Portland Place – Minneapolis

Portland Place – Minneapolis

Remaining Items and Touch Ups to be completed week of 8/19

Greetings residents of Portland Place in Minneapolis and welcome to your project blog! We are looking forward to being onsite with you!

Route Map at Portland Place

Welcome video with Isaac

Wednesday, August 21st: Greetings! 

The crew was onsite today completing the final decking areas as well as touch ups. It has been our pleasure being onsite and we hope you enjoy your newly painted entries. Thanks! 

Sprucing up the final decking areas.

Just about to cross the finish line!

Wednesday, August 14th: Good morning! 

After two rain days, the crew has resumed their prep and painting at Portland Place and we appreciate your patience as we just can’t control Mother Nature and her rain! 

They’re starting at Building #27 today. They’ll also be completing touch ups to the buildings in the next few days. Thanks again for having us onsite; it was our pleasure to spruce up your decking.

Prepping and painting the deck posts at Building 27.

Ladders up to paint the support posts.

Prepping and painting the entry railings.

Monday, August 12th: Hello and Happy Monday! 

Back to the grind after the weekend! The crew is starting at Building #25 this morning. They’re making their way down the last few buildings and they anticipate, weather permitting to finish up mid-week. Thanks!

Prepping and painting the 2nd story lattice work.

It’s a bit of a balancing act.

Friday, August 9th: Greetings and TGIF! 

It’s a beautiful day and we’ve made it to the weekend folks!

The crew is nearing the end …well, we’re be about 80% complete at the end of today with the painting at Portland Place. The finish line is in site as they are prepping and painting at Buildings #16, 22, 23, and 24 today. 

Another section of the stairs is underway!

Prepping and covering to paint this section of stairs.

Building #22 is getting prepped.

Thursday, August 8th: Good afternoon! 

The crew started their prep and painting at Building #16 and will complete through Building #17. 

Prepping and painting the deck entry pillars. 

Painting one of the deck lattice structures. 

Wednesday, August 7th: Greetings! 


We hope you all had a great evening with your neighbors for National Night Out.

The crew is getting started this morning at Building #13 and they anticipate to work through Building #15. They are continuing their prep and painting of the decking areas – spindles, posts, and lattice (in certain areas).

Taping off the railings and deck floor.

Painting the spindles, skirts, and posts at this deck.

Tuesday, August 6th: Good afternoon! 

Today is National Night Out and your neighborhood surely has something planned — be it a potluck, bbq, bounce house for the kiddies, ice cream social, the possibilities are endless really! National Night Out was started as an annual campaign to foster community building and promote police-community partnerships. Often local police or firefighters stop and visit or even give safety demonstrations. We hope you all have a great night connecting with neighbors!

The crew started their prep and painting of the spindles, lattice, etc at Building #6 today. 

The Big Green Machine.

Taping off and covering the floors.

Prepping the spindles. 

Monday, August 5th: Good afternoon!

We hope you all had a great weekend! The crew is making their way around the route and have started today at Building #4. 

Brigtening up the deck spindles at Portland Place.

 Prepping and painting a gate section.

Friday, August 2nd: Hello and TGIF!

Have a great weekend everyone!

The crew is wrapping up on the last few decks to stain and also beginning on prepping and painting the remaining decking areas – spindles and skirts as well as support posts/brackets, egress enclosures, pergolas, and wood garage door frames. They’ll begin this back at the beginning of the route map and Building #1. Thanks!

Scraping and prepping your spindles. 

 Prepped and ready for paint.

Scraping the spindles and prepping for painting.

Thursday, August 1st: Greetings! 

We can hardly believe it’s already August! And we all know what the month of August brings… the Great Minnesota Get-Together!! We are into State Fair month and the gates open in a short 21 days!

The Countdown is on!

The crew is rounding out prepping staining your decking areas and will move onto prepping and painting the included trim areas. 

Prepping to paint the lattice areas.

Staining the lattice.

Wednesday, July 31st: Good afternoon! 

It’s another beautiful day and the crew is loving every minute of it as dry weather proves well not only for painting, but more importantly staining! 

They completed 2 buildings with solid stains this morning and are now making their way down Portland Ave and will jump across to 5th Ave by the afternoon as well. 

Once your decking area is stained, we recommend at least 24 hours before returning items to your deck. Once the decking areas are stained, we’ll make another pass along the route to paint your railing spindles.

2 by 2 — one staining deck boards and one staining the handrails.

Staining your decks – one board at a time.

Taped off as a friendly reminder of the wet paint/stained areas. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 30th: Greetings! 

We are less than a month away from the Great Minnesota Get- Together and a list of 53 new drink options has been released. We all know that that fair may be know for all of the foodie options, mostly fried and many on a stick of course! Yet, it seems we’re becomming creative with beers, spritzers, seltzers, meads, mimosas, etc etc many of which have clever names- case in point the ‘Berry Manilow’ which is a lightly hoppy beer brewed with homemade lemonade and pureed raspberries from Utepils Brewing. Check it out here!

