Townhomes of Citiscape – Minneapolis

Townhomes of Citiscape – Minneapolis


Greetings and welcome to the official project blog for the metal railing painting at Townhomes of Citiscape in Minneapolis. We are looking forward to working with and for you!

Route Map

Welcome video @ Townhomes of Citiscape

Tuesday, May 22nd: Hello residents of Citiscape! 

The Roell Painting Crew is powering through your residence railings at Citiscape and will finish your peoject today. Thank you again for having us and we hope you enjoy your freshly painting railings!

Sanding and prepping the stair stringers for painting.

Go Go Gadget arms!

Monday, May 21st: Good afternoon and happy Monday!

We hope you all had a great weekend! It’s the start of a new week and the crew is back in action at Citiscape. They’re continuing to paint the residence entry railings.

The railings are really shining now!

Friday, May 18th: Hello and TGIF! 

The weather looks pretty good for this weekend, with the possibility of some passing showers, but mostly warm and dry, which is good news for Art-a-Whirl. The event is this weekend and entails open art studios, workshops, markets, and any/all reasons to get out and enjoy exploring and connecting with the artist community in Northeast Minneapolis- read also that a lot of local breweries and establishments have coordinating events as well!  And let’s not forget the Royal Wedding and more importantly don’t forget to set an alarm- 6am is when the festivites are starting. Brit’s Pub on Nicollet Ave is hosting a viewing party from 5am-9am. Cheers! 

The crew has completed the residence railings on the 5th St NE side of the property as well as a section on 3rd Ave N. They’ll finish the areas on the right side of the map, shown above.

Painting on the residence entry railings. 

The freshly painted railings railings are shiny and new! 

Thursday, May 17th: Good afternoon! 

The Royal Wedding is in two days and social media is having a heyday as many people have been following along in the planning since Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s engagement. One thing we’re looking forward to is Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon’s revival of their TV fictional characters Cord and Tish to live broadcast coverage of the Royal Wedding on HBO

The crew is continuing to paint the residence entry railings across the association. Thanks for your cooperation in being mindful of the wet paint!

Tape and prep, repeat.

Obed marks off the railings and stair treads to get a clean finish on the railings.

Wednesday, May 16th: Hello and happy heatwave Wednesday! Though we’re pretty sure these warmer temperatures are welcomed after a long MN winter! 

The crew has started painting your residence entry railings. They’re starting on 5th St. NE and will move across 3rd Ave N down to University Ave. 

Please be mindful when using your entry ways of any wet paint. These areas should be well marked with red notices stating such. Thanks!

Obed Paints one of the entry way railings.

Painting with a view!

Tuesday, May 15th: Good afternoon residents of Citiscape! 

Did you know it’s 100 days until the Minnesota State Fair? So far they’ve announced the Grandstand line up and soon they’ll be announcing the free stage entertainment shows and the much anticipated new foods list! I suppose this is the start to our ‘100 Days of Summer’ in MN – ready go! 

The crew is finishing up the common area railing and will start tomorrow on the residence railings. Please exercise caution in your entry ways when we are working at your address. Thanks!

An stretch of the finished railing.

Obed sands and preps the top railing before priming.

Monday, May 14th: Good afternoon! We hope you all enjoyed the weekend and that all the moms had a Happy Mother’s Day! Looking ahead at the weather, this week is looking great – sunshine and 80s which is what our painters like to see!

The crew is starting the project with painting of the common area metal railings. Later this week, we’ll start on your residence railings and will move from the NE end of the property and making our way across to the West side.

The railings before the Roell Painting Crew tackles them with scraping, sanding, priming, and painting.

Applying the primer to a row of the common area railings.

Sanding and scraping is the first step in our process, followed by priming, then painting.

Thursday, May 10th: Good morning residents of Citiscape. We are thrilled to be back onsite this spring! This time around we’ll be prepping and painting the metal railings – in the front entry areas and in common areas on retaining walls. 

 We’ll be getting your project started next week on Monday, May 14th. We will also have a designated route the crew will be following so you know when to expect the crew to be working on your entry. 

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

PROJECT BLOG FROM 2017 – Stair & Tread Staining

Tuesday, September 12th: The Vikings got their first win last night, with a 29-19 victory over the New Orleans Saints. Next up, they’ll travel to Pittsburgh – bring it on!

The crew is making their way across the association to designated stoops/stairs and will wrap up the project today as well. It’s been our pleasure working with and for you! Have a great rest of the year!

Thursday, May 10th: Greetings residents of Townhomes of Citiscapes! We  hope you’ve survived the winter! Now that spring has finally sprung, we are excited to return onsite to begin completion of your metal railings. Keep your eyes peeled for physical notices that will be posted onsite by week’s end giving you some high level project details. Stay tuned! 

Monday, September 11th: We wanted to take a moment to reflect and remember the victims who lost their lives and also honor all of the heros from September 11th 2001. 

It’s an exciting day in MN sports as the Vikings kick off the regular season at U.S. Bank Stadium as they take on the New Orleans Saints at 6pm. The Vikings will honor Randy Moss as he’s inducted into the Viking’s Ring of Honor during the pre-game. Also, Adrian Peterson will make his appearance as a Saint’s RB and face off against his previous team. SKOL VIKINGS!

The crew is onsite and beginning your staining project. They’re working on Buildings F & G and should complete those today. They’ll then move West across the association to Building C and finally, to A & B. Pictures coming soon!

Cristian paints on the stain.

Step by step!

Friday, September 8th: TGIF! It looks like we have a mild and sunny weekend ahead! 

We have some issues with our pressure washer yesterday and were unable to pressure wash all areas, but we’ll be onsite tomorrow 9/9 to finish the remaining areas. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 7th: Greetings! Good morning! With the imminent threat of hurricane Irma to the U.S. and Florida, we are wishing the people of Florida quick and safe evacuations as well as safety to those already affected in Dominican Republic, Haiti, Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, and Cuba. 

Your project is off and running! The crew has started pressure washing your entry steps and landing areas. We’ll be back next week, Monday 9/11 to begin staining. Have a great rest of the week and weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

One set of stairs all washed and ready for stain.

Hermes cleans and pressure washes the entry step.

Tuesday, September 5th: Hello residents of Townhomes of Citiscape! We hope you all had a great holiday weekend! 

We’ll be starting your project on Thursday, 9/7 with pressure washing of your front entry steps and landing. We ask that you please remove all personal items from this area. 

The crew will then be back on Monday, 9/11 to begin staining your entry steps and landings. We’ll post a route map of your property so you have a better idea of when they’ll be at your building. We anticipate the project to run through the end of that week, 9/15. 

Stay tuned here on the blog for progress updates, pictures, and any other pertinent information to your project. Thanks so much and we’re looking forward to being onsite!

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