Boulder Village HOA – Lakeville

Boulder Village HOA – Lakeville

Weatherstripping Mostly Complete & Frames in Progress

Friday, May 20th: We’ve received a few phone calls from owners regarding the status of the project and we first want to say “thank you” for all of your great questions! Ultimately, your involvement lends itself favorably to ensuring the project goes well and your commitment to this is probably why your property looks so sharp! If you’ve had the chance to speak with Nick, he’s probably mentioned that painting, much like many other productions, is sorta like an assembly line, where each person has a singular task, and performing this task repeatedly accelerates their expertise! But don’t take our word for it…..

Pictures (even silent, moving ones) PAINT a thousand words! 

Thursday, May 19th:

With great weather this week, the crew has been working diligently on finishing the trim areas this year.    

We have wrapped up almost all of our weather stripping replacement and have moved on to painting frames throughout the association.

The new weatherstripping, above, is really looking sharp!

The first step in the frame finishing is ensuring that a good bead of caulk is laid down in the joints/ seams. Alvaro shows off his skills in the photo above.

Kenny & Alvaro (shown above) are onto finishing painting of the garage doors!

Thursday, May 12th:

Greetings and Welcome to the official project blog for Boulder Village in Lakeville!   We are so happy you found us.    

The crew will be arriving on Monday (weather permitting) to begin work on various substrates throughout the HOA.    Work to include finishing of the following (See below for a key & color coded map)

Garage Door Frames – 43 homes

Front door frames – 52 Homes

Side Elevation Foundation Block – 16 Homes

Additionally, while we are onsite we will be replacing the garage weather stripping on all the garage door frames that are scheduled for painting.    

We are anticipating that the association portion of the project will take us a little over a week to complete.


We have also supplied individual homeowners in the association a cost to pressure wash and stain their private decks.   This is NOT covered by the HOA but will be the homeowner’s responsibility.  

Lastly, we want to extend a note of gratitude to Nancy & Lynn on the association board and Beth with management company for all of their efforts in facilitating the project.  There have been many hours of thought and inspections into this and they deserve the a pat on the back from all the residents in Boulder Village.    

We look forward to working with all of you!

Nick Roell

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296


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