The Miles – Uptown

The Miles – Uptown

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming project at The Miles in Uptown. We’re looking forward to being onsite and working with and for you this summer!

Route Map @ The Miles


Projected Finishing Schedule at The Miles

Phase Pressure Washing Start Date Prep & Painting Start Date
Phase 1 Tuesday, 9/17 Thursday, 9/19
Phase 2 Tuesday, 9/24 Thursday, 9/26
Phase 3 Monday, 9/30 Friday, 10/4
Phase 4 Saturday, 9/28 *those sections without decks Monday, 10/14

The Upcoming Weather for 10/11

Thursday, October 31st: Good morning! 

We’ve wrapped at The Miles and we wanted to share a few photos from the final few days we were onsite. Thank you to all of the people involved with this project – your management, building staff, residents, and the City of Minneapolis for road closure assistance. We appreciate so much your cooperation while we spent the last month onsite pressure washing, prepping, painting, and staining the exterior of your building! 

Teamwork up top.

Staining the hard wood on the Greenway side.

Crawler booms going up in the courtyard.

Friday, October 25th: Good afternoon and TGIF! 

We all have a little extra pep in our step from the Vikings Thursday Night Win over Washington! 

The end is in sight and the crew is planning to wrap up tomorrow (!) and we are thrilled at how the project is coming along. The bright and bold blue pops and fit with the eclectic aesthetic of Uptown! 

It has been our pleasure completing your painting project his summer and fall and we hope you enjoy your newly painted living space. Cheers!

Crawler Booms going up!

We are finishing strong at the Miles.

Thursday, October 24th: Greetings! 

It’s another beautiful fall day and the Vikings are hosting the Washington Redskins for Thursday Night Football! 

The crew is continuing to prep and paint sections of the courtyard/pool area. They are hopeful to be wrapping up by Saturday or Sunday! 

Going up to prep and cover the balconies.

Prepping the courtyard balconies.

2 crawler booms — trick or treat!

Wednesday, October 23rd: Good afternoon! 

We are thrilled to be back onsite after our rain days on Monday and Tuesday. The crew is set to wrap up by Saturday with the continued dry and warmer weather through the rest of the week! 

We’re exclusively working in the courtyard with 3 crawler booms to continue painting the pergolas and stucco areas and wrap up by the end of the week. 

This week’s weather – 10/23

We are onsite and getting it all done in the courtyard. We’ll be wrapped up by Saturday – thanks again for your patience as we navigated your project through some unfortunate weather blessings from Mother Nature. 

The boom is going up in the courtyard.

Painting the stucco in the courtyard.

Friday, October 18th: Hello and TGIF! 

It’s another beautiful day and we are just elated that we’re not having a repeat of last weekend’s weather! 

The crew is finishing their staining on the Colfax side today, continuing to stain areas in the courtyard/pool area, and removing plastic from completed areas. The remaining areas are contained to the courtyard area, though they are not painting today as it’s too windy. They are anticipating once they can get started on the courtyard painting that they’ll be completed in 5 working days… the end is in sight! 

Thanks for following along on the progress of the project here on the blog! 

Taking down the plastic.

Staining the wood accents.

Stained and ready to shine!

Staining the pool deck pergolas.

Thursday, October 17th: What a beautiful day! 

The crew is busy onsite with about 15 crew members. We’re working on all sides of the building, either prepping and covering, painting the stucco, or staining the pergolas. We are projected to wrap up the stucco and siding on the Colfax, North, and Dupont sides of the building. We’ll remain in the courtyard and pool areas prepping and painting the pergolas as well as the stucco in those areas. 

The end is in sight as we are hopeful to wrap up in the next week to week and a half, depending mostly on the weather. 

Wednesday, October 16th: Hello residents of the Miles! 

The crew is working across all sides of the building today and completing a range of tasks — pressure washing in the courtyard and also staining the hardwood along the Colfax, Dupont, and north sides of the building. The painting on the Colfax balconies will be wrapped up today as well. Tomorrow they’ll begin staining the pergolas. 

Staining around the entry.

Making our way along Dupont staining the hard wood.

Lifts up to stain sections of the wood.

Brightening up the entryway!

Tuesday, October 15th: Good afternoon! 

Another great day! The crew is busy prepping and painting the deck stacks today. As Jesse mentioned in his video, more lifts will be arriving to allow us to working across multiple sides and heights of the building. 

A completed section — looking bold and impressive if you ask us!

Paper and tape along the edges.

Taping off and covering along the seam.

Lifts in action on Colfax.

Removing paper from a completed deck stack.

Monday, October 14th: Greetings! 

