Bellante Townhomes – Lakeville

Bellante Townhomes – Lakeville

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming painting project at Bellante Townhomes in Lakeville. We are thrilled to be sprucing up several of the homes in the ‘Greens,’ ‘Villas,’ and ‘Meadows!’

Tentative Finishing Schedule

Building – Address Pressure Washing Start Date Prep/Painting Start Date
1 – 18248/18250 Justice Way Friday, May 8th Monday, May 11th
2 – 18298 Justice Way Friday, May 8th Thursday, May 14th
3 – 18312 Justice Way Monday, May 11th Monday, May 18th
4 – 18314 Justice Way Monday, May 11th Wednesday, May 20th
5 – 18316 Justice Way Tuesday, May 19th Friday, May 22nd
6 – 18318 Justice Way Tuesday, May 19th Tuesday, 5/26
7 – 18370/18372 Justice Way Tuesday, May 19th Friday, May 29th

Friday, June 1st: Good afternoon! 

The crew wrapped up on Building #7 on Saturday. There are touch up areas marked on Buildings 4-7, so please leave the tape to mark where the crew will return to paint. These will be completed in the next few days. 

It has been our privilege to be onsite with you over the last month refreshing your buildings this year! 

Thursday, May 28th: Greetings! 

After all the rain and time to dry out completely, we are back onsite! The crew is prepping and painting their way around Building #6. 

Beautiful day to be painting at Bellante.

Spray and then back roll. Repeat.

Applying the fresh paint.

Sprucing up the entry pillars and window trim.

Refresh on the front door. Check!

Wednesday, May 27th: Good morning! 

We’ll be pressing pause today with all of the overnight rain. We’re hopeful to return tomorrow. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 26th: Good afternoon! 

The crew was held off until lunch time and has been onsite and finished up Building #5 and has moved onto Building #6. 

Working on the rear elevation of Building 5.

Pillars are getting spruced up.

Don’t forget the other side!

Friday, May 22nd: Greetings and happy Friday! 

Thanks to those who gave their lives in service to our country and those who continue to serve.

The crew is prepping and painting their way around Building #5 today.

Spraying around the windows.

Drop cloths, check. Sprayer, check.

Spraying across the siding.

Back rolling across the siding.

Thursday, May 21st: Good afternoon!

The crew is working right on schedule and will be wrapping up on Building 4 today and starting on 5 tomorrow. Thanks!

Painting the soffits at Building 4.

Going up two by two to paint the trim.

Painting the trim accents.

Wednesday, May 20th: Greetings!

It’s a beautiful day to be painting at Bellante. They are painting prepping, spraying siding, and painting trim around Building 4 today. 

Caulking and prepping a section of Building 4.

Trim painting on the front elevation.

Up at bad – spraying; on deck – back rolling.

Painting trim sections.

Tuesday, May 19th: Good afternoon! 

We’ve brought the pressure washers back onsite to wash the remaining buildings – 5, 6, and 7. They are finishing up on Building 3 and will begin on 4 tomorrow. 

Ladders up to paint the trim.

PW day to wash the remaining buildings.

Spraying down the siding.

Working our way from the top down.

Monday, May 18th: Greetings! 

We sure are glad the rain has subsided! And just in time for us to get back at it! 

The crew is prepping and painting their way around Building #3. They are working on the siding now and then will paint the trim. 

Taping off windows.

Rolling down the river…or siding rather. Cue Proud Mary.

Back rolling a section of the rear elevation.

First spray and then roll.

Taping and covering windows on the rear elevation.

Friday, May 15th: Good morning and happy Friday!

It’s a beautiful day! The crew is onsite and they are prepping and painting their way around Building #2. Please see the updated finishing schedule posted above. We’ll be moving onto Buildings #3 and #4 next week. Thanks!

Front doors and transom windows are in progress.

Painting the accent trim.

Painting the trim.

Spraying the soffits.

Thursday, May 14th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is back onsite this afternoon after allowing the substrates to dry out this morning. They have moved onto Building #2 and are working in sections around the building to prep: covering windows, covering the brick, and taping off edges. 

Covering brick.

Taping and covering the inset lights.

Covering the deck railings.

Covering the windows.

Wednesday, May 13th: Good morning! 

The crew is onsite and are prepping and painting at Building #1. They’ll be working in areas not affected by the rain for now, but we’ll keep you posted if they need to press pause and leave for the day. Thanks!

Ladders up to paint the trim.

Prepping for trim painting.

Painting sections of the trim.

Tuesday, May 12th: Greetings! 

It’s a beautiful day and the crew has completed their pressure washing on Buildings #1 and #2. They are now prepping and painting at Building #1. The building is looking bright and refreshed!

Backroll UP.

Backroll DOWN.

Spraying your garage doors.

Spraying the window bump outs.

Team work on the ladders.

That golden light!

Monday, May 11th: Good afternoon! 

We hope all of the mothers and those with mothering hearts had a beautiful day yesterday – even if from afar!

The crew has returned onsite to pressure wash buildings #3 and #4 and also begin their prep work on Building #1. 

Readying the surfaces for paint.

Cleaning and prepping the siding for painting.

Up for pressure washing – Buildings #3 and #4.

Prep Day: Lots of paper, tape, and plastic.

Covering the garage window grids.

Friday, May 8th: Good morning! 

We are kicking off your project today with pressure washing of Buildings #1 and #2. Will post photos shortly once received from the crew. 

A quick note about the repair assessment: we’ve taken a look at what needs repair and they are very minimal. We will be reporting our findings to the management company and board shortly. Thanks!

PW the front entry areas.

Cleaning off the garage doors.

Ladders up to spray your porch areas.

Tuesday, May 5th: Good afternoon! 

Welcome to your project blog for this year’s painting at Bellante in Lakeville. We are thrilled to be onsite and sprucing up 7 of your buildings this spring. 

We’ll begin with pressure washing of the included buildings on set dates — shown above in our Tentative Finishing Schedule. For the pressure washing, we kindly request that you please remove any fragile and/or small items from the outside of your home to allow for safe and unobstructed access for washing. We anticipate the pressure washing of each building to take one day.

Once the substrates have had adequate time to dry, the crew will return to begin prepping and finishing the surfaces designated for painting in 2020. We’ve posted a tentative working schedule above along with a route map and building designation.

The prep and painting of each individual building will take approximately 4-6 working days, with weather being the biggest factor in schedule changes. 

We’ll be posting frequent updates to this blog with project progress, photos, and any weather delay information. Thank you so much for having us and we’re looking forward to getting started at the end of the week!


Dana Clark

Project Manager
Ph: 763-559-5296


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