Vintage Street – Coon Rapids

Vintage Street – Coon Rapids

Project complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the front entry railings and support posts! We are excited to be back onsite!

Friday, June 22nd:

Wrap-up Video- Thank you again for having us!

Tuesday, June 12th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is back onsite today after our rain day yesterday. They are finishing up on the last few buildings and will be done by tomorrow. We had hoped today would be out last day, but yesterday’s rain has set the crew back a day. Thanks so much for having us back onsite. It has been our pleasure working with and for you this summer!

Alex paints the railing spindles.

Nestor pauses for a quick pictures before completing the entry railings.

Monday, June 11th: Greetings residents of Vintage Street!

It looks like we have some storms brewing to our West so we are going to put the halt on painting for today. We’ll keep you updated as to when we’ll resume prep and painting. Thanks!

Friday, June 8th: Hello and TGIF! 

Quick update- the crew is holding steady at Vintage Street and is continuing to make their way around your buildings and prep and paint the entry railings. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 7th: Good afternoon! The weekend is right around the corner and the crew is making their way through your entry railings. 

They’re working on and around the 11808 Building. Thanks!

Crew lead, Hermes preps and scrapes @ the 11808 Building.

Wednesday, June 6th: Good afternoon! The storms that rolled through last night and into this morning have left us with a rain delay today. Even though the sun is shining now, the surfaces are just too wet from all of the rain. We’ll be back onsite tomorrow to resume painting. Thanks!

Monday, June 4th: First of all, thank you for having us back at your association and welcome to your project blog for the front entry railing and support post painting projecet. We are thrilled to be back! 

We started the project last week Friday with pressure washing the designated areas for completion- front entry stair railings, sidewalls, and support posts. 

Today the crew began their prepping and painting of the designated surfaces. We anticipate the project to take about 2 weeks to complete, with weather being the biggest deterent. Please stay tuned here on the blog for project progress updates, photos, and any changes to the schedule if they come up.

Nestor paints the top coat on the entry railing.

Hermes primes the entry railing on the 3rd Building.

Project Details from the 2017 Project

Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for your painting project at Vintage Street in Coon Rapids. We are looking forward to working with and for you!

Vintage Street – Phase Map


Time Friday, August 18th
9am 11830 Undercliff, 11827 Undercliff, 11878 Undercliff; FULL
10am 11856 Undercliff, 11870 Undercliff, 11864 Undercliff ; FULL
11am 11854 Undercliff, 11880 Undercliff, 11846 Undercliff spot available
12pm 11838 Undercliff, 11832 Undercliff, 1 spot available
1pm 11840 Undercliff, 2 spots available
2pm 3 spots available
3pm 3 spots available
4pm 3 spots availablle


Time Saturday, August 19th
9am 11847 Undercliff, 2 spots available
10am 3 spots available
11am 3 spots available
12pm 3 spots available
1pm 3 spots available
2pm 3 spots available
3pm 3 spots available
4pm 3 spots available



Time Friday, August 25th
9am 11782 Undercliff, 11857 Vintage Street, 1 spot available
10am 11819 Undercliff, 11849 Undercliff, 1 spot available
11am 3 spots available
12pm 3 spots available
1pm 11811 Undercliff, 2 spots available
2pm 11839 Vintage, 2 spots available
3pm 3 spots available
4pm 3 spots available


Time Saturday, August 26th
9am 11849 Vintage Street, 11817 Underscliff Street, 1 spot available
10am 3 spots available
11am 3 spots available
12pm 3 spots available
1pm 3 spots available
2pm 3 spots available
3pm 3 spots available
4pm 3 spots available


Tuesday, August 29th: Hello residents of Vintage Street! 

We’ve painted all but two doors at your association. Thursday, 8/31 will be our final day onsite to complete painting. You may request a specific time if you arrange before hand. Please call our office: 763-559-5296, or comment below on the blog.  Thanks! 

Friday, August 25th: Hello and TGIF! The crew is starting Phase 2 of door painting and will follow the schedule above. If needed you may still comment on the blog and arrange a specific time for the crew to paint your door. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 24th: Hello and happy first day of the MN Fair! Al Roker from the Today show helped to kick off this year’s MN Fair. Check out the video of him, Andrew Zimmern, and Governer Al Franken showing off some of the fair’s fan-favorites and some featured new foods at this year’s event. 