We’ve resumed our prep after last week’s seemingly endless rain and the weekend wintry mix. 

The crew is working on the south side of the building on the deck inserts as well as those inserts along the Colfax side of the building. They are prepping and covering windows and railings along the alley on the north side for spraying the bump outs. 

Tomorrow two more lifts will be delivered so we can complete the pool and courtyard pergolas. We’ll also begin staining the hardwood on the Dupont side either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on the weather. Thanks! 

Spraying on the north side of The Miles.

Up to the tip top to prep the perimeter.

Spraying along the north side.

Let the light shine in! Removing the plastic from the windows.

Friday, October 11th: Good afternoon and TGIF!

The crew is removing plastic and paper from the decking areas today. They’ll return on Monday to finish up the siding on the deck interiors. They’ll also begin staining the pergolas on the Dupont side as well as in the courtyard starting on Tuesday. Thanks and we appreciate your patience as the cooler and wet weather has dictated our schedule. 

Taking down the plastic on the Colfax side of The Miles.

A completed section!

The siding is complete and we are removing the plastic.

Wednesday, October 9th: Greetings!

The crew is continuing on the Colfax side of the building – spraying the 2nd coat on the stucco and are anticipating about 2 more working days for this side of the Building. Today they are continuing to work in the courtyard and will finish by the end of the day. They’ll also begin prepping the north side of the building.

Next week, we’ll move back to the Dupont side of the building to stain the pergolas and hard wood siding. And from there we’ll go back to Colfax to complete the pergolas and hard wood siding. 

Tuesday, October 8th: Good afternoon! 

It’s another beautiful day and we are making the most of it and is looks like there might be snow in the weekend forecast! 

The crew is prepping and painting the lap siding in the courtyard and common areas today as well as utilizing the lifts to prep and paint across the Colfax side of the building. Thanks!

Prepping and painting our way down this section of the building.

Going Blue!

Taping off and covering along the railings.

Prep in the courtyard.

Prepping and covering railings, doors, and windows in the common areas.

Monday, October 7th: Hello and happy Monday!

We hope you all had a great weekend! The crew is back onsite and finishing their prep and covering of windows and railings on the Colfax side of the Building and will begin to spray the prepped sections today as well. They are also continuing to make their way along the Greenway side of the building as well. Thanks!

A section is prepped and ready for paint.

Windows are covered, railings covered off, and we are ready to apply some paint!

Making our way down a window stack — prepping and covering.

Covering windows.

Friday, October 4th: Hello and TGIF!

We are back in action!!! 

The crew couldn’t be more excited, maybe other than it being a Friday that we are able to prep along the Colfax side of The Miles. We’ll be starting at the south side of of Colfax and making our way north along the building. 

They’ll prep and paint in sections to minimize the time windows are covered for residents. Thanks!

The Boom is fired up and ready to roll!

Prepping on Colfax.

Thursday, October 3rd: Greetings residents of The Miles!

We hope you’re all staying warm as we apparently are kicking off October and fall with the some rain! 

The weather has the delayed the crew another day because the substrates are too wet from the rain. We’ll resume our prep and painting tomorrow AND would ask you to move your cars off of Colfax Ave S along the building. We’ll need to mobilize our lift to prep and cover windows and then spray. 

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Wednesday, October 2nd: Good morning! 

It’s another gloomy day and yesterday’s rain has left the building surfaces pretty wet. We’re hopeful with a clear day today, the crew can resume tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted here on the blog!

Progress so far: Phase II – they’ve completed the 1st coat of paint on the west building. Once the weather allows they’ll re-prep/cover windows and then apply the 2nd coat before moving over to the east building. 

Phase III- They’ll begin their prep of the south east side of the building, along Colfax as the weather allows. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 1st: Hello and happy October! 

The crew is continuing their pressure washing today of the west/Colfax side of the building as well as areas in the pool courtyard. 

The crew is pressure washing in the courtyard.

Pressure washing the pool pergolas.

Monday, September 30th: Good morning! 

We’re kicking off pressure washing on the east side of the building today. We’ve posted No Parking sign along the west side of Colfax. You may park overnight on the street, but please move cars by 7am.  There will also be No Parking signs posted on the east side of Colfax mid week to allow more movements of the Boom. Thanks!

Boom’s up to pressure wash the upper level siding areas.

‘Crawling’ along the Colfax side of The Miles.

Friday, September 28th: Good afternoon and TGIF!

We’ve had an incredibly productive week with both booms onsite and we’ll soon be wrapping up the Dupont side of the building. They’re also prepping areas along the south side of the building along the Greenway. Please note, we’ll be washing the sections without any decks tomorrow along the north side of the building (Phase IV) so there should be little disruption to those residents. 

