Loup Ventures – Minneapolis

Loup Ventures – Minneapolis


Wednesday, September 26th: Good afternoon! 

In preparation for their quarterly meeting onsite in their newly renovated swanky uptown Minneapolis digs, Venture Capital firm Loup Ventures had us back onsite last week to finish enameling some doors and perform some wall touch ups resulting from the renovation. For those of you keeping score (Loup definitely is), we are rating the space a 10/10!

To see the cool things Loup is up to, go HERE, preferably on your new iPhone XS and iPhone Max.

The newly renovated office has a modern take on sliding barn doors with sleek, black metal accents.

The new space is light and bright and ready to cultivate the vision of the future.

The Home Team wins!

We’re not sure if Andrew Murphy, managing partner at Loup is smiling because he loves the paint job so much, or because of the 6.5″ display on the new iPhone Max.

Friday, April 20th: Hello! So it wasn’t just a dream- the sunshine and warm weather are sticking around! 

The crew is wrapping up your painting project today – the office space, ceilings, and doors will have a fresh coat of paint. Your space is looking light and bright and is ready for emerging technology and research. 

We want to thank you for having us; it has been our pleasure sprucing up your office space!

Francisco rolls it on. 

Light and bright @ the Loup Ventures office.

Thursday, April 19th: Good afternoon! We hope this sunny weather is putting a smile on your face, maybe you’re even singing a fitting tune from the Beatles-  “Here Comes the Sun.” This has to be a sign that spring is right around the corner! 

The crew has completed the ceiling painting and are working on the prime coat on the doors and painting the walls.

Halfway there – the crew has primed and painted one side of the door.

Here comes the sun… and I say it’s alright.

Tuesday, April 17th: We are excited to be getting things underway at Loup Ventures in Minneapolis. While painting isn’t exactly an “emerging technology” we are excited to merge our craft with theirs, and help create the space where they will share their in depth analyses with the global market on the world’s most emerging and exciting technologies.  We figured we had to seize this opportunity now, because it’s only a matter of time before actual paint is replaced by the augmented reality version of it. Seem far fetched?! Maybe not….http://loupventures.com/manifesto/

Through the looking glass; Victor and his crew are prepping the Loup.

The office hallway ‘before’.

Francisco preps and tapes off the walls.

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