Willow Creek Apartments – Plymouth

Willow Creek Apartments – Plymouth

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the painting project at Willow Creek in Plymouth. We are excited to be onsite with you!

Tuesday, November 6th: Good afternoon! 

We can’t believe it’s already November – it will be December and the holidays before we know it! 

The crew has wrapped their painting in the hallways and lobby. The only area remaining is the leasing office and we are coordinating schedules and trades for that work to be completed, likely mid next week. Thanks! 

Monday, October 22nd: Good afternoon! 

We hope you all had a great weekend! We are loving this continued clear and sunny weather! 

The crew is currently completing their touch ups and will continue over the next day or two. 

Thursday, October 18th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is continuing to clean up in the lobby area and blue tape was placed throughout the south corridor. Please leave the tape as it indicates to our crew where there are touch ups that need to be resolved. Thanks!

Monday, October 15th: Hello and happy Monday!

After a chilly and shockingly snowy wake up call yesterday morning, we are thrilled to see the sun today and resume our ‘fall’ programming! 

The crew is finishing up the entry lobby and then our site supervisor will be completing a walk through on the property to check on our workmanship in the next few days. Thanks!

Friday, October 12th: TGIF! 

We couldn’t be happier to see the sun as this week of rain has got our exterior crews stopped on their projects. Thankfully when you’re painting inside, you’ve always got the green light. 

The crew should be wrapping up the entry lobby and then the wallpaper is scheduled to go up early November. Our job supervisor is headed there shortly and I’ll post an update soon. Thanks!

Monday, October 8th: Good morning! We hope you all had a great weekend! 

The crew is onsite completing touch ups throughout. They’ll also soon tackle the front entry lobby area. Thanks!

Thursday, October 4th: Good afternoon! 

The crew has just about wrapped at Willow Creek. They have a few areas remaining and some touch ups as well- mainly in the leasing office. It has been our pleasure working with and for you the last few weeks and we hope you enjoy your newly painted alcoves and select common areas. Thanks! 

Tuesday, October 2nd: Hello and just like that it’s October! There sure is a crispness to the air and we like it! ‘Tis the season for apple orchards, all things pumpkin, Halloween costumes, and Hocus Pocus. Happy Fall ya’ll! 

The crew is on the home stretch at Willow Creek. They are painting in the front elevator lobby area, pool/fitness hallway, and business center. They’ll then move on to paint the entry lobby area. 

We’ll post some pictures as we get them from the crew. Thanks!

Friday, September 28th: Hello and TGIF! 

We had ourselves some Friday fun at the Roell Painting Office this afternoon – Painter Appreciation BBQ, complete with a Dunk Tank! 


Check out our Facebook Link for more of the action. 

The Willow Creek crew is finishing up painting the door alcoves and they are now working in the North lobby anad fitness hallway.Thanks and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 26th: Good afternoon!

The crew is prepping and painting on the 1st floor – prepping and patching walls, applying paint, and painting fire doors. They’ll then move to prepping and painting your amenity, lobby, and leasing areas. 

Lights on to make sure application is silky smooth!

Prep and clean up in progress.

Tuesday, September 25th: Hello and good afternoon!

Today is ‘One Hit Wonder Day‘- participate and take a walk down memory lane to relive briefly successful songs through the decades. Some of our favs are, Video Killed the Radio Star by The Buggles, Tubthumping by Chumbawamba, or fitting for today, Milli Vanilli’s Blame in on the Rain?!

Today the crew is applying the 2nd coat to the doors on the 3rd floor as well as the 2nd coat to the door alcoves on the 2nd floor. They are starting to prep and paint on the 1st floor. 

Bright and blue on the 2nd floor.

Prepping and patching one of the door alcoves.

Monday, September 24th: Good afternoon residents!

The crew is sanding patches on the wals and applying the 2nd coat of paint on the second floor. They are also patching the walls on the first floor and painting doors on the 3rd floor. 

The alcove gets a makeover with the new blue accent color.

Painting one of the fire doors.

Crisply cutting into the edges.

Wednesday, September 19th: Good afternoon! 

At the least the rain won’t stop our interior crew! They’ve started the wallpaper removal in the fitness center and hallway. They’ve also started to skim coat and prep the walls with mud. The plan is for tomorrow to sand it all down and also begin painting.

Removing corner guards and prepping the walls.

One of the hallway walls; the wallpaper is removed and the walls are being prepped.

Patching and coating the walls.

Monday, September 17th: Good morning! 

The border battle was a game for the books, but not where either is excited over a win or defeated with a loss. Instead, the green and purple teams ended their first show down of this season in a tie. Missed kicks, defense misses, and penalties piloted the game in a flip flop of emotions. The teams will face each other again on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, in which I’m sure both teams will be all-in to get a W!

The crew is painting on the north section and working on patching the walls of the door alcoves. 

Taping off one of the fire doors.

Prepping the alcove walls.

One of the competed fire doors.

Thursday, September 13th: Hello!

It’s a big weekend ahead for the Purple People Eaters — the Border Battle vs. Green Bay is on Sunday! The guys in purple are headed to Lambeau to take on the cheese heads of WI. 

The crew is continuing to paint your door alcoves in the north building – starting up on the 3rd floor. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 12th: Hello and good afternoon! 

The crew has made their way over to the north building and are starting patching and prepping on the 3rd floor. We’ll post some pictures soon- thank you!

Tuesday, September 11th: Good afternoon residents of Willow Creek! 

The crew has made their way down to the first floor of the south building. They are prepping areas for painting and also doing some touch ups and clean up on the door frames of the completed floors. 

Prepping and patching the alcoves on the first floor.

A section of the door alcove patched and ready for paint.

Thursday, September 6th: Good morning! We’ll post some progress pictures as we get them from the crew this morning! Thanks.

‘Tis the season- Regular season NFL football that is! The first Thursday Night Football of the season kicks off tonight with the Falcons at the Eagles. The Vikes play their home-opener on Sunday vs. the 49ers. Are you ready for some football?!

The crew is prep and painting in the south building on the 3rd floor – specifically the residence alcoves. 

RIcardo preps and sands the wall.

Prepping the alcoves for the top coat.

Making sure to tidy up the jobsite.

Tuesday, September 4th: Greetings and happy project kick-off day!

The crew is starting in the South wing of the building, on the 3rd floor. They’ll be painting your residence alcoves and emergency exit doorways. We are excited to be starting your project and are looking forward to seeing the pop of color in your alcoves!

Friday, August 31st: Hello and welcome to your project blog!

Sample of the accent color for your resident alcoves.

We’ll be getting your project underway on Tuesday, September 4th and will continue for several weeks. You can stay apprised of project progress and updates here on the blog as we’ll frequently post updates, pictures, and try to have some fun as well!

We hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend and we’ll see you next week!


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