Ridgeview – Burnsville

Ridgeview – Burnsville

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for your entry pod painting project at Ridgeview in Burnsville. We are excited to get things underway next week, Thursday, February 2nd.

Route Map @ Ridgeview HOA- Burnsville

Anticipated Entry-Pod Finishing Schedule

Thursday, March 2nd: That’s a wrap folks! We’ve completed your entry pod painting project and want to thank you for having us at your property. It’s been our pleasure sprucing up your entry pods! 

Cheers to the *almost weekend!

Wednesday, March 1st: We can’t believe it’s already March!

March, you had one job.

Well at least this morning’s snow has almost entirely melted. Leave it to Minnesota to get snow on March 1st. We are excited for this month’s highlights, including the Spring Equinox on the 20th, March Madness, and St. Patrick’s Day. 

The crew is wrapping up today @ Ridgeview! Thank you so much for having us in your buildings and painting in your space. We’ve enjoyed being onsite with you and hope you enjoy your freshly painted entry pods!

Happy March and cheers to an early spring!

Tuesday, February 28th: Good afternoon Ridgeview! If you haven’t had enough of the Oscar’s Best Picture mix-up, Jimmy Kimmel gave a comical recap on his Late Night show last night. It seems as though they’ve gotten to the bottom of what happened. 

Kimmel offers perspective on the Oscar mix-up.

The crew in on the homestretch. They’re working on entry pods in Building #10 and should finish up tomorrow. Thank you so much for having us Ridgeview! It has been our pleasure working with and for you to spruce up your entry way pods. And here’s to hoping spring is right around the corner!

The end is in sight!

Marvin works from the top down.

Monday, February 27th: We hope you all had a great weekend! The 89th Academy Awards were last night and the award for Best Picture took after Steve Harvey’s mix up at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced La La Land as the winner, but quickly the mistake was made right and Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture. If you want to check up on all of the winners, here is a list of everyone who went home with a gold Oscar in tow. And if fashion is what you’re after, here’s a slideshow of the “Best Dressed” from last night’s event. It sure was a show we’ll never forget, from Jimmy Kimmel’s banter, Justin Timberlake’s opening performance, movie-theater candy dropping from the ceiling, best-dressed celebs, and an unexpected mistaken award to close the show. 

The crews are moving right along at Ridgeview. Over the weekend they finished all but one unit in Building #9. So today they’ll finshing up that last unit in #9 and start on four of the entry pods in Building #10. We are still projecting to be done with the project by Wednesday March 1st. 

Have a great day!

Omar is in motion @ Ridgeview.

Marvin is all smiles as we’re set to complete your project this week!

Friday, February 24th: Happy Friday everyone!!! Cheers to the weekend and a blizzard-free commute.  No complaints over here about the lack of snow. Though if you were a kid hoping to get a snow day, we can see the appeal. 

If you’re thinking spring, the Minnesota Home and Garden show kicks of this weekend at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The show will run Th-Sun this weekend and next (March 3rd-5th). The show hopes to inspire you with new ideas and advice all relating to homes, gardening, remodeling, and décor.

The crews are holding steady in Buildings #9 and #10. We’re hoping to wrap up, at the latest, by Wednesday of next week. We’ll keep you updated. 

Have a great weekend!

Omar is all smiles rolling into the weekend!

Mauel is perfectly camoflaged in his ‘painter whites.’

Thursday, February 23rd: Well, it’s true. We can’t predict the weather. What once was a major snow storm for the metro area has lessened into a casual showering of 2″-4.” The storm has shifted further south and will not have as great of an impact on the Twin Cities, however, SE Minnesota and western Wisconsin could see the brute of the storm. Any way you look at it, winter is making a comeback. Let’s all do a ‘Minnesota Nice’ and drive safely for tomorrow’s morning commute, eh? 

The crews at Ridgeview continue to crank it out. They’re continuing in Building #8, have started prep and painting in #9, and will start #10 tomorrow. 

Omar is thinking, “What snow storm?” 

Manuel’s prep game is strong.

Wednesday, February 22nd: Good afternoon residents of Ridgeview! If you’ve got a sweet tooth like us, be sure to keep reading. It’s been announced that ‘Peep Oreos’ will soon be making their debut in grocery stores across the country. The iconic spring and Easter Bunny favorite is getting smashed between Oreo’s chocolate cookies wafers. While we consider ourselves Oreo purists, original- double stuffed is tops, we’ll give this new twist a try. If anything, this just gives you an excuse to peruse the cookie aisle more often. And if cookies and sweets are not your thing, at least with Easter candy being stocked on shelves, spring is near!

Like clockwork, the crew is sticking to the schedule. They’re working in Building #8 today and if they keep their pace, may start #9 in the later half of tomorrow. Otherwise, the project is sticking to routine and schedule.

Marvin is perfecting his best Zoolander’s ‘Blue Steel.’

