Pine Hollow – Stillwater

Pine Hollow – Stillwater

Wednesday, August 5th: Quality inspection performed. Walk thru scheduled for Tues 8/11

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the 2015 painting project @ Pine Hollow in Stillwater. We are thrilled to be onsite with you!

Wednesday, August 5th: Nick Roell, the president of the company, performed an initial site walkthrough with our job supervisor Alfred today.  

There were several items we needed to address including the doors on three units.  Thank you to Al, Nancy & Jerry and Meribeth for their patience with us on properly finishing their doors.  

We are looking forward to our site walkthrough with the association board on Tuesday, August 11th at 11 am.  If any residents has any touch-ups they want addressed please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Tuesday, July 28th: Rain Delay

Monday, July 27th: Now that 3621-3627 has been completed (excepting touchups), the crew has shifted gears to the 3671 Building. With the probability of rain looming around 70% tonight/tomorrow, it’s likely that no work will be performed but we are still forecasting that the project will be completed by the end of this week, at which point, we will be performing a thorough walk-through to identify any/all areas for touch-ups, including some areas that were added to the scope of work. 

We’re on the home stretch and we are grateful for your ongoing cooperation and patience. 

The decorative structures in the center of the property and this newly installed residence fence are among the miscellaneous add-ons at Pine Hollow.

Thursday, July 23rd: What an incredible week we’ve had weather wise, which is fortunate because it looks like rain in the forecast tomorrow! The fellas took full advantage of the great conditions and made great headway on the 3621-3627 Building.

The siding and the shakes are in progress at 3621 today.

The guys will remove paper and tape tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 21st: Now that we’ve rectified the color situation on the 201 Building, the guys will pull paper first thing this morning and then will jump over to 2637 where preparations will get underway shortly thereafter. Should be another beautiful day outside!

After some mixup at the paint store (no pun intended) the right color package is now applied to the 201 Building.

Saturday, July 18th: As of Friday, the 3581 Building is completed. We also want to extend our sincerest apologies for the color mix-up on the 201-213 building and the the “color package.” While we’ve sifted through the details of what happened (it’s probable the wrong color package was delivered by the manufacturer), we don’t deem it acceptable to leave the building that color (even if the paint job looks nice!) The plan is to rectify this immediately and ensure that going forward, you have a consistent aesthetic, with well documented “color packages.” Thanks for your understanding and patience. In the long run, despite the temporary inconvenience this poses for hte residents, it makes the most sense. 

Thanks again!

The crew continues to make their way throughout the property, as the 3581 Building was completed on Friday.

Tuesday, July 14th: After rains halted progress yesterday at Pine Hollow the boys in white were back at it today and have essentially completed the 201 – 213 Building. 3561-3581 is on deck. Two quick house cleaning items (literally!) We know the garbage is adding up and right now we plan to dispose of it on Wednesday. Secondly, earlier today, the question arose as to when the front doors are being painted. Typically, those are completed near the END of a project so people have adequate time to make scheduling arrangements to have us paint those in the open position. We will let you know right here on the blog when that will occur. Thanks everybody! Stay cool and we’ll see you tomorrow.

The 201 Building is completed at Pine Hollow.

Saturday, July 11th: So our country is 239 years, and 1 week old! What better way to celebrate than to get your home freshly painted by Jamie and the gang at Roell Painting. Work is progressing nicely at the 201-213 Building, and hopefully today will be more of the same! There is a 40% chance of rain by the afternoon, so we’ll have to just play it by ear. Quick admin note-we have to move the pavers at the 201 Building to ensure we could cover the back patio with rosin paper, but we will return those when we complete work in that area. Thanks! 

We also want to express our gratitude to Nancy Pickel out there, who passed along some kind sentiments regarding the quality of work, and the cleanliness of our crew. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

 Have a great weekend everybody!

The freshly finished 3540-3560 Building!

Thursday, July 9th: Time flies….just one week ago we were onsite posting notices and now we already have 1 building completed! The boys wrapped up work on the 3540-3560 Building today and now they are headed to 201-213. We thank you for your understanding, as a fair amount of painting related garbage is piling up, and we will be picking that up periodically throughout the project. Have a great night!

The crew pulls paper at Pine Hollow upon completion of the 3540 Building.

Wednesday, July 8th: Another absolutely glorious Minnesota summer day and another solid day of progress out at Pine Hollow in Stillwater. The crew finished essentially all the trim areas on the 3540-3560 Building and will shift their focus to the siding areas tomorrow. Then they will be shifting gears to the 201-213 building shortly thereafter, where they will be repeating the same process. Next up will be the 3561-3581 building, followd by the 3621-3627 building, with the 3677-3671 building slated to be completed last.

The trim painting is nearing completion on the 3540-3560 Building.

Tuesday, July 7th: After some initial confusion regarding water access, we are happy to report that pressure washing of all 5 included buildings for this year’s painting project has been completed! Again, huge thanks to all the residents for all of their cooperation. Now that pressure washing has been completed, you’ll probably notice that prep work is well underway. We will be posting a map first thing tomorrow morning with the route we will be following, and the projected time lines for the project. Obviously, weather might impact these timelines, but they will serve a good guide post for you as homeowners so you know what to expect.

Pressure washing to remove dirt and debris is a critical first step to promoting maximum coating adhesion.

Residents might feel a little like caged birds for a short spell when we cover the windows to protect from overspray.

With deck floors not included in the project scope, meticulously covering them is important.

Monday, July 6th: Good morning residents of Pine Hollow! Hope your holiday weekend was restful, festive, and of course, safe! Pressure washing is underway at Pine Hollow and the only hurdle we are encountering is the issue of water access. We want to thank those residents that have courteously offered access to their garage spigots and we courteously request that if there are any residents in in any of the following buildings that would be willing to grant us water access, it would be greatly appreciated: 

3561-3581 Pine Hollow Place

3621-3627 Pine Hollow Place

3671-3677 Pine Hollow Place

201-213 Pine Hollow Green

3540-3560 Pine Hollow Place

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Friday, July 3rd: Happy Holiday weekend everybody! We’ll see you on Monday! 

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