The Station HOA – Ramsey

The Station HOA – Ramsey

Staining Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the painting project at The Station in Ramsey. We’re thrilled to be onsite with you!

Phase I — Front Porch pressure washing & staining: COMPLETE

Phase II and Phase III – Rear Deck pressure washing & staining.

Thursday, September 5th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is back in action and staining your rear decks. 

Staining the posts and skird boards.

Wednesday, September 4th: Greetings! 

The crew has resumed their prep and staining of your rear decks. They’ll be working at Buildings 12 and 13 and potentially 14 as well. Thanks! 

Staining the skirt boards.

Staining one of the rear decks.

Tuesday, September 3rd: Hello and Happy September! 

We hope you all had a great long weekend and a restful Labor day! 

With last night’s rain, it’s too wet to resume our deck staining today. We’ll return as the weather allows – thanks! 

Friday, August 30th: Hello and TGIF! 

Those roads we drive on the way to the offices and homes we work and live in…somebody built ’em. May we take a moment to reflect  on the principles of hard work that make this country great! As we celebrate Labor Day, we’d like to take a moment to recognize our diligent and hard working crews. Oh, and eat some food on a stick too. Happy Labor Day every one!

The crew is picking up their staining and will wrap up the pressure washing of the rear decks in Phase III today. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 29th: Greetings! 

The crew has started to stain the rear decks as a part of Phase III. They’re beginning with Building 8. The crew is also continuing their pressure washing, simultaneous to the staining and they are currently washing at Building 13. Thanks!

Pressure washing decks at Building 13.

Another day and more decks to pressure wash.

Wednesday, August 28th: Good afternoon! 

With the slight rain yesterday, the decks are not dry enough to begin staining. They are washing #11 and #12 today though.

Building #11 gets all cleaned up!

Tuesday, August 27th: Greetings!

The crew is pressure washing Building #9 and #10 today. They’ll begin staining in Phase III as the weather allows. Thanks!

Pressure washing 2 more of your rear decks today.

Readying the decks for staining.

Monday, August 26th: Good morning! 

We hope you all had a great weekend! The crew has finished staining Phase II and is pressure washing Phase III starting today. They’ll be washing 2 decks/day and then staining 2 decks/day as well. Today’s rain may impact our staining schedule so stay tuned for any delay. Thanks!

Phase III pressure washing is in progress.

Pressure washing the skirt boards in Phase III.

Friday, August 23rd: Good afternoon! 

TGIF! Maybe your weekend entails braving the fair for some fried goodness on a stick and if so, we wish you luck and short lines!

The crew is continuing to stain the rear decks of Phase II and are working on 2, 3, and continuing on through the rest of Phase II. On Monday, we’ll begin washing  the decks in Phase III. Thanks and have a great weekend!

The staining is in progress.

Staining across the row of rear decks.

Sprucing up your rear deck floors.

Thursday, August 22nd: Greetings!

Today’s the start of the Great Minnesota Get Together and we can just smell the always delightful Sweet Martha’s! We’ve got 12 days to eat our hearts’ desire and explore the sights and scenes at the Fair! Take a look at our own Andrew Zimmern’s Food Fair Strategy:

The crew is finishing up pressure washing the last decks in Phase II. They’ve also started staining the rear decks in Phase II, starting with Building 1. Thanks! 

Washing away the old stain.

Bye bye old stain.

Prepping and laying down tarp to begin staining.

Tuesday, August 20th: Rain Delay for staining! The crew is pressure washing Buildings 3 and 4 today in Phase II.

Monday, August 19th: Hello and Happy Monday! 

It’s going to be a beautiful week!

We hope you all had a great weekend! This week’s weather looks beautiful and will be compatible with your deck staining project. The crew is wrapping up the staining to the front porches in Phase I and will be pressure washing the rear decks starting today as well, they will be washing 2 Buildings each day. 

Pressure Washing rear decks in Phase II.

Staining the remaining decks in Phase I.

Thursday, August 15th: Greetings! 

The rain has cleared and the decks are dry and ready for stain. The crew is prepping and staining on Buildings #7-#9 or #10 today. Thanks so much!

We’ll be posting notices accordingly, but we’ll begin pressure washing in Phase II starting on Monday, 8/19. 

Prep and light sanding before we start staining.

Two by two.

Staining the deck skirts.

Wednesday, August 14th: Good afternoon! 

With all of the rain, the decks are too wet to resume our prep and staining. We’ll return tomorrow – thanks! 

Monday, August 12th: Hello and Happy Monday! 

The crew is back to the grind after the weekend! They’ve started at Building #4 today with staining the front decks. Building #3 was skipped due to some water on the steps from your sprinkler systems… staining and water is not a good combo, so the crew skipped that building, but will come back as it’s dry enough. They are anticipating to complete about 2-3 building/day with the staining. Also, the final building remains to be pressure washed and they’ll complete that mid-week.

Tackling Building #4 this morning.

Down the steps with go!

Friday, August 9th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is continuing their pressure washing and is starting at Building 8 and will continue to pressure wash the porches through tomorrow. We’re also starting back at Building 1 with the staining. The crew has expressed it’s taking added time to pressure wash to remove the debris and build up. Thanks for your patience as we complete this phase I and pressure washing of the front porches.

Staining one side at a time.

Staining our way down the steps.

Thursday, August 8th: Good morning! 

The crew is back at Buildings 3 & 4 today to pressure wash- we’re being diligent with the chemical stripper to remove the old stain. They will begin staining at Building 5 today as 1, 2, 3, and 4 were recently washed (the crew rewashed 1 & 2 yesterday). Thanks!

She’s a beaut Clark.

A nice little side by side of project progress.

Staining the deck skirt boards. 

Wednesday, August 7th: Greetings! 

We hope you all enjoyed your evening with neighbors for National Night Out!

The crew is finishing up their pressure washing of the entry porches today and will return as they’ve dried out to begin their staining. Thanks!

Day 2 and the crew is making their way to your front porches.

Really cleaning up the front porches.

Tuesday, August 6th: Good afternoon! 

Today is National Night Out and your neighborhood surely has something planned — be it a potluck, bbq, bounce house for the kiddies, ice cream social, the possibilities are endless really! National Night Out was started as an annual campaign to foster community building and promote police-community partnerships. Often local police or firefighters stop and visit or even give safety demonstrations. We hope you all have a great night connecting with neighbors!

The crew has resumed their pressure washing of the decking areas and they are anticipating to continue through tomorrow to complete all areas. Thanks! 

Making sure to pressure washing the stair stringers.

Pressure washing is in progress at The Station.

Monday, August 5th: Hello! 

Happy Project Kick-Off! The crew got started today with pressure washing of Phase I and the included front porches. The crew did pause their washing this afternoon with the rain, they’ll resume as the weather allows. Thanks!

Pressure washing the entry decking areas.

Applying a detergent solution to the decking.

Friday, August 2nd: Good afternoon!

Welcome to your project blog. We’ll be getting started on Monday, 8/5 with pressure washing of the front porches. Once the front porches have had appropriate dry time, we’ll return to begin staining the porches- following the route above stating ‘Phase I.’

We will then pressure wash the rear decking, once these areas are dry we’ll complete the rear deck staining in two phases as to allow minimal time for homeowners to have their decks cleared while we are washing and staining.

You can stay apprised of project details, progress, and updates here on the blog as we’ll update it frequently. We’re looking forward to getting started on Monday with pressure washing your front porches.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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