We’ll let you be the judge.

Tuesday, February 21st: Happy Tuesday, indeed! We have no compaints for this sunshine and 60 degree day. As Minnesotans, we also know how easy the tables can turn. Cold weather aside, let’s keep our glass half full and relish in this gorgeous day! 

The crew is sticking to schedule and is working as a well-oiled machine. They’re working in Building #8 today and will continue there through the week.

Marvin envokes Go-Go Gadget tendencies.

First is prep and second is cutting in with clean edges.

Monday, February 20th: Today is President’s Day and many of you are probably enjoying an extended weekend with the day off. It would be a nice day to stay cozied up inside on this gloomy and rainy day. Here’s a link for some Presidential trivia if that’s your game. In fact there’s a fact for each of our 45 Presidents. Who knew Bill Clinton has two Gammy awards?

The crews at Ridgeview are continuing on schedule, in fact we’ve moved up Building #8 to start tomorrow.

Omar gives the stairwell blocks an update.

Proof the sun is shining somewhere.

Friday, February 17th: Happy Friday indeed! As we roll into the weekend, the much anticipated heat wave has us shedding our winter layers in exchange for sunglasses. We hope you can all get outside to enjoy this gorgeous weather! 

The crew is continuing to be pretty predictable and is sticking to the finishing schedule. They’ll finish all of Building #6 albeit one of the entry pods, which will be prepped today and then painting on Monday.

Thumbs up from Omar because they’re sticking to the schedule!

Manuel is all business with his ear buds in…I wonder what he’s listening to?

Cheers and have a great weekend!

Martha and the Vandellas ‘Heat’ it up!

Tuesday, February 14th: Nothing earth shattering to report at Ridgeview. Everything is progressing just as we have anticipated.

Monday, February 13th:  Happy Monday residents of Ridgeview!     The crew is back this morning working hard on building #4.   With the amount of painters on-site today, we hope to make a significant dent in this building and move onto prepping building #5 tomorrow.   

The goal will be to wrap up with building #5 & #6 by the end of the week!   

You will see that we have posted an anticipated remaining schedule for the project.   We hope to wrap up during the first couple days in March!  Can you believe it is going to be March in two weeks!?!?


Mariano (Above) has his rally cap on to motivate his crew members before the coffee hits their veins.  Not unlike the most famous Mariano, Mariano Rivera, our Mariano comes in with the heat when the phone rings in the Painting Bullpen!

Friday, February 10th: Happy Friday ya’ll! The weekend is right around the corner and we’ve been blessed with sunshine and 40 degree temperatures! It looks as though this coveted weather will stick through the weekend. If you’re looking to get out and about check out the ‘Chilly Open’ in Wayzata today and tomorrow. The Wayzata Chamber presents this unique frozen golf event on Lake Minnetonka to celebrate our winter season. The weekend is packed with events for all ages, including the 9-hole golf courses on the Lake, ice skating, snow kiting, snow-ga (yoga), chili cook-off, live music and more! Check out their events page for all the deets on this true-Minnesotan event. 

The crew at Ridgeview is working to complete all of Building #3 today. They’ll begin prepping the 1st entry pod of the 4th Building as well. Just so you’re aware, we’ll have one crew onsite on Saturday and they’ll be in Building #4 completing one of the units. 

We hope you all have a great weekend!

Smile, Marvin! Marvin paints on the new color in the entry pod.

Go go Gadget arms!

Thursday, February 9th: Happy National Pizza Day! We’re not usually ones to post about “days,” but how can you go wrong with pizza?! Our Social Media Queen hails from Chicago so the top of her pizza-list includes Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s and lucky for Minnesotans, you can give Giordano’s a try at the Uptown or Richfield locatiaons. Also, some local and national chains are offering specials on their pizzas in honor of today’s celebrations. Now we know what we’re having for dinner : )

Pizza is top-notch…any way you slice it. 

The crew is working in Building #3 today. The first entry pod is already complete and they are now painting the 2nd and 3rd entry-pods. They’ll also prep the 4th entry pod so it’s ready to go tomorrow. The crew plans to finish Building #3 tomorrow and also start prepping in Building #4.

No fear of heights for Manuel.

Wednesday, February 8th: Good afternoon residents of Ridgeview! We hope you’re staying warm on this chilly day. Here’s a little mid-week pick-me-up from JT. Be careful though, it’s a pretty catchy tune. Justin Timberlake was featured in this month’s The Hollywood Reporter. He is interviewed about his new life and role as a father and how watching his son grow up has made him reflect on his own childhood. Remember, he was discovered at age 10 on “Star Search” and then starred on “The New Mickey Mouse Club?” He mentions how your perspective can be altered when you’re viewing through another lens. How can you not like the guy?! 

“Can’t Stop the feeling” is nominated for both a Grammy and an Oscar. Now turn it up and fight the winter blues!

