Water’s Edge Village Homes – Hugo

Water’s Edge Village Homes – Hugo

Project Complete

Greetings residents of Water’s Edge Village Homes in Hugo and welcome to your project blog! We are looking forward to completing your deck staining project.

Route Map @ Water’s Edge Village Homes

Tentative Deck Staining Schedule- Updated 8/10

Friday, August 10th: Hello and TGIF!

The crew is cruising through your decks at Water’s Edge. They are anticipating to be done by Monday, 8/13. Again, we appreciate your cooperation to move your deck items for the pressure washing and also for staining. We hope you enjoy your newly stained decks and have a great rest of the summer!

Thursday, August 9th: Good afternoon!

The crew is continuing to stain decks along our route. They are staining in the orange areas today and they hope to be done by the end of the day on Satuday, thanks! To note for dry times- we recommend 24 hours before moving items back onto your deck.

Wednesday, August 8th: Hello!

The crew is making their way around the association to stain your decks. They may not be going exactly in order, but are staying within the same area – this is so the crew can complete decks with same stain color without having to switch between colors/brushes. Thanks! 

Alex stains one of the deck skirts.

Tuesday, August 7th: Hello and good afternoon!

The crew has started to stain your decks at Water’s Edge. They are at the beginning of the route and working their way through the blue buildings. We’ll update the schedule shortly as to their progress. They may start in the pink buildings as early as tomorrow. Thanks!

Alex brushes on the stain @ Water’s Edge. 

Nestor is freshening up your deck, one floor board at a time.

We are loving how the new stain is instantly refreshing your posts, skirts, and deck boards.

Monday, August 6th: Good afternoon residents of Water’s Edge. We hope you all had a great weekend!

The crew is wrapping up their pressure washing of the last few buildings today and will begin staining tomorrow- we’ve updated the project schedule above to reflect the new start date and will update their progress made once they get things going tomorrow. Thanks!

Friday, August 3rd: Hello and TGIF! 

The crew is resuming their pressure washing today and hopes to finish today, otherwise they’ll complete the remaining few on Monday, 8/6. They’ve picked up where they left off at Building 26 this morning and will continue through the remaining yellow buildings. 

We’ll begin staining the decks in the first grouping (blue) on Monday, 8/6. If you are in the grouping please make sure items are removed from your deck. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 2nd: Good afternoon! 

The crew is cruising along the route and has moved into the pink, some green and some orange buildings. With the water trailer being somewhat cumbersome to traverse across and between homes, they may be blending between the colored phases for the pressure washing portion. We appreicate your patience and grace as we’re working to be effienct and mindful of your timeline/schedules. 

Nestor and Azael tag team one of the decks.

Alex and Hermes pressure washing your decks.

Wednesday, August 1st:

We can hardly believe that it’s already August; where has the time gone?!

The crew is continuing to pressure wash your decks in Hugo. They had completed 3 Buildings as of this morning and will continue to wash through the remainder of the week.

We’ve posted a color-coded map of the buildings at Water’s Edge as well as a tentative schedule of completion. We have posted dates for the pressure washing portion of the project and will soon post dates of completion for the staining portion of the project.

For the staining, we’ll return to the beginning of the route (blue buildings) to complete the staining and then move through the buildings in sequential order as we did for pressure washing. Though we do our best to have a schedule/plan in place, know that weather can and will impact our schedule so we’ll be updating the schedules as needed. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we complete your deck staining project; we’re doing our very best to get you back onto your decks to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Another day and another deck to pressure wash. 

Tuesday, July 31st: 

Welcome Video at Water’s Edge Village Homes

Pressure washing the deck floors in advance of staining to ensure a clean and proper adhesion.

Ladders are up to access your decks for washing.

Monday, July 30th: Good afternoon residents of Water’s Edge in Hugo and welcome to your project blog for the upcoming deck staining project!

We’ll be getting things underway tomorrow, with pressure washing your deck floors, skirts, and posts where applicable. Pressure washing will span the course of several days to get through all 157 decks. It will then take some time for the deck floors to dry so you may return items to your deck. You will then need to remove the items a second time for the staining. We anticipate to begin staining on select buildings on Thursday, 8/2. 

We’ve posted a route map above that we’ll reference when posting about project progress. Please take note of when we’ll be approaching and completing your deck as to have the contents cleared so the crew will have unobstructed access to stain. 

Thanks so much and we’re looking forward to being onsite!

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