Private Residence, Excelsior – Renovation Project

Private Residence, Excelsior – Enamel, Construction, and Painting Project

Project Complete

Greetings and welcome to the project blog for this residential enamel, construction, and painting project. We are thrilled to be taking you along for the project progress!

Friday, April 24th: Hello and TGIF! 

This week our crew was back onsite to complete the remaining staining on select handrails. We wanted to share some update photos — the floors were recently redone and are covered and new backsplash is being installed. We can’t wait to share the final looks when everything is complete here soon!

Remember the full posts we altered? Or the wallpaper? Or carpet?

Prepping and ready to stain the handrail.

Much brighter in the family room.

Lots of newness – countertops, backsplash, and lighting.

A look at the back staircase.

Monday, March 23rd: Good afternoon! 

The crew wrapped up their painting and clean up over the weekend and there is a flooring crew at the home currently. As soon as we’re able to get back in, we’ll be sharing the famed ‘after’ photos! 

Thanks for following along!

Friday, March 20th: Hello and TGIF! 

It’s a beautiful and sunny day! The crew is completing their prep and painting of the remaining areas – in the back entry/mudroom areas. They’ll also begin their touch ups and clean up today and will continue into tomorrow with removing paper, plastic, tape, vacuuming, and gathering garbage. 

Great room is about 99% there.

Updates to the kitchen with new counter tops too!


Sun room is ready for more of this spring sunshine!

Thursday, March 19th: Good afternoon! 

After a brief pause, the crew is back onsite completing the remaining areas. We needed to get approval for a few add on areas; as with most home renovation projects the possibilities are endless and items can always be added onto the project. As was the case with the staircase to the upper level.

The crew is enameling the back staircase. They completed their prep and priming yesterday. 

Prepped and ready for primer and enamel.

Enamel is sprayed.

Monday, March 16th: Good morning! 

A few items have been added onto the project list – gel staining on the stair handrail, select baseboard areas, and a few doors. Otherwise, the crew is continuing to complete areas needing touch ups, cleaning up, and wrapping up these remaining areas for painting. Lots of plastic and paper is coming down and we are loving what we are seeing! 

The sun room is ready for some rays!

Plastic and paper are coming down.

I spy with my little eye… a piece of blue tape.

Changes to the front door – all white.

Friday, March 13th: Good afternoon! 

The crew is pressing on with their prep and painting of walls on the main level and upper level guest suite. Looking forward to seeing the project all come together and wrap up in the next several days. 

Cutting in along the ceiling line.

Wall painting continues through the guest suite.

Reaching up to the peaks.

Thursday, March 12th: Good morning! 

Work continues as the crew is spraying ceilings, painting walls, and reassembling the doors and drawers for the cabinets. Slowly, but surely it is all coming back together. We are in the home stretch and we can’t wait to see it completed. Thanks!

Dorian Gray is looking chic against the white perimeter cabinets.

The dusk, or enamel haze is clearing and we can start to remove all the plastic.

Mudroom cabinets are enameled and ready to remove the plastic and paper.

Ceiling spraying in action!

Tackling the walls in the master bathroom.

Wednesday, March 11th: Greetings! 

The crew is continuing to prep and paint the walls as well as reinstall the hinges, hardware, and then rehang the cabinet doors in the kitchen and built in areas. 

Putting the cabinet doors back on.

Lining up and dialing in the hinges and hardware.

Custom cabinets newly enameled.

Going up to paint the very top.

Tuesday, March 10th: Good afternoon! 

Now that the the spraying of enamel is complete and they’ve removed a lot of the paper and plastic, the crew has moved onto prepping and painting the main level ceilings and walls. 

Spraying the ceilings in the sunroom.

The crew has started painting the walls.

Even those hard to reach places.

Cutting in for the laundry room.

Monday, March 9th: Hello and happy Monday!

The crew had a busy weekend as they completed their 2nd round of sand/bondo to aid in filling the graining and knot holes. They also sprayed the 2nd coat of enamel. 

Today they’ll begin to remove a lot of the plastic and paper and will also start to cover for painting the ceilings and walls. 

Bright lights to see the graining and knot holes.

More bondo and filling the holes.

Spraying the doors.

The air has cleared and the 2nd coat of enamel is complete.

Taking off the paper from the window grids.