The crews are sticking to the schedule and are working to finish up Building #2 today, albeit half of the 12948 entry pod, which they’ll wrap up tomorrow. They’ve also started in the first entry pod of Building #3. Tomorrow the crew will be in building #3 and working on entry pods in 12954-12960.

Omar paints around the door frame.

If you need an extra 2″ to paint, you utilize your tip-toes.

Tuesday, February 7th: We’ve heard the roads are pretty slick so drive carefully out there. Now with Superbowl 51 in the books, Minnesota is on the clock to prep for hosting next year’s Superbowl. Our North Star State is being branded as the “Bold North” as the Superbowl moves to a chillier climate. The football has officially been passed from Houston to Minneapolis and we are excited to see what’s in store for us as we prep for Superbowl 52. 

The crew will complete entry pod 12944 today and also begin prepping in entry pod 12946. We’ll have an additional crew onsite tomorrow, so we anticipate our progress may pick up a bit and we will update the finishing schedule once we can gauge their pace.

Omar brushes on that wall paint with such ease.

Team work to make sure we have you covered.

Monday, February 6th: Smunday- When Mondays are more like Sundays. There has been chatter of making the Monday after Superbowl Sunday a holiday. Sadly, I don’t think this will ever happen, although if you’re a salaried employee of Heinz- you can relax and ease into your week with a day off today. A lot of ‘firsts’ for Superbowl 51- a performance from the roof, overtime, and overcoming a 25 point deficit. Aside from the actual game, many enjoyed Luke Bryan singing the National Anthem, Lady Gaga’s epic halftime performance, and the wide range of commercials- some made us laugh, while others pulled at our heart strings. Congratulations to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on their 5th Superbowl victory. 

Check out some of the top commercials here. If you didn’t see Lady Gaga’s performance, here’s a link.

No rest on this Superbowl Monday for the crew at Ridgeview. The guys are painting in Building 2- more specifically on the 12940 and 12942 entry pods. They should finish both of them up today and move onto the next two entry pods tomorrow.

A ‘Before’ of an entry pod.

An ‘After’ of the accent wall.

Friday, February 3rd: Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s finally here, Superbowl 51 is kicking off Sunday at 5:30pm. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. And if the actual football game isn’t your jam, the Superbowl is synonymous to gatherings, usually with some great food, top-of-the-line commercials, and a Halftime Performance by Lady Gaga that is sure to wow! Check out the most-anticipated commercials here, Lady Gaga’s pre-performance interview, and 70 recipes sure to satisfy all cravings. 

The crews have completed 2 of the entry pods in Building 1 and will finish the other two entry pods by day’s end. We’ll then begin on Building 2 on Monday. 

Have a great weekend!

Omar gets a crisp finish around the railing.

Thursday, February 2nd:  Update- Our apologies for setting off your smoke alarms in Building 1. The dust from sanding can sometimes cause this to happen. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may have cause and the crews will be sure to cover the alarms going forward to prevent any future alarms. Thank you.

Thursday, February 2nd: Happy Ground Hog Day! The famed Punxsutawney Phil, woke up, saw his shadow and crawled back into his hole. Though at 7:30 this morning when his prediction came, the snow was blowing and there was no sun in sight. So we’re not sure where the shadow came from, but this yearly tradition has predicted 6 more weeks of winter.

The Pennsylvania Polka to brighten your day!! 

And they’re off! The crews are starting at the 12932 and 12934 entry pods with prep work and then painting. 

6 more weeks of winter won’t stop Douglas, Marvin & Heriberto! 

Manuel preps the stairs.

Wednesday, February 1st: Happy February everyone! We are eager to get things started tomorrow. We’ve posted a route map and also an anticipated entry-pod finishing schedule. We’ll have at times, a few crews onsite and are anticipating we’ll finishing 1 pod/ per day/ per crew. As you can see from the route map, we’re starting at Building 1 (12932 Nicollet Ave) on the east side of the building. We’ll update the finishing schedule and route map as we get a better grasp on how long each pod is going to take. So be sure to check for updates and progress posts here on the blog.

See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 27th: Happy Friday residents of Ridgeview! Painting your entry “pods” will get underway Thursday, February 2nd among the 67 buildings onsite.  We just wanted to introduce ourselves and welcome you to our blog. Stay tuned right here on the blog for progress updates, pictures, and any other pertinent information pertaining to your project as we’ll provide updates several time a week. We’ll try and have some fun along the way as well. 

Hang tight and have a great weekend! We’ll be back next week with more details. 

We will be starting at Building #5 (12808) and as we settle into the project and determine just how many “pods” we can complete per day, we will furnish a finishing schedule right here on the blog. 

Meanwhile, as we eagerly get things ready to go, keep your eyes peeled for physical notices that will be posted onsite alerting you of our pending arrival! 

Thanks in advance everybody and special thanks to Eryn and Beth for all of their efforts in faciliating the bid process and project! 

See you Thursday!

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