St. Albans Mill 1- Minnetonka

St. Albans Mill 1- Minnetonka

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the official blog for the painting project at St. Albans Mill in Minnetonka. We are excited to be onsite with you!

Screened porch painting map.

Screened porch painting schedule.

Friday, June 30th: Hello and TGIF! We have great news- your project is complete. We wanted to extend a huge thank you to residents for your cooperation and participation throughout this project while we painted your building and screened porches. It has been our pleasure working with and for you! We hope you have a great weekend, 4th of July, and rest of the summer!

Thursday, June 29th: Good afternoon residents of St. Albans Mill! The crew is wrapping up the last few screened porches and also completing some touchups throughout. Our crew supervisor was onsite ealier today and marked areas that needed some touch ups.

Tuesday, June 27th: Good afternoon! This summer, the movie ‘A League of Their Own’ celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary. The fan-favorite and box office hit depicted an All American Girls Professional Baseball League and in which Tom Hanks made the phrase, “There’s no crying in baseball” famous. Take a walk down memory lane and check out the 1992 premiere.

It’s Tuesday and we’ve moved the ‘green’ section of our schedule. 

Mariano paints the screen frame trim.

No drips here!

Monday, June 26th: Good afternoon and happy Monday! We hope you all had a great weekend! 

The crew is continuing to follow the schedule posted above and is woking on the ‘blue’ section today. They should be able to follow the schedule and wrap up the screened porches by Wednesday.

Taping off the deck boards.

Nolberto paints the screen frame trim.

Rafael touches up the screenframe trim.

Friday, June 23rd: TGIF! Looking for something fun and free to do this weekend? The Twin Cities are going to be bustling with activities this weekend- Pride events, Twin Cities Jazz Festival, Farmer’s Markets, and the Uptown Food Truck Festival, oh my! 

While you contemplate your weekend’s activities, the crew at St. Albans Mill is right on track with painting your porches. Today, they’re in the ‘yellow’ section listed above.

Joel and Edgar tag-team the porch posts and railings.

Ruben paints the deck floor.

The porch is prepped covered and painting is in progress.

Prepping and cleaning up the porch floor.

Thursday, June 22nd: What rain? The crew is chosing to ignore the rain and continue to paint the interior of your porches. We are working in the ‘orange’ section that is marked above. If the rain persists and/or is too heavy to continue, we’ll let you know if we have to call it a day. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 20th: Rain over at the Roell Painting Office in Eden Prairie as well… it should clear up this morning and we may have crew members onsite this afternoon completing some prep work- caulking, scraping, etc. 

Posted above is the schedule for painting your screened porches. We’ll be painting 3 stacks a day, starting on June 22nd. We ask that you please remove all personal belongings and furnitre (including rugs & blinds), in advance of painting. After we paint your porch, we advise that you allow the areas to dry for approximately 24 hours.

Monday, June 19th: Good afternoon residents of St. Albans Mill! We hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Father’s Day!

It’s Monday and the crew is back in action. They’re working on another section of the building with spraying the siding and also painting the window trim.

Painting the window trim.

Just a few ladders to get the job done.

Friday, June 16th: TGIF! We made it to the weekend. If you’re looking for something fun and free, City Pages put out a list aptly named “Freeloader Friday” with events happening around the Twin Cities this weekend! Also, it’s the weekend of Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth- good luck to all the runners!!

The crew is prepping and painting your building and working from the top- down.

Teamwork to get the gutter down for painting.

Spraying at the very top.

Jaime rolls on the siding paint.

Thursday, June 15th: Good afternoon! What a gorgeous day we’re having! 

The crew is spraying more areas of the building and prep and painting the next areas.

What’s the Guiness Record for the most ladders on a building??

I spy wth my little eye… 4 1/2 ladders and 5 crew members.

