Grant Park – Minneapolis

Grant Park – Minneapolis

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the 2020 Painting Project at Grant Park in Minneapolis! We are looking forward to being back onsite with you this spring!

Route Map

Phase I Benches, garbage cans, posts 4/22/20
Phase II Resident entry railings 4/23/20
Phase III Resident entry railings 4/25/20

Welcome Video

Friday, May 1st: Hello and happy Friday! 

It’s a new month, the sun is shining, and we are wrapping your project today. We wanted to thank you for your cooperation as we painted the railings in your common areas as well as around the City Homes and the Town Homes. It has been our pleasure sprucing up the railings throughout the property. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 30th: Greetings! 

It’s a beautiful day! 

The crew is making their way around the buildings in Phase III and will be wrapping up today as well. We will return to make touch ups after areas have been marked with blue tape. Thanks!

Turning the corner and heading towards the finish line!

Wrapping up the entry railings.

Going up to the top!

Wednesday, April 29th: Good morning! 

We are back onsite after our rain delays. The crew is prepping at painting in Phase III. They are anticipating 1-2 more working days, weather permitting to be finished with your railings. 

Ladders up to paint the Juliet Railings.

Making our way around the corner!

Monday, April 27th: Greetings! 

We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather we had over the weekend! After the rain however, the crew will not be onsite today to allow the substrates to dry fully before returning to finish up the railings. 

They are about 99% complete in Phase II and will soon move onto Phase III which they are anticipating to take about 3-4 days to complete, weather permitting. 

Friday, April 24th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The sun is shining and we’re sure glad to be outside and enjoying it at Grant Park. The crew has moved onto Phase II and is painting the entry level and upper ‘Juliet Railings’ along with the lantern lights. We anticipate the crew to wrap up this phase today as well. They are really cruising! Tomorrow they’ll begin on Phase III with the ‘Juliet Railings’ and the lantern lights. 

Taking apart the lantern lights to clean, prep, and paint them.

Leave the light on!

Painting the Juliet Railings.

Prep and painting in Phase II.

Thursday, April 23rd: Greetings! 

We hope you were able to enjoy the weather yesterday! We are certainly ready for more warm weather!

The crew will be finishing up in the courtyard – Phase I today. They’ll then move to Phase II – starting in the SW corner on MN 65/5th Ave S. and moving clockwise around these entry railings. 

Cleaning up the posts.

Ta-Da; one of the completed benches.

Freshly painted garbage can.

Wednesday, April 22nd: Good morning! 

The crew is off and running at Grant Park this morning! It’s going to be a beautiful day and the crew is thrilled to be prepping and painting some of your common area items – planters, benches, etc. 

Please be mindful when outside and near areas we are working on for wet paint – thank you! 

There will be 3 Phases for this project:

Phase I – Courtyard — benches, garbage cans, and posts. 

Phase II & Phase III- Residence Entry Railings

We’ll post a tentative phase map of all areas we’ll be painting for this project soon – stay tuned!

Readying your benches for this warmer weather!

Prepping and painting your planters – just in time for this warm weather!

Taping off the edges.

A beautiful for painting in Minneapolis.

Monday, April 20th: Good morning and welcome to your project blog! 

We are thrilled to be back onsite at Grant Park this spring to be prepping and finishing your exterior metal railings . We’ll be painting several areas with railings including the ‘City Home & Town Home’ handrail supports and lantern lights, pool building/common area courtyard supports, courtyard bollard posts, planter urns, garage can closures, common area benches, and the ‘Juliet’ railings. 

Stay tuned for further information this week as we get scheduling finalized. Thanks! 



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