Hoping for another good weather week next week! Have a great weekend!

Covering windows along the south side.

Prepping along the Greenway.

Thursday, September 26th: Greetings! 

The crew is wrapping up – painting on the balconies and then removing plastic on the main section of the building on the Dupont side. They’re continuing to prep and paint sections of the Dupont side on the smaller portion on the north end. 

Lift is mobilized on the north end of Dupont.

The main section on Dupont is wrapping up — painting on the balconies and then taking down the plastic.

Spraying another section on Dupont.

Wednesday, September 25th: Good afternoon! 

We have three lifts onsite as we are prepping and painting across the Dupont side of the building as well as pressure wash in Phase II. As a resident on the Dupont side, you can anticipate when we’ll be painting at your section as you see your railings and windows being covering. After areas are covered, the crew is generally returning a day after to begin painting. We know it may feel like you’re in a fishbowl with your windows all covered up, but it’s just a part of the process and is only temporary as we paint your siding. Thanks for your cooperation!

Tuesday, September 24th: Greetings! 

We had another lift arrive onsite today. We’ll be utilizing the 2nd lift to pressure wash Phase II- which is the south side of the building along the greenway. We anticipate the washing to take a few days to wash and then we’ll begin prepping and painting select areas of Phase II starting on Thursday, 9/26. The crew is also continuing along the Dupont side of the building with the sequence of prepping a ‘stack’ of the building and then painting that same ‘stack.’

Prepping another ‘stack’ of the Dupont side.

Pressure washing the wood accents.

Phase II Pressure Washing.

Monday. September 23rd: Good afternoon! 

The crew is continuing in Phase I of the project with their prep, spraying, and back rolling of the siding areas on the Dupont side of the building. We have another lift being delivered tomorrow and the potential for a 3rd. Thanks for your cooperation while navigating around our lifts. 

Jesse was onsite this morning to check in the with crew and check the progress and order up more materials as needed.

Prepping and painting along the walkway.

Going up!

Mobilizing the lift to spray and back roll.

Friday, September 20th: Hello and TGIF!

The crew is painting the areas of the Dupont side that are currently covered and prepped with plastic. They’ll then apply the 2nd coat tomorrow and then we ‘ll remove the plastic from your windows/decking areas. We appreciate your patience as we have your windows covered for a bit, but we are making our best effort to minimize the time your windows are covered. Thanks!

Thursday, September 19th: Greetings! 

The crew is prepping and covering windows along the Dupont side of the Miles. They are anticipating to begin painting tomorrow. Thanks! 

Up up and away!

Bear with us as we have your windows covered as we get them ready for painting.

Covering windows and prepping from the top down.

Tuesday, September 17th: Good afternoon! 

The boom has arrived and we are in action on the Dupont side of The Miles. The crew is pressure washing the west side of the building along Dupont Avenue S. We wanted to extend our thanks for your patience as we utilize the traffic and sidewalk along the building for our washing and soon painting. Thanks! 

Going up on a Tuesday.

Reaching way up to the top.

Blue skies and booms.

Monday, September 16th: Good morning! 

Just a quick update that we’ll be getting started with the boom onsite tomorrow at 8am. Thanks in advance for your cooperation as we utilize a large lift and will need to block some of the driving lane closest the building at Dupont Ave S. Thanks!

Friday, September 13th: Friday the 13th, a full moon, and a Border Battle weekend for our Vikings and Packers — oh my!

We hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 12th: Good morning! 

We’ve got ourselves another rain delay. The crew will return on Monday when the large boom lifts will be delivered. Looking forward to pressure washing the Dupont-side exterior. Thank you in advance for your cooperation  and patience as we’ll be closing the side walk and one lane of traffic at times. Thanks! 

A little laugh to brighten this gloomy day.

Tuesday, September 10th: Greetings! 

The crew will be wrapping up their pressure washing of the pergolas today and will then return as the substrates are dry enough and the weather allows. Thanks!

Monday, September 9th: Good morning! 

The crew is off and running at The Miles and beginning with pressure washing.

After pressure washing.

Before pressure washing.

Friday, August 30th: Hello and TGIF! 

Welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at The Miles in Uptown. We are thrilled to be prepping and painting your building!

We are applying some color samples to the building today to be reviewed and approved. Once that all happens we’ll get rolling – up first, pressure washing and then prepping and painting. 

‘Snowbound’ going up on the left side of the breezeway.

We’ll post an anticipated finishing schedule and proposed route map so you can stay apprised of project details and progress. Thank you again for having us and we’ll see you real soon! 

2 by 2 – ladders up to paint the samples.

Prepping to apply the samples.

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