Asher – Maple Grove

Asher – Maple Grove

Saturday, May 23rd – Deck Sanding/Refinishing

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for the residential project @ the Asher Residence in Maple Grove. 

Saturday, May 23rd: Betsy-good morning! Most of Friday was centered around addressing the coating on your deck. Not since The Chordettes has there been so much fanfare around Jesse “The Sandman” Maki!

 Jesse “The Sandman” Maki and the fellas bringing you a “dream” with a newly stained deck! 

Friday, May 22nd: Besides the rear deck and touch-ups, the re-paint is nearing completion! But in our business, pictures paint a thousand words so we’ll zip our lips and let you see for yourself! 

Thursday, May 21st: If the siding pics don’t have you excited enough, we’re happy to report that priming is underway on your trim areas and THIS is really where the new color schemes will POP! We’ll post more pictures later, once more progress has been made! Thanks!

Trim painting is well underway.

Wednesday, May 20th:  What a transformation Betsy! We’ve seen it hundreds of times and it NEVER gets old. When you return, you’ll be coming home to essentially a brand new house! After a full day of prepping, and then painting, the siding areas are nearly completed. Tomorrow, they will tackle the trim areas. Check back in to see the transformation continue right before your eyes!

Prep was underway first thing this morning

Manuel says “Peace from Minnesota”

The transformation is underway!

Tuesday, May 19th: Good afternoon Betsy! The fellas will be back onsite tomorrow to resume work at your house. Nick will be reaching out to your regarding your deck finish, and we’ve got the sample drawn up! Everything looks great!

Newburg Green Color Sample

Thursday, May 14th: Rains actually played into our favor today as the fellas braved the cold and damp conditions and actually made some great headway on pressure washing the house and stripping and reviving the deck. The excess moisture helped to neutralize the stripper and after exhaustive efforts by our ringer Jesse, about 70% of the solid stain coating had been removed. Now, the next step is to let the deck dry and then assess what makes the most sense in terms of re-coating with the current solid stain color vs. switching to a semi-transparent stain which will likely require some extensive sanding.



Wednesday, May 13th:  Greetings from Minnesota Betsy! We are excited to get things underway tomorrow and the project will begin with pressure washing your house and stripping the solid stain coating on your rear deck. With the color change to your home and the transition to a semi-transparent stain to your deck, we hope you are as excited as we are to give your home a beautiful makeover. Stay tuned right here for the project progress and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

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