As the beat goes on, the Vintage Street crew persists to paint door frames, trim, and sidelights. They’ll be painting door tomorrow by appointment- there’s still time to sign up if you haven’t done so already. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 23rd: Good morning and happy hump day! Feeling lucky? Today the Powerball jackpot has reached an estimated $700 million! The odds of winning are still slim – one in more than 292 million, but why not take a chance?!

The crew is continuing to paint in the Phase 2 area. They’re also painting doors if you’re home and have the time to leave your door open. As a reminder, we’re taking appointments for this coming Friday and Saturday between 9am and 4pm to paint your doors. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 22nd: Good morning and we couldn’t be happier to see the sun and have a rainless day to paint!

The crew is continuing in Phase 2 of the project and painting door frames, sidelights, and trim. Pictures coming soon!

Monday, August 21st: Happy Monday and Happy Total Solar Eclipse Day! Here’s a link with all things related to the eclipse and safe viewing in MN. Anyone else have Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ playing on repeat in their head?! 

The crew finished painting all but 2 doors in Phase 1 of the project on Saturday. They’re painting frames, sidelights, and trim in Phase 2 and will be again painting doors on Friday, 8/25 and Saturday 8/26. If you’re home/available during the week and they’re painting in your area they can paint your door at this time. But if you’d prefer a specific time on Friday or Saturday please comment below with your address, day, and time. Thanks! 

Friday, August 18th: It seems we’re having a bit of déjà vu- rain and more rain, though tomorrow looks more promising! Lots of happenings around the Twin Cities ~ free movies in the park, numerous farmer’s markets, and the St. Paul food truck festival. We’re crossing our fingers for drier weekend weather!

The crew will not be stopped by a little rain because of your convenient overhangs on your doors : ) They’re following the scheduled appointments for this morning and will continue to paint and knock on doors this afternoon. There’s still time to sign up for tomorrow and next weekend! 

Thursday, August 17th: Update for door painting: We should be able to proceed as scheduled since the doors have an over hang. We’ll be sure to let you know otherwise. Thanks! 

Rain, rain, go away… it seems Mother Nature has alternate plans than for us continue painting your door frames/trim and sidelights. We’re hoping for clearer skies tomorrow so we can get back to it! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 16th: Good morning! 

The crew is taking note from Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” and powering through the rain to continue painting door frames on Buildings #1-8. It looks like there might be more rain in the forecast for tomorrow so we’ll keep you posted if that will have an impact on the crew. 

If you haven’t already and would like to make an appointment for door painting, please check the tables for an open spot and then comment below with your address, date, and time requested. Thanks! Please note we’re completing the scheduled door painting in 2 phases – see the map above for delegation of phase. 

Rain Delay @ Vintage Street

Tuesday, August 15th: And they’re off! The crew is up and running at Vintage Street. They’re beginning in the Phase 1 area and starting with the first few buildings.

Omar tapes the sidelight window.

Manuel preps for painting.

Wednesday, August 9th: Good afternoon! We have a quick update on scheduling your door painting. We’ve posted several tables above to reflect available times. Please comment on the blog, found below in the comment section with your address, date, and time requested. Or you may call our office at 763-559-5296. As a reminder, our suggestion is that you wait 2 hours before closing your doors to allow the paint to dry completely. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 8th: Good afternoon residents of Vintage Street and welcome to your project blog. This summer’s project will consist of painting your front door/frame, sidelight, kickplates, and private decking door and frame. 

Your project will begin Tuesday, 8/15 and we will complete the door painting portion of your project in 2 phases. As outlined in the map above, Phase I will encompass those addresses in the orange area, while Phase 2 will encompass addresses in the green area. The first week we’re onsite we’ll tackle those addresses in the orange section and then for the 2nd week we’ll move onto the addresses in the green area.

Please stay tuned here on the blog for project updates, progress pictures, and any changes or weather related delays if they come up. 

We’ll be posting further information for scheduling specific times to paint your front and patio doors soon. Thanks!

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