Park Towers – St. Louis Park

Park Towers – St. Louis Park

Monday, September 28th – Projected Completion Date of 9/29

Greetings & Welcome to the official project blog for the painting project at Park Towers in St. Louis Park.  We are so happy you found us!

Monday, September 28th: We are on the home stretch at Park Towers and we can’t thank everybody enough for their ongoing cooperation, particularly those residents with undersides that required painting, as it required not 1, but 2 separate trips. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

One final administrative note that will have likely impact your daily schedules. Tomorrow between the hours of 1:30-4:30 we are planning to paint the overhead garage doors into the underground parking garages. There will be clear evidence of work being performed it is still in progress but any time after 4:30 if paper/plastic are no longer up, it is safe to enter/exit. 

Thanks everybody!

An image of one of the stacks before the color change.

And After!!!

Wednesday, September 23rd: With the probability of rain looming, we are proceeding with cautious optimism today @ Park Towers and continuing to paint the porch areas on the 4800 Building. Tomorrow, however, with the probability of rain above 60%, we are going to focus solely on the newly installed deck undersides. For some of you, this will mean a second trip to your patio and we are grateful for your patience and understanding as we reach the home stretch of the project. 

The schedule for the deck undersides, going forward, is as follows:

Wednesday, 9/23

4820 Building: 206/207, 306/307

Thursday, 9/24:

4820 Building: 106/107, 406/407, 506/507, 606/607 

4810 Building: 106/107, 206/207, 306/307, 406/407

Friday, 9/25: 

4820 Building: 104/105, 504/505, 604

Monday, 9/28:

4820 – 605

4810 Building: 506/507, 606/607

The deck undersides that run perpindicular to the building will be painted between now and Monday.

Friday, September 18th:  Now that the rains have subsided, the fellas are back at it @ Park Towers and have transitioned to the 605/604, 505/504, and 405/404 on the 4800 building. On Monday, they will continue down the east stack and will be completing 305/304, 205/204, and 105, 104 on 4800, weather permitting of course.

Thursday, September 17th: No work today at Park Towers due to rain.

Wednesday, September 16th: With temps hovering over 80 degrees, exterior painting season continues in full force at Park Towers. The fellas have transitioned to the 4800 Building and are making their way down teh building, completing the usual 6 units per day. Completed today were 302/303, 202/203, and 102/103. Late afternoon, the fellas shifted their attention to the pool fence, which will be painted to match the residence railings.

Monday, September 14th: While the Vikings season begins anew tonight at 9:15 (SKOL!!!!) work comes to a close on the 4810 Building. The guys should have a great day for it with high’s in the mid 70’s. Now, if only the Vikes had scores in the high 70’s!!!!  Have a great start to the week everybody!

Prep is a critical first step when it comes to painting!

Friday, September 11th: It’s always a little surreal writing the date September 11th, and it’s hard to believe that 14 years has passed since that fateful day. Nevertheless, it’s a great reminder of the incredible freedoms we enjoy, and among those freedoms is getting to do an honest day’s work for an honest wage. With fall in the air, our work continues on the 4810 Building today, with the guys nearing completion on 406/407. Scheduled for Monday are 306/307, 206/207, and 106/107, Tuesday we will be shifting to the North side of the 4800 Building. 

Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, September 10th: Good morning residents of Park Towers. Hope this morning finds you dry from last night’s deluge! Despite the rain, because metal generally doesn’t absorb water all that much, work will proceed as planned today, with the following units scheduled for completion in the 4810 Building:

505/504 – We have to complete work from yesterday on these two units





Also, scheduled for Friday,9/10 (weather permitting) are the following units:




Special thanks to Anne Thompson for all of her efforts thus far in facilitating the project. Her communication, feedback, and ultimately involvement in ensuring schedules are kept so residents know what to expect and can plan accordingly have been nothing short of superb. Kudos Anne!

The fellas are making steady progress on the 4810 Building

Friday, August 28th: While some of our crews had to stay home today due to rain – Park Towers didn’t receive a drop so the crew stayed on schedule and will be working at the property today! 

Yesterday, we were able to complete the foundation painting in the common areas.  That was a nice check mark to add to our completion list.  

Today the focus on the decking will be on the following units: 

204, 205, 304, 305 & 404. 

Once those are completed today, the crew is taking a well deserved weekend off and will be back on the property on Monday!

Despite only finishing limited surfaces on the decks, the prep has to be impeccable to ensure that no product gets on the concrete or other excluded areas!

Wednesday, August 26th: As planned, we have completed the decking at 303, 402, 403, 502 & 503 yesterday.  

Today we plan on finishing 102, 103, 202, 203 & 302

 Our long range forecast for decking is as follows:

Thursday: 405, 504, 505, 604 & 605

Friday: 204, 205, 304, 305 & 404

Monday: 104, 105, 507, 606 & 607

Tuesday: 306, 307, 406, 407 & 506

Wednesday: 106, 107, 206 & 207

Monday, August 24th: After a couple days of rain last week, we are hoping for a dry & beautiful, albiet colder, painting week ahead.

The tentative plan for the early part of the week is to prep & finish the deck stacks of ’02 & ’03.  Our tentative schedule is as follows:

Monday, August 24th: 602, 603

Tuesday, August 25th: 303, 402, 403, 502 & 503

Wednesday, August 26th: 102, 103, 202, 203 & 302

We are looking forward to a productive week ahead & hope everyone had a terrific weekend!

Tuesday, August 18th:  We showed up promptly at 8 am yesterday and quickly got to work.  Thanks to Anne for her help in facilitating/ coordinating the schedule to get us going.  At times, that can be the most difficult aspect of the job but she went above and beyond (which we hear is per usual).

Yesterday, we completed units 101, 201 & 208.  We are currently working on units 301, 308, 401 & 408.  

Today we are hopeful that we can finish the decks we prepped yesterday.  However it is forecasted that a rather large weather system will be moving into the area between 10 am – 12 pm today.  We will be onsite at 8 am and try to get some work done prior to the rain.  

Once we have a better idea of how long the system will last (Sven from Kare 11 morning show said it could last through Thursday) we will update you folks with the schedule!

Jaime and crew is ready to tackle this exterior project update at Park Towers!

The first step for the project was to begin prepping the railings including scraping, sanding and priming.

Distance view of the work being completed at Park Towers on Monday morning. Notice the silver primer on the deck skirts, railings, etc.

The beauty of three completed decks! We hope you are excited for the transformation as we are!!

Friday, August 14th: Thanks for visiting our project blog for the Park Towers in St. Louis Park.  We hope you are as excited as we are to get going on the project.  

The work will begin on Monday with prep (sanding, priming) of the metal railings.  The included units scheduled to be worked on monday are: 

101, 201, 208, 301, 308, 401 & 408

Tentatively, we are scheduled to start work on TUESDAY at:

501, 508, 601, 608

103, 104, 203 & 204 

This schedule may change as weather and work load may affect the overall completion speed of each unit.

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