St. John’s Bay – Woodbury

St. John’s Bay – Woodbury

Door Painting Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for your upcoming painting project at St. John’s Bay in Woodbury. We’re looking forward to being onsite with you!

Route Map at St. John’s Bay

Resident Door Painting 

Time Saturday, May 18th
9:00 am 3 spots available
10:00 am 3 spots available
11:00am 3 spots available
12:00am 3 spots available

Wednesday, May 15th: Hello residents of Saint John’s Bay! 

The crew is just about wrapped on the garage trim, garage doors, and entry trim of your townhomes. They’ll return on Saturday to paint the remaining entry doors. This will require participation from you as we paint the doors in the open position. 

Please ‘Leave a Comment’ below with your Unit # and time requested for door painting. We’ll be onsite from 9am until 12pm. You can also email Dana or call our office 763-559-5296 ex. 1

Thanks so much!

 Another day and another pillar.

Painting one of the residence doors.

Tuesday, May 14th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is cruising along and started painting at the 1044 Building today with the columns and posts. They’ll continue to make their way across St. John’s Bay Rd through the week. 

We are also painting the residence doors— if you’d like to schedule a specific time, we’ll be painting doors on Saturday, 5/18. ‘Leave a Comment’ below or email to schedule a time. Otherwise, while we are at your unit and you are home, we can also paint your door as we prefer to paint them in the open position. Thanks!

Spraying one of the garage doors.

Prepping and painting around the entry columns.

Monday, May 13th: Hello and Happy Monday! 

The crew is back onsite and they are prepping and painting the selected garage frames and entry trim. They are starting on the Northwest side of Saint Johns Bay, off of Eastview Rd. They’ll make their way South and move East along Saint John’s Bay. The route is mapped above as well. We’ll post updates as the crew make progress so you can anticipate their arrival at your home as best we can. Thanks!

Taping around the garage door window grids.

Painting the garage door frames.

Friday, May 10th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crew is off and running at St. John’s Bay. They are completing the pressure washing portion of the project today and then unless Mother Nature throws us some crazy weather, we’ll return to begin prepping and painting the selected areas of your entries.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

We are up and at ’em this morning!

Wednesday, May 8th: Good afternoon and welcome to your project blog! 

For this year’s painting project we will be prepping and painting select areas of your homes. This includes – 18 double garage doors/frames, select entry trim- door frames, kickplates, and entry pillars, as well as 24 residence front doors. 

We’ll begin your project on Friday, 5/10 with pressure washing of the select garage doors and frames. Once these substrates have dried thoroughly, we’ll return to begin the painting portion of the project. 

Painting your resident front doors is part of your project and this will take place near the end of the project. We’ll provide an additional notice and information right here on the blog regarding those instructions on how to schedule an appointment as we prefer to paint your door in the open position, thus needing some cooperation from homeowners. 

You can stay tuned here on the blog for project progress updates, photos, and changes to the schedule if they come up, and more information regarding door painting. Thanks!


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