Covering newly finished areas for wall painting.

Taping off for walls.

Next up walls painting.

Friday, March 6th: Hello and TGIF! 

It’s Friday and the sun is shining! We had some fun in our office completing a #paintcanchallenge Watch to see who wins! 

While we’re here nursing our sore arms… the crew at this residence is high-fiving at their recent completion of the first enamel coat on the main level. Bravo! 

Once it’s dry, they’ll then complete another round of sanding and bondo to continue to fill the knot holes in the cabinetry. 

Before the first enamel coat.

1st coat of enamel is sprayed.

Around the front door we go!

Spraying the pillars in the dining room.

White beauty.

Spraying in action!

Thursday, March 5th: Good afternoon! 

The crew has spent the day with their putty knives and tubes of bondo. Lots of prep work and muscle going into filling the knot holes and graining showing through after the primer. Once the knot holes are filled and sanded the crew will be spraying the first coat of enamel. 

Filling in the open knots in the alder.

Filling in the holes with Bondo and then sanding the surface smooth.

Q: How do you tie things in space?
A: With astro-knots

It’s a spotlight and putty kind of day.

Wednesday, March 4th: Greetings!

More progress today! The crew is continuing to sand and fill the knot holes on the millwork, trim, doors, cabinetry, and frames. Later today they’ll start to spay the 1st coat of enamel. 

We’ve also installed the new cabinet faces for the island that we have custom made. The demo team made the counter top one height and removed existing cabinet faces.  Now the island is one height all the way around and the new faces, at an appropriate height have been installed. 

New cabinet doors have been installed.

We removed and replaced the damaged and warped island doors.

Sanding and smoothing the baseboards.

Filling and smoothing the surface.

Tidy job sites are happy and productive job sites!

Tuesday, March 3rd: Good afternoon! 

The crew is continuing to bondo and sand the doors and drawers, cabinet boxes, trim, and doors. Once these areas are ready to do, they’ll begin spraying the first coat of enamel starting with the cabinet doors and drawers. The bondo/sanding process is used to fill in the graining and to help eliminate the visibility of the alder knot holes in the millwork. 

Sanding day – bondo is applied to fill the graining.

Ready for the enamel.

The drawers are ready for the first coat of enamel.

Spotlights are used to see more closely the graining.

Sanding and more sanding.

Monday, March 2nd: One month closer to spring! 

We hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather!

Nick was onsite this morning to walk you through a home tour and progress update. The crew has prepped the main level – carefully covering floors, taping off windows, window grids, etc and primed the millwork on the main level on Saturday. Today they’ll begin the process to fill in the knot holes in the alder. They’ll use a wood filler to hide imperfections and grains then sand it down smooth. We’re anticipating this process to take 1-2 days to comb their way over the trim, casings, shelving, and cabinets. 

They’ve also leveled off the kitchen island to make it more aesthetically pleasing and we will be installing custom cabinets around the perimeter. Thanks!

Friday, February 28th: Hello and TGIF! 

Happy Friday everyone! The crew is continuing on their prep work and covering as well as filling in the natural maple grains/holes in the cabinetry in the kitchen. We are in the grind! 

Demo on the kitchen island.

Covering windows in the dining room.

Filling in the knots and visible wood graining.

A peak into the kitchen.

Spot! the knots and grains we are filling.

Prep and more prep in the great room.

Covering on the floors- check & paper and taping off the windows – check.

Thursday, February 27th: Good afternoon! 

Demo day! 

The crew has made great progress on the main level with prepping and covering floors, windows, etc. The construction crew is also tearing up carpet, removing decorative pillars, and removing areas of the kitchen island. Take a look at Jesse onsite as he walks you through the main level to see just how much we are prepping and demo’ing.  Thanks! 

Tuesday, February 25th: Hello and welcome to the project blog for this residential project! 

We’re going to see some serious transformations at this home – we’re talking Optimus Prime and Bumblebee quality changes! 

We kicked off our project yesterday with some carpet removal and demo of the dining room pillars. 

Today the crew is prepping on the main level and readying the areas for primer at the end of the week. The crew will be prepping, enameling & painting of select areas of the main level, the stairway, and upper guest suite. You can continue to follow the project progress here on the blog as we’ll post frequent updates. 


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