Midland Grove – Roseville

Midland Grove – Roseville

Monday, October 5th – 2210 Building IN PROGRESS

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Midland Grove. Color us thrilled to be onsite with you!


Monday, October 5th: With Mother Nature’s continued cooperation, the fellas continue to make their away around the outside perimeter as they make their way up the front of the 2210 Building. Work requiring the aeriel lift has been completed, and we are projecting the project to be completed some time by early next week. There’s rain in the forecast on Thursday, but the extended forecast looks favorable to complete the project with time to spare.


As you can see, the siding is thirrrrsty for fresh paint @ Midland Grove

Monday, September 28th: With the weather cooperating a little bit more and nothing but clear skies in the forecast for the next week or so, we are projecting some great progress at Midland Grove. After some feedback from one the residents (thank you!), and at the request of the incomparable Eady Wallace, we’ve made a change to the schedule (see above) so that the front of the building can look sharp as people (perhaps perspective future owners!) drive into the property. Great idea and we are happy to oblige.

Job supervisor Wilmer walks around with project manager Isaac to identify touchups needed in the interior courtyard.

Wednesday, September 23rd: With scattered rain yesterday and rain in the forecast for today and tomorrow, progress has been hampered at Midland Grove. It looks like the first opportunity to resume painting will be Friday, 9/25, at which point the fellas should get as far as the courtyard facing portion of the poolhouse. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate a little more next week so we can play some catchup. Also, some residents have expressed concern regarding the paint match on some areas by the front office entry. Be assured that these areas are NOT completed, and they will require the use of an aerial lift to complete. Typically, we complete those areas at the tail end of a project, so we can limit the cost to use the lift. 

Have a great day everybody. Stay dry!

Some areas will require the use of an aerial lift to complete.

Thursday, September 18th: No work at Midland Grove today due to rain.

Monday, September 14th: Now that the majority of carpentry repairs have been completed (with the exception of handrails-still TBD), the crew is making steady progress. With rains delaying the project last week, the guys took advantage of the great weather over the weekend and played some catchup. At current, they are curling into the interior courtyard at the 2230 Building (right around Unit 102) and the updated projected schedule is visible above. As the project progress, there WILL be some debris from painting, and typically, this is cleaned up after total completion in the areas where work is being performed. We apologize for any inconvencience or temporary unsightliness, but we are very, very confident that once work is completed, you will be thrilled with the end result. 

Thanks everybody for your ongoing patience and cooperation. Have a great week.

Job supervisor Wilmer adjusts the sprayer setting to accomodate the C350 Product.

The crew diligently preps the areas designated for completion.

Tuesday, September 1st: Greetings residents of Midland Grove. Perhaps you’ve found your way to our project blog by way of notices posted onsite. Welcome! We are excited to get your project underway tomorrow, which begins with pressure washing. 

The pressure washing and TENTATIVE painting schedules are as follows:

Pressure Washing Schedule

Wednesday, 9/2: Starting at the office entry door at the 2220 Building, the crew will begin pressure washing and will be making their way through the interior courtyard area, wrapping up at the pool building.

Thursday, 9/3: The crew will resume washing at the poolhouse building and weave their way counterclockwise around the East and North ends of the buildings. They will complete the day’s washing at the NW corner of the building near the garage entrance.

Friday, 9/4: They will resume washing at the Northwest Corner and will be weaving their way around the West/Southwest corners, and finally wrapping up washing where they began by day’s end.

Painting Schedule

September 5th-September 14th: The crew will be painting near the office entrance, and will make their way through the interior courtyard areas on buildings 2230, 2210, 2200, 2240, and 2250.

September 14th-September 21st: The crew will begin working on the pool building then will be making their way around the exterior facing areas on the 2250, 2240, and 2200 Buildings.

September 21st-September 28th: The crew will begin working on the exterior facing areas on the 2210 building, and will be making their way around the exterior facing areas on the 2210 and 2220 Buildings.

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