Cahill of Edina

Cahill of Edina

Monday, August 24th: Carpentry work starts today on Bldg #7

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the 2015 project at Cahill of Edina. We’re so glad to be back with you again this year! 

Monday, August 24th: The crew wrapped up with the flashing repairs on building #6 last week and started on building #7 today!

The tried and true saying, “Measure twice and cut once” is in play for Anibal (above) as he replaces corner trim!

We are finding a little more rot on these past couple buildings and the start of this building due to select elevations being in shady areas.

Anibal (Above) and Trent (photographer extraordanaire) check the siding underlayment for rott before installing new cedar boards.

We started today at unit #7404 and our will continue westward on the building throughout the next couple days. Barring any major issues or rain delays (like we had last week), we will get to the last building (bldg #5) next week.

After next week, our carpenters will begin installing PVC for the installation of the gutters as well as going back through to replace misc deck boards that may be rotted.

Thursday, August 13th: The crew continues to work through the flashing & siding repairs at the rear elevation decking.  We finished building #2 yesterday and will begin work on building #3 today.   We will start on the west side of the building & work our way to the east over the next few days!

The steady stream of materials continues to show up ontime thanks to Lyman Lumber in Chanhassen!

Monday, August 3rd: Along with repairing cracked deck joists (see pic below), we will be finishing the re-skin of various deck and siding boards on building #1 this week and hope to finish on Wednesday.  Once that is complete, we will be taking our talents to Building #2 and performing the same tasks!

Saturday, August 1st: A quick recap of the work at Cahill this past week saw the guys buttoning up work on Buildings #3/#4/#1, and they will continue to make their way to Building #2 next week. Today (Saturday), the guys will be focusing their efforts on the installation of the decking support posts designated for replacement. Additionally, we are projecting that the installation of select gutters will begin sometime next week as well, the exact date, TBD.

A sample image of some of the repairs being performed at Cahill

Tuesday, July 28th: The carpentry work started a little late this morning after another brisk summer storm rolled through the metro.  The crew and Trent showed up mid-morning to get going on the day’s work.  

We have had several inquiries regarding the pre-lien notices that were mailed to you by our supplier, Lyman Lumber in Chanhassen. After the building downturn in 2008, this became a standard practice by them and many other suppliers to protect themselves against contractor’s defaulting on their invoices.  This pre-lien notice is sent out as informational purposes only and rest assured not only are we current on our bill with them and all of our suppliers on our materials invoices.  Should you have additional concerns, feel free to contact them directly.  Their contact info is:  

Reg Stein – Lyman Lumber Sales Rep for Roell Painting – 612-865-9425

Cathy – Lyman Lumber Credit Office – 952-470-4800

Monday, July 27th: Trent, Darrio, and the carpentry team continue to make steady progress at Cahill and completed the designated areas on Building #3 on Monday. Work on Building #1 will commence on Tuesday and Trent will continue to make periodic visits throughout the week to inspect the work. Thank you to those folks that have taken the time to reach out with questions. 

Deck floorboards are among some of the designated areas for replacement.

A great shot of some newly replaced underdeck siding

Wednesday, July 22nd: Good evening residents of Cahill. Another glorious day resulted in another day of very steady progress at Cahill. The fellas wrapped up the work designated for Building #4 and will be making their way to building #3 for the remainder of the week. One of the primary objectives of this year’s project, is addressing the moisture/rot that has occurred from water run-off from the roof, chiefly on the back deck areas (above and below) The remedy for this is removing the affected siding/trim/sheating areas, and replacing them with dry bilt-rite, wind barrier, new siding and trim boards. As a supplement to these measures, we are installing deck flashing to promote water run-off away from the home.

Assessing the dryness of the insulation and replacing as needed is one of the tasks of this year’s carpentry project.

Tuesday, July 21st: Hello again residents of Cahill. What an honor it is to be back onsite with you again this year, after a successful project last year! It’s always nice to get invited back! 

As we get things underway this year, we want to extend a special thank you to Al, Jerry, Gene,  and the entire board for all of their efforts in facilitating the project this year. Ever since we wrapped things up last year, we’ve essentially had ongoing dialogue to determine what was on the horizon for this year and we are thrilled to be getting things underway. 

Just as was the case last year, we will be providing homeowners with frequent project updates, complete with pictures and progress so that you can see firsthand the work being done and plan accordingly when our crew arrives at your building to perform work. 

In general, the scope of work this year includes: removal/replacement of select deck boards, flashing installation, and above/below deck inspections for necessary replacement of rotted wood. We are changing out a total of 18 posts, and will conclude with the installation of gutters across the decks.  Obviously, all new wood will be primed and painted. 

Thanks again everybody!



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