Maplebrook Estates – Brooklyn Park

Maplebrook Estates – Brooklyn Park

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for the upcoming painting project at Maplebrook Estates. We are looking forward to being onsite with you!

Site Map – Quadrants labeled

Thursday, August 23rd: Good afternoon and happy start of the MN State Fair! The twelve days of fried goodness has begun and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day to kick it all off! Be sure to check out the list of new foods, band lineups, and other attractions before heading over to St. Paul! 

Stretchy pants, empty stomachs, can’t lose! 

The crew will be wrapping up their staining by the end of the day!

Another one bites the dust… and we say that in the best possible way – another deck complete!

Done & done!

Wednesday, August 22nd: Good afternoon!

Brief update: The crew is continuing to make their way around in Quadrant III and IV to paint your decks, posts, skirts, and railings. Note- our carpentry crew has wrapped at Maplebrook as well. We’ll post pictures soon!

Friday, August 17th: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is wrapping up the decks in Quadrant II today and will pressure wash the decks in Quadrant III tomorrow, 8/18 and then begin staining on Monday, 8/20. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Looking sharp at Maplebrook Estates.

Added another deck to the “Done” list!

Wednesday, August 15th:

Spotted – 2 member of our carpentry crew in blue!

Rey to the rescue – carpentry work at Weston Woods.

Tuesday, August 14th: Hello residents of Maplebrook Estates! 

The crew is cruising thorugh the decks, steps, skirts, and posts. We’ll let you know when they’ll be moving onto the next quadrant for pressure washing – at the earliest, late this week, but likely the early part of next week. Thanks!

There is pep in our step with these newly painted stairs.

One of the completed decks in Quadrant II.

Thursday, August 9th: Good afternoon!

The crew has completed their staining in Quadrant I and is currently The crew pressure washing the decks in Quadrant II. They’ll finish them today and then resume their staining on Monday, 8/13. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 8th: Hello residents of Maplebrook Estates! 

Can you believe we’re just about a week out from the Great Minnesota Get- Together?! We look forward to the 11 days of food on a stick, live music, animal barns, games, and rides all year and it’s right around the corner. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the ‘new foods’ list – here it is. 

The crew is wrapping up the decks in Quadrant I and will begin pressure washing the areas in Quadrant II tomorrow.

Up close and personal with your deck boards and railings.

Another deck completed at Maplebrook.

Monday, August 6th: Good afternoon! We hope you all had a great weekend!

The crew is continuing to prep and stain the decks in Phase I at Maplebrook. As an FYI, they’ll be pressure washing in Phase II on Thursday, 8/9. We’ll post some pictures tomorrow!

Friday, August 3rd: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is holding steady in Quadrant I, but unfortunately the rain has halted their progress for today. They’ll resume tomorrow and will need 1-2 more working days to complete the decks in the first quadrant.

One the finished deck floors – looking great!

Floors, railings, posts – check, check, check!

Thursday, August 2nd: Hello and good afternoon!

Brief update: the crew is continuing to stain decks in the first quadrant. We’ll be posting some progress pictures soon!

Tuesday, July 31st: Good afternoon! 

The crew has finished pressure washing the decks in quadrant I and is completing some prep work today in advanace of the staining. They’ll begin the staining tomorrow. Thanks!

Friday, July 27th: Good morning and TGIF!

The crew is continuing with their painting of the garage door frames and front door kickplates. We’ll begin pressure washing the decks in quadrant 1 on Monday, 7/30. We’ll then be back onsite to begin the staining in quadrant 1 on Wednesday, 8/1- weather permitting. When your area is scheduled for pressure washing please remove the contents of your deck for unobstructed access to wash as well as for the staining. Thanks and have a great weekend!

The frame is scraped and primed and ready for painting.

The garage door frames are looking fresh with a new coat of paint.

One of the completed garage door frames.

Wednesday, July 25th: Good afternoon! 

Your project is officially underway with the painting of your garage door frames and front door kick plates. Stay tuned for further blue notices for information regarding the pressure washing and staining of your decks. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 24th: Greetings and welcome to your project blog! 

We’ll be getting your project underway tomorrow, July 24th with the prep and painting of your garage door frames and front door kick plates. This should have little to no impact on your daily happenings- we just ask you to be mindful of newly painted areas. We anticipate our crew to take about 4 days to complete this portion of the project. 

During your project we’ll also be pressure washing and staining your decks. We will divide your association into 4 quadrants to complete the pressure washing and staining to minimize the time needed to have your deck items cleared. Before we begin on your deck/quadrant, we’ll post a subsquent notice, alerting you of the date of pressure washing as well as anticipated start date for staining – with weather being the main deterent from this schedule. This Friday, 7/27 we’ll be performing an inspection of the decks to identify areas needing repairs. 

Stay tuned here on the blog for further details- route and projected schedule. Thanks and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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