The crew has started their staining and will be beginning at Building #1 and moving along the route. We’ll post at the end of the day their progress so you can know when to anticipate the crew at your building- thanks!

 Staining your entry porches.

 Moving on to the handrails.

Set up for staining — bucket of stain, brush and a rag for clean up.

Monday, July 29th: Good afternoon!

It’s going to be a beautiful week!

We hope you all had a great weekend. The crew is finishing up the remaining pressure washing today and anticipates to start staining the included decking areas in the next day or two — yesterday’s rain will ipmact the start as we need the surfaces to be completely dry. Thus, a clear week ahead will prove to be productive for the crew! Stay tune here for continued updates and progress photos. Thanks!

Friday, July 26th: Hello and TGIF! 

We’ve made it to the weekend and the Minneapolis Aquatennial celebration continues tonight and tomorrow- daytime activies include the Loring Park Art Festival, prep-firework celebrations, and the famed Target Fireworks on Saturday night!

The crew made it through Building #6 pressure washing yesterday and will continue their pressure washing today. Thanks!

Pressure washing our way through Portland Place.

Spraying down the deck floors.

Thursday, July 25th: Good morning! 

We are shifting our plan slightly and will begin our pressure washing of the included decking areas today, tomorrow and potentially into Saturday. The crew will then return on Monday to start staining those areas following the route map above. 

You can follow the project here as we’ll post progress updates on the crew’s pace and how many decks/buildings they are staining each day so you’ll know when to anticipate the crew at your deck(s). Thanks!

Pressure Washing the entry decks at Portland Place.

Readying the decks for staining.

Monday, July 22nd: Hello and welcome to your project blog! 

For your 2019 project, we’ll be prepping and painting on selet areas of your front decks, garage door frames, and your front deck floors and stoops, light poles, and railings. The last portion of the project will be staining your deck floors and stoops, which will require some participation from you as we’ll need items cleared off, but we were alert you as we near that portion of the project. 

You can continue to follow the project progress here on the blog as we’ll update the blog frequently with progress updates, photos, and any delays should they come up. We are anticipating to complete your project in 3-4 weeks.

Thank you again for having us back at your association and we’re looking forward to getting started on Wednesday, 7/24. 

Roell Painting

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296


Comments (16)

  • Liliana


    Just wondering why the painters would not tape a note or band so people know not to step on it with fresh paint
    Hoping no one steps in:(


    • Dana


      Morning Liliana- Thanks for the note. We’ll be sure to remind crews how helpful it is to post wet paint notices and/or put up a tape barrier.


  • Liliana-2611 5th ave south


    Looks like i need to take the furniture back out?
    i will do that tonight, would my porch be done this week?
    thank you


    • Dana


      Hi Liliana- You can leave your furniture out on your deck. Since the staining is complete, they can work around your items to paint the spindles, posts, etc. Thanks!


      • Melanie - Compass Management Group


        Hi Dana – Yesterday evening I forwarded Liliana’s request to have her deck re-stained to Isaac and Jesse, as it appears it was possibly skipped, or not completed. So it may be best for her to keep her furniture off until that’s checked out. Thanks for all your speedy responses to homeowner questions!


        • Dana


          Hi Melanie- Thanks for clarifying. I wasn’t aware she was having her deck restrained. So yes, keeping furniture off would be great. Thanks!


      • Liliana


        my daughter will enter furniture at noon today
        i wish it was done soon because i have a party this friday 🙂
        Please keep me posted


        • Dana


          Thanks! The crew will return tomorrow as the morning rain halted their painting for today. They’ll assess your deck to make sure it is dry enough to potentially stain tomorrow, otherwise it will get done on Thursday or Friday. Thanks


  • Lynn


    Hi, thanks for restaining my deck. The stain looks more complete and the light spots were covered? Is the painting done on the white railings and lattice? It looks done but I saw two paint cans near my front steps. Just trying to figure out when I can put my flowers and furniture back on my porch.


    • Dana


      Hi Lynn – You’re welcome. Let me check in with our crew on Monday and get back to you about their progress. Thanks!


    • Dana


      Hi Lynn – Yes, the painting is done and they’ve left the paint cans for when they go through to paint any areas needing touch ups so you can go ahead and return your furniture to your deck. Thanks!


  • Carrie


    I read the update about nearing the end. They have not yet done buildings 25,26 and 27. I’m assuming they will be finishing these next week? I live in building 26 and my address is 2639 5th Ave. S. Thanks!


    • Dana


      Hi Carrie – Yes, we’ll be working into the weekend and then into next week as needed. They’ve been completing about 3 buildings/day and after today the’ll be about 88% complete.


  • Lynn


    Can I get the front part of my porch re-stained? right in front of the doorway does not look good. 2721 5th


    • Dana


      Hi Lynn,
      I’ll have our crew supervisor assess this area and I will get back to you on a resolution. Thanks!


    • Dana


      Hi Lynn- Just wanted to let you know we’ve restained your front deck. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you. Thanks!


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