, the Gophers are gearing up for Saturday’s game vs. Middle Tennessee @ TCF Bank Stadium. Coach P.J. Fleck presented Goldy the Gopher with an early birthday present… check out the video to see the Gophers new helmets. We dig them! 

We’ve uploaded a new map with designated color schemes, please pardon the less – than – par scan. The crew is working to paint all buildings within a color scheme at a time. They’re wrapping up the tan buildings on Pompano and are now working on the gray buildings 2, 8, and 27. 

Tuesday, September 12th: The Vikings got their first win last night, with a 29-19 victory over the New Orleans Saints. Next up, they’ll travel to Pittsburgh – bring it on!

The crew continues on at Beachside. They’re painting the deck undersides, posts, and screen frames and we ask that you are mindful of everything on your patio and how close these items are to the paintable areas. Thank you in advance! 

We’re still smiling about the Vikings win!

Monday, September 11th: We wanted to take a moment to reflect and remember the victims who lost their lives and also honor all of the heros from September 11th 2001. 

It’s an exciting day in MN sports as the Vikings kick off the regular season at U.S. Bank Stadium as they take on the New Orleans Saints at 6pm. The Vikings will honor Randy Moss as he’s inducted into the Viking’s Ring of Honor during the pre-game. Also, Adrian Peterson will make his appearance as a Saint’s RB and face off against his previous team. SKOL VIKINGS!

Progress Update – 9/11

Friday, September 8th: TGIF! Though the weather has turned a bit cooler, we are not short on outdoor weekend activities. Here are some suggestions for getting out and about and soaking up the weekend weather: Greek Fest near Calhoun, James J. Hill Days in Wayzata, and the NE Food Truck Rally at Able Seedhouse and Brewery. We hope you all have a great weekend! 

The crew is painting porches on the South end of Sanibel, Buildings 18, 19, 20, and 21. 

Thursday, September 7th: Good morning! With the imminent threat of hurricane Irma to the U.S. and Florida, we are wishing the people of Florida quick and safe evacuations as well as safety to those already affected in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, and Cuba. 

The crew is painting on Buildings in the SW corner of the association along Bimini and Sanibel. They are painting on 14, 15, 16, and 17 today and tomorrow. They’re also painting porches across the street on18-22. 

Francisco scrapes the deck undersides.

Teamwork to prep the decks.

And then there were three.

The week is off to a cooler start, but will get to 80 by the weekend!

The crew has completed Buildings 18-20 and is currently working on building 21 and will then jump across to Bemini to paint buildings 14-17. 

Prep work is underway on the deck undersides.

Team work. The crew tapes off and preps the deck undersides.

Tarps to cover bushes from paint drips.

Friday, September 1st: The crew will continue their prep and painting on the first few buildings, 1-3. 

We hope you all have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Thursday, August 31st: And just like that we’re closing out August and moving into September! 

It’s a big day for Minnesota sports- Twins vs. White Sox @ 1:10pm, Gophers vs. Buffalo Buffs @ 6pm, and the Vikings vs. Dophins @ 7pm. Lots of cheering and hopefully celebrating ahead!

The crew is prep and painting on Buildings #1-3, which are on the West end of Pompano. They’ll continue on these first few buildings and then follow the route listed above in blue. 

Your crew lead, Victor and his ‘classic’ hang loose pose.

Wednesday, August 30th: Good morning! 

The crew is continuing to pressure wash today. They’ll be making their way across Bimini today and they finished pressure washing buildings on Sanibel yesterday. We’ll keep you updated as to when the prepping and painting will begin. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 29th: Good afternoon residents of Beachside 2 -2. 

The crew has completed pressure washing for buildings #1-5 and # 29-32, which line the North and South sides of Pompano. They’ll be continuing to move from North to South across both Sanibel and Bimini to pressure wash the remaining buildings. They anticipate to finshing 7/8 buildings/day and should be done by Wednesday or Thursday. This afternoon they’ll also begin prep and painting on the first building. They’ll follow the route, listed in blue above, for the painting portion of the project. Thanks! 

* Correction: They’ll begin prepping and painting tomorrow. Thanks!

Friday, August 25th: Hello and TGIF! Your project kicks off today with pressure washing of areas designated for painting, aside from screen frames, which will be hand cleaned. 

We hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 23rd: Greetings and welcome to your project blog! Here you can stay fully apprised of project progress, updates, and any changes to the schedule due to weather if they happen to come up.

Among the areas designated for completion this year are your deck support posts, wood wall caps at deck half walls, screen frames (exterior side only), and previously painted deck undersides, deck skirts and deck headers. 

We’ll be onsite this Friday, 8/25 to pressure wash these areas in preparation for the prepping and finishing of these areas. Note- screen frames will be hand cleaned in place of pressure washing. Once the substrates have had adequate time to dry out, the crew will be back onsite to begin prepping and finishing designated areas. This will likely be early next week and the crew will begin on Building 1 in the NW corner of the association. 

Thanks so much and we’ll see you on Friday!

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