South Victor Village – Hugo

South Victor Village – Hugo

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to your project blog for the staining project at South Victor Village in Hugo. We’re looking forward to working with and for you this summer!

Route Map @ South Victor Village

Wednesday, August 1st: Good morning and happy August! My how quickly the summer is flying by!

The crew wrapped up staining your dekcs yesterday, albeit a few remaining that they need to strip. We hope you’re enjoying your freshly stained decks and have a great rest of the summer! It has been our pleasure working with and for you.

Tuesday, July 31st: And here we are on the last dat of July – where has the summer done?!

They finished 2 of the buildings on Victor Hugo Blvd and will begin on the 14613 Building today. Thanks!

We are finishing up the last buildings – decks and steps.

The finish line is in sight as the crew finishes up your steps.

Monday, July 30th: Hello and happy Monday! 

We hope you all had a great weekend. The crew finished the 1st section of buildings on Saturday and today has moved to the section of decks off of Victor Hugo Blvd today.

Staining your above garage decks on Victor Hugo Blvd.

Staining your entry steps – thanks in advance for your mindfulness in these areas.

Friday, July 27th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crew is wrapping up the staining on the first section of Victor Village and will then start the staining off of Victor Hugo Blvd tomorrow, 7/28. Thanks and have a great weekend!

We’ll be completing through the first 10 buildings today.

One board at a time, the crew stains your deck floors.

Thursday, July 26th: Good morning! 

After a rain delay yesterday, the crew is resuming their staining on the 6th Building- 4675 Victor Path.

Tuesday, July 24th: Progress update: The crew is currently staining on the 5th Building – 4665 Victor Path (4:45 pm).

Good morning! 

The crew has picked up right where they left off on Buildings 3 and 4. They’re continuing to stain the deck boards and entry stairs.

Step by step.

Staining your entry stairs.

The newly stained boards are looking fresh and vibrant!

Monday, July 23rd: The crew is staining on the 2nd building- 4615 Victor path currently (4:45pm) for reference of project progress. They’ve also completed the pressure washing on Victor Huge Blvd. Also to note, they’ll begin staining the decks on Victor Hugo Blvd on Friday, 7/27. 

Hello and happy Monday! 

The crew is pressure washing the buildings on Victor Hugo Blvd. today and hopes to finish those four buildings today. They’ve also started to stain decks, starting at the beginning of the route, which they plan to get through 2.5 Buildings today and then 4 or 5 tomorrow. We’ll update an exact number of completed Buildings later today so you can know when to expect us at your building/deck. Thanks!

The newly applied stain is reviving the deck floors.

Board by board the crew applies the stain to your deck.

Friday, July 20th: Good morning and TGIF! 

The crew will be continuing to pressure wash the last two buildings – 4765 Victor Path and 14569 Everton Ave. We’ll then pressure washing the 4 Buildings on Victor Hugo Blvd on Monday as well as begin staining – starting at the beginning of the route at 4605 Victor Path. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 19th: Update- the crew has two buildings left to pressure wash tomorrow – 14569 Everton and 4765 Victor Pass.  Thanks!

Good morning residents of Victor Village! The rain is not going to stop our crew from pressure washing your decks today. They’ve completed through the 5th Building and will begin today with the 6th Building. As long as there isn’t any lightning the crew will proceed with pressure washing.

Another day and another deck to pressure wash.

The crew is sweeping through and cleaning your entry stairs.

Wednesday, July 18th: Hello residents of South Victor Village. We are off and running with the pressure washing of your decks and stairs. The crew will be following the route posted above to make their way around to pressure wash – which may take 1-2 days depending on how many they get through. 

The crew has completed the first 4 Buildings along the route and is starting on the 5th now (5:00pm). They’ll likely get through another 4/5 Buildings tomorrow as well. Thanks!

Spraying the stairs in advance of staining.

The deck floor boards get a good cleaning!

Monday, July 16th: Good morning and welcome to your project blog for the deck staining project at South Victor Village! 

We’ll be getting things underway on Wednesday, July 18th with pressure washing of the deck floors. For pressure washing, we kindly ask that you please remove all personal belongings and furniture from your deck. Once completed, you may return furniture onto your deck, as the boards will need a few days to dry completely. We’ll then begin the staining, which will require the deck surfaces to be cleared completely and we anticipate to begin the prepping and staining of select buildings on Friday, July 20th.

We’re working on putting together a route map, which the crew will follow in pressure washing and then also while staining. 

You can stay apprised of project progress, updates, anticipated scheduling, and any weather delays here on the blog. 

Thanks and we’ll see you on Wednesday!

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