Steeplechase HOA – Eagan 2018 – Painting Project

Steeplechase HOA – Eagan 2018 – Painting Project

Painting Complete

Greetings residents of Steeplechase in Eagan. We are thrilled to be back onsite with you this summer!

Site Map & Order of Completion.

Monday, October 22nd: Greetings and good afternoon! 

The crew is wrapping up on Building #2 today. We wanted to extend a thank you to all of the residents for your patience as the weather ultimately dictated the progress of our project. Thankfully we’ve had a good stretch of sunny and clear weather to finish up your project. We’ll be completing a walk through and touch ups in the near future as well. 

We hope you have a great rest of the year!

And we are wrapping up on Building #2 on this gorgeous Monday!

Putting on those final touch ups to the front trim at Steeplechase.

Friday, October 19th: Hello and TGIF! 

Another beautiful day and we are loving this gorgeous fall weather! The crew on Building #4 has completed their painting and has a few doors remaining. And we are projecting the crew painting at Building #2 will be wrapping up on Monday, 10/22. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 18th: What a perfect fall day! 

We are thrilled to have another day of sunshine and mild temperatures AND so are your crews! They are continuing to prep and paint on the #2 and #4 Buildings. They should be on track to complete #4 by Saturday and #2 will be mid week, next week. Thanks!

Prep on the front peaks.

We couldn’t ask for a better day to be painting at Steeplechase.

Wednesday, October 17th: Hello residents of Steeplechase. 

Our crews are prepping and painting on Buildings #2 and #4. They started on #2 today and not yesterday as we posted, sorry for any confusion. 

Follow our progression of prep steps in painting this garage door.

Taping off and covering the windows.

Taping around the garage door.

Putting plastic down to cover the driveway.

Marvin, in action, spraying the garage door.

The end product! A thorough prep yields a crisp and clean finish.

Tuesday, October 16th: Good afternoon! 

A few brief updates on progress: the crew is continuing to prep and painting on Building #4 and they anticipate to finish it by Saturday, 10/20. The 2nd crew will be starting on #2 today and will finish it the early part of next week. Thanks!

Prepping to spray the soffits.

Jaime sprays one of the garage doors.

Blue skies and prep work on Building #4.

Monday, October 15th: Hello and happy Monday!

After a chilly and shockingly snowy wake up call yesterday morning, we are thrilled to see the sun today and resume our ‘fall’ programming! 

One of our crews is beginning their prep and painting on Building #4 and we anticipate the 2nd crew to start on Buildings #2 on Wednesday. Thanks!

Friday, October 12th: We can’t tell you how good it is to write ‘Painting In Progress’ on our blogs today! 

After what seems like the the rainiest start of October, we are back in business at Steeplechase! The crews are prepping and painting on Buildings #1 and #3. We’ll be starting #4 on Monday as well.

Thanks so much for your patience as Mother Nature decided to put a stop on our progress over the last week. With what looks like clear weather for the next week, our crews are eager to get your project complete. Thanks and have a great weekend!

No rain in sight… ladders up to get the job done!

Painting the window trim on Building #3.

Thursday, October 11th: Good morning! 

Is it true?! There is no rain in sight for the next several days!

Though it isn’t raining, it’s too wet to be applying paint. We have one crew onsite at Building #1 – getting ahead on their prep work. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 10th: Here we are again, deja vu with another rainy day. I suppose we can chalk this one up to Milli Vanilli and their hit ‘Blame it on the Rain.’ We’re hopeful to resume prep and painting tomorrow. Thanks!

Monday, October 8th: Good morning! We hope you all had a great weekend! 

All of this rain has halted our crews painting at Buildings #1 and #3. They’ll resume once the weather allows. Thanks!

Friday, October 5th: Hello and TGIF! 

What rain? The crews have resumed their prep and painting on Buildings #1 and #3.

Jaime back rolls an area of the siding.

Painting the trim.

Ladders up to spray the siding and paint the trim.

Thursday, October 4th: Good afternoon! 

The crew couldn’t be happier to have a clear day for painting, especially after the recent rain pattern. Prep and painting is at long last underway on Buildings #1 and #3.

With tape and a masker in his back pocket, our crew preps the front elevation.

Marvin rolls the paint onto one of the garages.

Paper and tape are the name of the prep game.

Tuesday, October 2nd: Hello and just like that it’s October! There sure is a crispness to the air and we like it! ‘Tis the season for apple orchards, all things pumpkin, Halloween costumes, and Hocus Pocus. Happy Fall ya’ll! 

This is it, after much delay due to uncontrollable circumstances, ahem Mother Nature, we’ll be getting started tomorrow on Buildings #1 and #3. We had originally planned to complete the 4 buildings in sequential order, but with the weather pushing us back a fair amount we want to mobilize a 2nd crew to begin on the 3rd building as well. 

We want to say thank you as we appreciate your understanding and flexibility in our change of plans. 

We’ll see you onsite tomorrow!

Friday, September 28th: Hello and TGIF! 

We had ourselves some Friday fun at the Roell Painting Office this afternoon – Painter Appreciation BBQ, complete with a Dunk Tank!


Check out our Facebook Link for more of the action. 

Buildings #3 & #4 were pressure washed today and we’ll be getting started on Tuesday, 10/2 on Building #1. Thank you for your patience – we appreciate it! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 27th: Good morning residents of Steeplechase. 

With all of the rain we had earlier this week, your crew was set back on their current projects. They are wrapping up and we anticipate to start prepping and painting on  Monday, 10/1 – how it is already October?! 

As a reminder, we will be pressure washing Building #3 & #4 tomorrow, Friday 9/27. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 18th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is off and running in Eagan. They’ve started to pressure wash Buildings #1 and #2 and will likely finish them today as well. The weather is kind of dictating when the crew will return to begin prepping and painting on Buildng #1, but we’d guess early to mid-week next week. Thanks!

Welcome Video @ Steeplechase.

Tuesday, September 11th: Good morning residents of Steeplechase and welcome to your project blog for this summer’s painting project. Thank you for having us back; we’re looking forward to working with and for you again this year!

Slated for this year’s project is the prep and painting of 4 of your buildings, 4844-4850, 1438-1442, 1452-1458, and 4906-4910. Included areas are your siding, fascia, garage doors/frames, front doors/frames, rear deck skirts/pillars, shutters, and decorative gable vents. 

We’ll begin by pressure washing Buildings 1 & 2 only on Tuesday, September 18th, which we ask you to please close your windows during the washing. After the substrates have had time to dry, we’ll begin prepping and painting. Posted above is a route map, highlighting the order in which we’ll complete the painting. We’ll be posting subsequent notices in advance of pressure washing Buildings #3 and #4. Thanks!

Stay tuned here on the blog for progress updates, project photos, and any changes in the schedule that may come up! 


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