Pine Hollow – Stillwater

Pine Hollow – Stillwater

Project Completed by Thursday, 7/7 – Walkthrough Pending

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at Pine Hollow in Stillwater. We are delighted to be back!

Wednesday, July 6th: Good morning again Pine Hollow. Our apologies for the more infrequent updates to the project this year but generally speaking, the trend continues that “no news is good news” at Pine Hollow this year. Weather permitting, the crew should be wrapping things up tomorrow. Of course, as is customary, we will be performing a series of walk-throughs to ensure everything looks great, and there will also be some misc. touchups that need to be performed outside of the buildings that were scheduled for this year. 

Thanks again everybody for your incredible cooperation and thanks so much for having us out again this year!

Mario and Francisco survey the situation and do some prepping.

As you’ve probably noticed, paper (LOTS of paper) figures prominently into a crisp, clean paint job.

Tuesday, June 21st: Good afternoon Pine Hollow. In our business, no news is generally good news and things have been pretty quiet out at Pine Hollow which can only mean that things are progressing according to plan. The weather is back to cooperating and that means things will continue to progress at a nice clip for the remainder of the week. The only day that looks to be questionable is Wednesday but maybe we’ll luck out! 

As of midday today, the crew was nearing completion of the 170-190 building and 204-216 was in progress. If the weather continues to cooperate, we should be close to finishing there by Saturday, then on to the third and final building (7205-7245) on Monday! 

Thanks everybody!

As we say time and time again, PREP is absolutely critical on ensuring a great end result and the fellas are leaving no stone unturned at Pine Hollow!

A panoramic view of the project in progress at 190. Thanks to all the gracious homeowners out there as we work diligently!

Monday, June 13th: Hello again residents of Pine Hollow. Last year, we got things underway just before 4th of July and we remember marveling at just how majestic your association looks with Old Glory perched on almost every doorstep. Well, we are honored to be back onsite with you again this year and feel as though it will be our patriotic duty to repeat the success of last year’s project. 

Just as was the case last year, the project will begin with pressure washing, which is underway as we write.

Pressure washing is underway at Pine Hollow on Monday.

The buildings that are included as part of this year’s project are 170/180/190 Pine Hollow Place, 204/210/216 Pine Hollow Place, and 7205/7215/7225/7235/7245 Manning Ave.

We will be finishing your hard siding (including lap/shakes), XLD trim, soffits, front doors/frames, garage doors/frames, cedar railings/spindles, cedar picket fencing, pillars, and stair risers.

Should questions arise, please hesitate to reach out.

Should the weather cooperate, which has been a big question mark this year so far, we anticipate the project will take about 3 weeks to complete.

Thanks everybody!

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