Wednesday, June 14th: Good morning St. Albans Mill! The crew will be onsite this morning removing some of the plastic covering from the painting completed yesterday. Then around lunch time they’ll start to prep, scrape, and prime the next area for painting. We just want to make sure the building is dry enough before we start working on it again. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 13th: We hope you are all having a good week thus far. The crew is back onsite as their day was cut short yesterday due to rain. They are onsite working on spraying the siding on the higher elevations of the building.

Going up!

Tall ladders and tall brush/rollers!

We busted out the big guns to reach the 3rd floor elevations.

Friday, June 9th: Happy Friday! James Corden is always up to something and that something is usually pretty funny. He recently put together a surprise for Tom Cruise while he was in London. Corden pitched the idea of ‘Tom’s Cruise on The River Thames Cordon.’ This included puns of all kinds relating to all things Tom Cruise and James himself while aboard the “cruise” ship. The duo even karaoke’d to ‘Lovin’ Feeling’ from Top Gun! Check out the video to get your Friday started off with some fun! 

Paint colors have been approved and the crew is continuing to scrape and prime in some areas as well as begin painting in select areas.

Prepping and priming the window frames.

No fear of heights here!

Thursday, June 8th: Greetings and Happy Thursday! It was exciting night last night for the Golden State Warriors and unfortunately a heartbreaking night for Cavaliers as Golden State brought their team to a 3-0 lead in the finals. Game 4 will be played tomorrow night in Cleveland and we can’t predict the future, but we’d say it’s a safe bet that Golden State has it in the bag. 

The crew and our carpenter are onsite today scraping and priming and completing misc. carpentry throughout.

Anibal, our carpenter extraordinaire replaces a window trim piece.

The crews are working on rear elevations and priming the screen frames.

Wednesday, June 7th: Today would have made Prince 59 years old; however, he wasn’t one to celebrate birthdays. In a 1999 Dutch TV interview, Prince thoughtfully explained that choosing not to celebrate one’s birthday stops him from counting days and then stops him from counting time and allows him to remain young. It’s an interesting perspective- choose to celebrate his birthday if you wish, maybe blast Purple Rain or don a Raspberry Beret.

The crew at St. Albans Mill is continuing to scrape and prep areas for painting as well as painting designated areas.

Up, up, and away!

After being scraped, the window frame is primed.

The ladders are up and the trim is being primed.

Tuesday, June 6th: Hello and good afternoon! For all the hockey fans out there, we’ve got ourselves quite the match up. The Nashville Predators won 2 in a row at home against the Pittsburgh Penguins to tie the score to 2-2. Up next, the teams will face-off on Thursday in Pittsburgh. They’ll alternate home ice for games 5, 6, and potentially 7. In NBA Finals news, the Golden State Warriors are up 2-0 in the series and the teams will face off on Wednesday in Cleveland. 4 wins will take the championship! 

Pressure washing continues at St. Albans Mill. They’re set to finish washing today and will start scraping and prepping some areas.

I’d say we’re channeling Al Pacino and “Say Hello to my Little Friend.”

Wrapping up the pressure washing today.

Monday, June 5th: Good afternoon residents of St. Albans Mill! We are excited to be onsite with you. We hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had! 

And they’re off!!!  The crews are onsite pressure washing your building and will continue tomorrow and Wednesday. 

Spraying the buildings before we can paint.

Our crew are pros at making sure of thorough prep.

Wednesday, May 31st: If you’ve made your way to our blog by way of a blue notice posted at your home, welcome! This will be the go-to spot for all project related information. We’ll post updates several times a week with project progress information, scheduling timetables, and if any changes or weather delays come up.

We’ll be getting things underway starting Monday, June 5th with pressure washing your building. Please close your windows and remove any small belongings from your porch area that you do not want to have get wet. They’ll likely complete the washing by Wednesday, June 7th. Simultaneously, carpentry repairs will also begin on Monday in advance of the painting. After the exterior substrates have dried, we will begin prepping select areas on Wednesday, June 7th. 

At a later date, we will also be contacting each resident regarding the painting of your interior screened porch. We will post another notice as that portion of the project approaches. Until then, enjoy this gorgeous weather and we’ll see you onsite next Monday!

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